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DOP Chapter 167 – Wu Lin Championship (12)

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Chapter 167 – Wu Lin Championship (12)
Translated by: shiroyukineko
Edited by: shiroyukineko
TLCed by: shiroyukineko

The soft sound of wind blew through as a small slit opened from the window without a sound. Sips of green smoke crept into the room slowly.

The whole process was done without a single sound, so quietly that if not for Liu Yue’s sharp senses and experiences, she would also not be able to realize it.

The smoke was extremely faint, with neither color nor scent.

Liu Yue sniffed at it a little. Not bad, it was an impressive ** scent.

The corner of her mouth curved up a little as she revealed a cold smile. Trying to play this card against her? She wouldn’t even use such a cheap trick eight hundred years in the past.

The hazy smoke started to spread out inside the room.

In the next moment, the window suddenly creaked open as a dark shadow flew into the room, light as a cat.

Liu Yue pretended to sleep without moving a muscle. However, nothing inside the room escaped her notice.

The intruder had obviously thought that Liu Yue was unconscious as he walked towards her with ease and confidence. He took out a small bottle from his clothes and held a grey item in between his fingers as he made his way towards Liu Yue’s neck.

A thick waft of smell attacked her nose. The smell had the ability to make their targets drunk.

The person clad in black reached towards Liu Yue’s neck, but he suddenly froze, the hair on his back raising up on its ends.

In front of him, Liu Yue who was supposed to be unconscious, was actually staring at him quietly with a pair of dark pupils, her eyes wide awake.

The darkness inside those eyes almost swallowed him whole, cold and merciless.

Such a level of coldness and killing intent, he almost never seen it before in his life.

“Incense. Not bad.” Her cold voice resounded slowly, penetrating the silence.

Incense. Amongst the different kinds of poison, it didn’t count as one of the strongest or most vicious ones. It would not be able to kill a person at once, but once a person was infected with the poison, if they did not consume the antidote once a month and continue the treatment for a year, their skin would rot away and they would die. Hence, the poison was actually quite vicious.

Administering such a poison to her, they must have wanted to control her.

Liu Yue’s eyes flashed with an even darker colour. It was only her first match today, yet there were already people targeting her, attacking her.

The black-clad man, hearing that Liu Yue guessed the poison he had with one try, could only froze in shock. He didn’t even dare to lay a hand on Liu Yue. Instead, he flew outside like an arrow, his figure disappearing from the room in an instant.

Seeing this, Liu Yue humphed coldly as her hands moved fast as lightning, grabbing onto the zither near her bed. A strand of string was plucked, jolting the curtain on her bed as a blade of wind flew towards the intruder.

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