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DOP Chapter 161 – Wu Lin Championship (5)

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Chapter 161 – Wu Lin Championship (5)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Yun Zhao’s eyes became wide open with surprise. He looked at Liu Yue as if she were some kind of monster.

“No way, brother Liu. With no seats reserved, you would have to go with the crowd outside the court. There are too many people there, you won’t be able to see anything.”

With that said, he suddenly let out a laugh. He patted Liu Yue on the shoulder, and said, “But that’s okay. I reserved a spot, you should just sit with me. It would be nice if we could talk, and I can consider this as repaying brother Liu.”

“Very well.” Liu Yue answered without any hesitation, and continued walking out.

“Very cool!” Yun Zhao exclaimed, swiping his fan open. “I like your personality, brother Liu.” he said, smiling, walking alongside Liu Yue.

The stage that was put up for the challenges has already been surrounded by many spectators.

The round stage was set up in the middle of a square just outside the city. The stage was bedded with green stones and was much higher than the surrounding spectators.

Around the stage, there were towers built up. The towers held many important guests and officials.

And behind the towers were the sea of spectators.

Looking out, there were tens of thousands of people. There were so many people that it made the place hot.

Following Yun Zhao, they went to the seat he reserved. A front seat on the west. It was considered a very good seat. Perhaps a seat that even money can’t buy.

But without a word, Liu Yue naturally sat on the seat. And very naturally, she started sipping on her tea, as if she owned the place.

When outsiders see it, they might consider her rude or consider her not to be afraid of anyone.

Brother Liu, look. Feng Cheng of Chen kingdom. He’s very good with a knife. He’s never failed before.”

“Ah, brother Liu, look, look! That’s Chen Mu of Xue Sheng kingdom. Our most skilled fighter of Xue Sheng kingdom, he is definitely going to win…”

“Ah, quick, look, brother Liu…”

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