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DOP Chapter 166 – Wu Lin Championship (11)

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Chapter 166 – Wu Lin Championship (11)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Otherwise, the zither sound wouldn’t be able to be transmitted into the distance. Beasts wouldn’t be able to hear it. How could you control beasts with music then?

She didn’t have a single thread of inner strength, so her zither sound were based on pure strength alone. Obviously, it was not realistic to train herself from ground zero, building her inner strength. This Book of Controlling Beast with Music, it’s best if she stopped thinking about it.

However, although she didn’t manage to learn how to control beasts with music, she had found another skill. She had succeeded in mastering ‘Wind Blades’, a skill that had the ability to kill people.

Sharp blades of wind could contain a huge amount of power. Especially in the moment they were just released, their blades were quick and sharp. It would definitely be enough to take a person’s life. This was the science of aerodynamics that she had studied before in her previous life.

Killing a person with a blade of wind was a skill that she didn’t want anyone to find out.

Although Mu Rong Liu Yue was full of talents, but she couldn’t release blades of wind. Instead, this Liu Yue could.

(Shiro: Mu Rong Liu Yue = the Liu Yue before (13 y/o), Liu Yue = disguised as a man (16 y/o). Let me just try to clarify this. In the case of Mu Rong Liu Yue, Mu Rong is the last name, while Liu Yue is first name. When Liu Yue disguised herself as a guy, she named herself as Liu Yue, where Liu is the last name and Yue is the first name.)

Mu Rong Liu Yue was a female, yet, right now, she was a male.

His finesse was unmatchable, killing his enemy in one-shot. In mere moments, Liu Yue’s story spread throughout everyone involved in the Wu Lin Championship.

Everyone’s conversations revolved around Liu Yue for the whole day. That Liu Yue, who had that unfathomable air of mystery, an unknown origin, and good looks that had become the cause for many men’s jealousy and dissatisfaction.

“Awesome, you are too awesome, Brother Liu! If I had known earlier that you are so powerful, I wouldn’t be worried at all. Ah, it was a beautiful victory.” Yun Zhao, who acted close to her on his own accord had decided to abandon his promise of not disturbing Liu Yue when they returned to the inn that night, chattering to her continuously. He lingered around Liu Yue, excitedly chirping on his joy and excitement.

It almost seemed like he was the one who had clinched that beautiful victory.

Liu Yue didn’t care about him but she also didn’t drive him away. She allowed him to talk to himself, letting him disturb her late into the night with his high spirits and elation. It was only late at night when he returned back to his room, still in high spirits.

The night was filled with a thick mist. Tomorrow was the second day of the Championship.

Liu Yue rested her body beside her bed. No matter what, she would get the Blood Toad, the first position, Hou Jin Kingdom, and Pei Cheng Lie. Humph.

Did he thought that she wouldn’t find him if he hid himself in Hou Jin Kingdom? Stop your wishful thinking! Anyone who harmed Xuan Yuan Che would not be let off. Even if she had to cross deep valleys and vast oceans, she would never let them off.

The moon rose up high into the night sky, it was a silent night.

“Shh, shh.” The gentle sound of the wind blowing sounded extremely soft to one’s ears.

Laying on the bed, Liu Yue immediately flashed her eyes open. There was someone outside.

Sha sha, sha sha. Following a gust of wind, a few shadows appeared.

Liu Yue looked on top of her forehead as a cold smile flashed across her face. Not bad, they had made use of the sound of wind to sneak onto her rooftop.

She closed her eyes, wanting to find out what these people outside her house planned to do.

The dark shadows came pouring down, barely audible from the window.

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  1. Dubzero says:

    Is there an actual reason as to why she doesn’t train in inner strength?? Rather than saying it makes no sense to start from ground zero, which doesn’t make sense since that’s where everyone starts, give an actual reason as to why she doesn’t train in inner strength.

    Hell, when you actually use your brain and think about it, inner strength makes people faster, stronger, and they can use special moves like the Lightening Technique yet our MC apparently can easily kill these people with just her basic body. Yeah, real logical…

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