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DOP Chapter 169 – Wu Lin Championship (14)

Chapter 169 – Wu Lin Championship (14)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Liu Yue ignored him, and Yun Zhao did not seem like he wanted Liu Yue to say anything too. He walked out of the room with drooping eyelids.

Liu Yue herself didn’t seem to care about it all, so why would he be so agitated.

The shadows of the trees outside swayed with the wind, the night peaceful as a lake.

Inside the house, it was also peaceful and quiet.

It really seemed like only a minor event had happened, only a cockroach had come.

The next day was a beautiful, crisp morning. The crowd who came to watch the Wu Lin Championship had increased even more; it might be due to the rumours that the beautiful hero, Liu Yue, would have a match today.

In the VIP seats, Liu Yue sat together with Yun Zhao, just like the previous day.

She sipped on her tea unhurriedly, looking so calm as if she was not one of the participants, but one of the audiences instead. She looked even more carefree than the other audiences sitting around her.

“Liu Yue vs Fang Hong.” A voice announced, and the audience seated below suddenly burst into applause. Every single one of them were locking their gaze on Liu Yue.

Amongst them, there was a beautiful girl who had put on too much make up.

Fang Hong, thirty years old. She looked beautiful, wielding a lancet in her hands as she walked towards the stage. Her body that looked as hard as iron shook the arena as she stepped on the stage.

Liu Yue watched her opponent without any expression on her face. She only reached out for the zither at her feet, not moving even a single inch away from her position.

“Liu Yue, Liu Yue.” Seeing that Liu Yue had not even started walking towards the stage, the audience started to chant out her name.

“Brother Liu, quick, it’s your turn to go up the stage.” Seeing this, Yun Zhao nudged at Liu Yue.

Cheng Hong, who was standing at the arena, stared at Liu Yue with a sharp killing intent. She brandished her lancet, pointing it towards Liu Yue, who was still sitting on the VIP seats. Her open challenge for Liu Yue needs no words to be shown.

Seeing that, Liu Yue only humphed coldly, but her snow white fingers suddenly plucked at her zither. She plucked two strings, while facing towards Fang Hong, who was standing far away at the arena, emitting killing intent throughout her body.

Only two continuous zither tunes could be heard, and suddenly, Fang Hong’s eyes opened wide with shock. She stared disbelievingly towards Liu Yue’s direction, her throat croaking incomprehensibly as her knees buckled to the ground. She knelt on the ground, unmoving.

The surrounding crowd suddenly burst into a clamour.

Meanwhile, a fresh stream of blood slowly oozed out from Fang Hong’s body, who was still kneeling on the ground. Crimson blood stained the ground around her.

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