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DOP Chapter 168 – Wu Lin Championship (13)

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Chapter 168 – Wu Lin Championship (13)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko


They dared to come here to attack her. Sure, they could get in easily, but she would never let them out.

The black-clad person’s body was already in the air, diving into the darkness of the night.

Although the wind blade had a late start, it quickly caught up, and the figure jumping in mid-air suddenly dropped down onto the ground with a loud boom. The figure struggled a little in the courtyard, before coming into a complete stop.

A slit of blood slowly oozed out from his nape.

No matter how fast a person can move, they wouldn’t be able to move faster than the wind.

“What happened? What happened?” In the midst of the soft echos of the fall, the voice of Yun Zhao, who was staying at the ground floor, resounded through the night.

Following that, Liu Yue’s door was suddenly barged open as Yun Zhao charged inside, inappropriately clothed. He even held his folding fan in his hands.

Hmm, he arrived so quickly. Liu Yue thought as she eyed Yun Zhao, who had entered into her room.

Inside the room, Yun Zhao didn’t notice any kind of fighting situation. There was only Liu Yue, who was sitting on her bed looking coldly at him.

It looked like he was even more anxious than she herself. Yun Zhao couldn’t help but blinked his eyes in confusion.

“Get out.” Liu Yue glared at Yun Zhao, coldly throwing him her dismissal. Then, she turned her body and continued her sleep on her own accord. She looked like she was not even disturbed at the least by the event that had happened to her just now.

Seeing this, Yun Zhao could only rubbed his eyebrows. Then, he suddenly snapped up as he smelled the air inside the room. Frowning, he asked, “ ** scent?”

As he said that, he quickly walked towards the curtain near the window that had been torn, not caring about the fact that this was Liu Yue’s room. He looked into the darkness of the night.

In the courtyard, the figure of the corpse had already disappeared, leaving only a trail of blood that glowed under the moonlight. It wasn’t very obvious to the eyes, yet it would definitely catch one’s attentions.

Yun Zhao frowned as he looked at the trail of blood on the ground, then turned to look at Liu Yue who was sleeping peacefully as she liked. After a moment, he raised his brows as he commented, “So, it turns out to be a cockroach.”

Saying that, he rubbed his chin and fanned the elegant fan in his hands. However, with his disheveled appearance, he didn’t look elegant at all, instead, he looked ridiculous.

“Then I shall go back to sleep. If another large cockroach comes by again, Brother, you should call for me. I can help you beat it. Seems like there are going to be more in these two days.” Fanning the fan in his hands, Yun Zhao rubbed his eyes as he gave a big yawn.

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  1. Dubzero says:

    What’s up with these asterisks?? I know they were included in the raws, was the author too lazy to come up with an actual name for a fucking incense?? Did he forget?? Was he too dumb to come up with a good name so he thought, “I’ll just leave some asterisks, the readers will know it’s supposed to be kickass because I used asterisks rather than give it a name.”

    • shiroyukineko says:

      Heya, in China, all website texts are censored by the government. So any texts that contained curse words or anything that sounded similar to it are automatically changed to asterisks. I have no idea what the author wrote before it got censored, and i don’t know where to get the uncensored copy because google search doesn’t give me anything… So yeah…apologies for that…

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