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DOP Chapter 165 – Wu Lin Championship (10)

Chapter 165 – Wu Lin Championship (10)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Kimikosong
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The surrounding crowd also had pitying looks on their faces. It was such a pity that the blood of such an attractive man was going to be spilled on the stage.

Only Du Yi, who had stood next to the arena after he handed over the zither, did not say a word. Even the look in his eyes did not change, calm and peaceful.

Liu Yue’s fingers slowly stroked at the zither as the sharp knife was about to chop down on top of Liu Yue’s head.

As her fingers caressed the zither strings skilfully, she suddenly flicked her middle finger, plucking the seventh string of her zither. She lightly pulled at the string and plucked with her fingertip.

“Peng!” The clear and crisp vibration of the string resounded in the air. A bolt of wind blade shot out, as fast as lightning.

There was only one sound, a slight noise, no other sounds were produced.

The sharp knife halted above Liu Yue’s head. The facial muscles of the fierce-looking Fang Xiong could not stop twitching. He looked at Liu Yue as if he had seen a ghost. The astonishment in his eyes could barely be concealed.

With all five fingers on her right hand pressing on the string, Liu Yue carried the zither, turned and walked away. Her long, moon-white robe flew in the wind, as ethereal as an immortal deity.

Leaping swiftly down the stage, Liu Yue handed the zither over to Du Yi with ease. Without even looking at anybody else, she took big strides towards the exit of the arena.

Today, she only had one competition.

“What, it’s already finished?” The emcee stared at the leaving Liu Yue with a foolish expression on his face, and then looked at Fang Xiong who was still on the stage. How could he determine who won and who lost?

“It’s already over.” The mayor tilted his head and glanced at Liu Yue who had left. A profound look flashed past his eyes.

“Peng.” Before the mayor finished speaking, Fang Xiong, who had been standing on the stage with his sharp knife lifted highly into the air, fell backwards onto the stage.

Blood oozed out from his neck. The stains were very light, but it was definitely fatal.

Death with one single blow.

After a temporary moment of silence, the spectators at the viewing platform exploded into cheers. Chen Mu, Feng Cheng and company who were seated highly on the grandstand also unanimously turned their heads to look at Liu Yue who had left.

Instant death with one blow, killing with zither strings.

What a strange martial art, what an incisive and sharp skill.

The white floating figure of Liu Yue passed through the crowd and left.

Three years ago, she discovered that book of controlling beasts with music in Tian Chen Imperial Palace’s secret treasury. For these three years, she had mulled over it many times, and had also practiced for a very long time.

She realised in the end that to control beasts with music, a large amount of inner strength was needed to transmit the music into the distance, and to achieve the most fundamental level of control.

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  1. DK says:

    Didn’t she not have inner strength before? Did she cultivate it during the time jump? Or is she using some sort of cord like weapon now?

  2. momosakura says:

    Thank you Yunichan for translating this chapter!
    Thank you Kimikosong for editing!

    What? What does that mean. Does that mean she found an alternative for inner strength??

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