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DOP Chapter 173 – Wu Lin Championship (18)

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Chapter 173 – Wu Lin Championship (18)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The competition had gone down to eight participants, who would be fighting on a one-on-one match in turns. Many of the other participants had been eliminated from the competition a few days ago. The eight people left were divided into four matches, and these matches were the fight amongst the strongest of the elites.

Standing on the arena, Liu Yue looked coldly at Liang Cheng, who was standing right in front of her. His murderous intent and sharp blades were thoroughly concealed. Seemed like the top spy from Southern Song Kingdom was not that weak.

“Please.” Liang Cheng bowed towards Liu Yue with a calm face.

Liu Yue coldly threw a glance at Liang Cheng, full of arrogance. Under Liu Yue’s intentional arrogant attitude, her usual arrogant demeanour seemed even more brassy today. It was as if she didn’t acknowledge even a single a person in this whole wide world.

Showcasing such an arrogance to the audience, a lot of the audience concluded that Liu Yue was simply a youngster with muscles and skills but have no experience in real life. He simply had muscles for a brain.

The wind quietly blew.

Liu Yue’s five fingers were already in position, right on top of her zither strings.

It was at this time, in the corner of the seating area, a clear gaze stared right onto Liu Yue, who was standing on the arena. That gaze was so calm, so clear, and so familiar.

The winds and the clouds shifted.

On top of the arena, the two people suddenly started to move.

Liu Yue retreated back as her fingers started to pluck on the zither strings. A high zither note immediately rose up in the air.

And at the same time, Liang Cheng charged towards her quickly and violently, like lightning. The sword in his hands shot forward, fast as light, but it was not aimed at Liu Yue. Instead, it was aimed right onto the zither in Liu Yue’s hands. With his stance and fast movements, it almost seemed like Liang Cheng was completely throwing his body into Liu Yue’s embrace.

Since the zither was used for long-range attacks, then short-range attacks could be its weakness.

His sword swooshed with all the power in his hands, fast like the clap of thunder.

Before Liu Yue’s zither even resounded, Liang Cheng’s sword had already cut through the zither.

Only the cracking of wood could be heard. Liu Yue’s gaze froze as she watched the zither in her hands breaking apart.

The surrounding people that had sharp eyes watched this happened with bated breaths. They couldn’t help but be tense. Some smiled with a smirk while some watched the whole scene expressionlessly.

With the zither broken, Liu Yue’s wind blade attack was gone.

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