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DOP Chapter 163 – Wu Lin Championship (8)

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Chapter 163 – Wu Lin Championship (8)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“I don’t know, he came three days ago and spent a generous sum in renting Phoenix Inn. I don’t know his background, I only know his surname is Liu.” The mayor also lowered his voice.

For such a person who spent so excessively, he would naturally investigate his background first. It was just that there was no trail at all, as if this person had just appeared out of thin air.

After hearing this, the middle-aged man lifted his gaze to glance at Liu Yue, and gestured with his hands. Immediately, somebody behind him inconspicuously retreated into the shadows.

The official start of the Wu Lin Championship was marked with scenes of flipping shadows on the stage, complete with the flash of knifes and swords in rapid motion.

Eight people; four pairs of matches were competing at the same time, with each pair taking a portion of the stage.

However, there was actually nothing exciting to see on the first day of the competition, as it always starts from the lowly skilled. Skilled experts like Chen Mu and his party sat at the seating area, and there was no sign of any movement towards the stage.

It was rumoured that people like Chen Mu and Feng Cheng were reknowned, so they did not need to enter into the first round of competition and could start from the second round onwards straight away.

The fights on the stage were very intensive, and the onlooking spectators cried out in shock again and again. However the audience sitting on the VIP seats in front did not show much reaction at all, hence it was obvious that these were just average people.

“That is the blood toad.” After a round of ear-numbing monologue, Yun Zhao saw a white jaded case placed at the most prominent area of the stage, and inside it was the blood toad.

From here, one could only see a faint reddish tint; its real appearance was not clear.

“The blood toad, shit, why didn’t I see when he put it that, damn it.” Yun Zhao grumbled, with regret all over his face.

Liu Yue ignored the complaining Yun Zhao beside her. He did not see it but she did. The blood toad which was barely bigger than a baby’s fist was as transparent as crystal with a reddish tint, and it was rather pretty.

The blood toad was indeed a good item, if Xuan Yuen Che ate it, it would be even better.

Her eyes narrowing slightly, Liu Yue drank a sip of her tea.

“Number 34, Liu Yue, versus, number 35, Fang Xiong.” On the east side of the stage, the winner had already been decided, and the emcee immediately announced aloud the participants of the next competition.



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    Thanks for the chapter. So many questions. Who is this guy sticking to Ly? Wonder what are his intentions. Yes. I can’t wait for the reunion. If he can still recognise and remember her.

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