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DOP Chapter 172 – Wu Lin Championship (17)

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Chapter 172 – Wu Lin Championship (17)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

He wanted to get back at Liu Yue for damaging his pride as a man, but looking at Liu Yue’s strength and character, he couldn’t bear to do it, he couldn’t. He really didn’t know where he got the idea from.

He couldn’t bear to try putting down Liu Yue’s domineering attitude, or his strong character.

He was actually feeling a fondness towards a guy. He should pay the Buddha a visit when he got back; he must have been possessed by a ghost.

“Your opponent tomorrow is a high-ranking military officer in the Qu Kingdom. He might be a Qu Kingdom’s citizen on the surface, but in reality, he was actually the number one Imperial Spy from the Southern Song Kingdom. His life’s success could probably only be foreshadowed by heroes like Chen Mu and Feng Cheng, and his abilities should be on par with those two. You should be careful yourself, don’t let your guard down.”

Yun Zhao tapped his fan on his palm as he unhurriedly warned Liu Yue, who was sitting beside him.

Liu Yue lifted her head and slowly turned towards Yun Zhao. Bathed in the moonlight, she asked, “What has it got to do with me?”

Yun Zhao immediately choked as he glared frustratedly at Liu Yue. This person had actually asked him what has this got to do with himself, instead of asking him how he had gotten the sensitive information. How could Liu Yue’s reactions always be miles away from his expectations?

Liu Yue was not even grateful for his good intentions.

“He’ll advance if he won, and eliminated if he lost. It’s the same for any other person.” Liu Yue slowly replied, then stood up and slowly walked back to her room.

Her back looked full of confidence and arrogance.

Looking at the leaving Liu Yue, Yun Zhao frowned slightly. Liu Yue had such a sharp determination; a determination that regarded everyone else as her enemy, that did not take others into account at all. Then, seeing it in another perspective, Liu Yue shouldn’t be acting on someone’s orders.

Lightly tapping his fan on his palm, Yun Zhao revealed a thin smile.

Since he wasn’t under anyone’s orders, then he…

The night continued on calmly, yet no one knew that under that calmness, a large storm was brewing.

Hou Jin Kingdom’s Wu Lin Championship, how could it be a mere championship?

The golden rays of light fall from the sky. The clear blue sky and the fragrant scent of flowers and grasses was refreshing to the minds.

Thousands of people surrounded the arena to watch the championship, yet it was deathly silent. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the two people standing on the arena.

One wore a white robe that fluttered with the wind, a beauty comparable to the moon.

The other looked ordinary, but had a shocking air around him.

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