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DOP Chapter 164 – Wu Lin Championship (9)

Chapter 164 – Wu Lin Championship (9)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Upon hearing the announcement, Yun Zhao blinked in surprise, and then blinked again as he turned towards Liu Yue, his facial features twisting together in shock. “Brother Liu, you are participating?”

Liu Yue shot the stunned Yun Zhao a cold look and replied lowly, “Is there a problem?” As the words left her mouth, she slowly rose to her feet.

Seeing that Liu Yue unexpectedly stood up, the surrounding onlookers could not help but fell into silence suddenly, their loud discussions stopping unanimously. They could only fixed their gazes on Liu Yue.

This beautiful man who looked like he had walked out from a painting was actually going to compete.

“Brother Liu, knifes and swords are blind, you … you don’t even have a speck of inner internal strength, what … what are you doing jumping into the fray?” Yun Zhao’s gaze travelled a few times over Liu Yue from head to toe, his brows furrowing.

“Also, you don’t even have a weapon, are you trying to court death?” Yun Zhao looked at Liu Yue’s empty hands, with a disapproving expression on his face.

Liu Yue ignored Yun Zhao and proceeded to walk down from the VIP seating area.

In a second, the entire seating area quieted down, with gazes from all around locked on Liu Yue.

As she walked to the side of the arena, Du Yi, who had not appeared for three days, suddenly emerged from behind, handing Liu Yue a zither.

Liu Yue took it, and propped her hand to lift herself onto the stage, in one swift moment.

Her white robes floated with the wind, in the middle of a group of malevolent, fierce-looking and bulky men. It almost resembled the contrast between heaven and earth.

“Pretty boy, you better leave now, otherwise I may crush you to death.” Upon seeing Liu Yue, the rude and coarse Fang Xiong standing opposite him immediately sported an expression of disdain on his face.

The arena of the martial arts competition was a place where life and death determined everything. Once one stood on that arena, life or death was the mandate of the heavens, and it was no child’s play.

Liu Yue glanced coldly at Fang Xiong and did not say anything. However, the thinly veiled contempt in her eyes could be clearly seen.

On seeing this, Fang Xiong immediately flew into a rage. He brandished the sharp knife in his hands and roared, “Then don’t blame me for not holding back!” The words barely left his mouth as he swung the knife in his hands, directly aiming at Liu Yue. He was intent on killing Liu Yue with a single blow without showing any mercy at all.

With his left arm around the zither, Liu Yue barely looked at Fang Xiong who had launched himself towards her. Her fingers slowly stroked at the zither, in a graceful manner, as if she wanted to play it.

Playing the zither in a life-and-death situation was simply a foolish lack of self-awareness, practically courting death.

“Look out, look out.” Yun Zhao leaped into the air in panic.

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  1. midoriha says:

    Yeah—first to like, woohoo! Lolol!
    -clenches fist in excitement-just a zither? Please, ok, her music of killing intent stopped the music of two geniuses! You don’t even compare…-shifts around- my OTP…-sobs silently-

    • Olga Romanovska says:

      Zither appeared in lots of wuxia novels , showing the quick and invisible killing technique with sharp sound or a play that could control/charm or kill people with internal injuries. Well , mostly used by hidden pro that want to keep their cool/weak looking when mass killing people lol
      Spoiler : she will not using this powerful weapon much … Liu Yue is a dagger lover …

      • midoriha says:

        Yup, i know the use of instruments appears rather commonly in wuxia, even for the use of killing or showing off strength. Well, of course liu yue is a dagger lover, she’s an assassin, after all?

  2. Axia says:

    Thank you, Yunichan and Shiro-chan, for the chapter. Was not expecting one today due to knowing you all are busy with school. Thank you very much.

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