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DOP Chapter 160 – Wu Lin Championship (5)

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Chapter 160 – Wu Lin Championship (5)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“Ah, thank you, brother, thank you.” said Yun Zhao. Upon Liu Yue’s agreement, he instantly smiled. His tone also became incredibly intimate. A second ago, they were only friends and now they seemed to have become brothers.

Without another look, Liu Yue turned and shut her windows.

“Go.” Liu Yue said to Du Yi, who had his head hung low.

Du Yi nodded his head, and quickly backed out without another word.

Playing with the teacup on the table, Liu Yue’s eyes gleamed. Looks like everyone who was supposed to be here had already arrived; and those who should not be here were here as well. Looks like the symposium would be much livelier than she had anticipated.

The spring breeze was fresh and cooling. The weather outside was clear and bright.

Three days passed, in the blink of an eye, it was already the day for the symposium to begin.

It was very crowded. The whole of Yi Shui city had crowded towards the symposium.

As usual, Liu Yue wore her long, white robe; with her black hair tied up. Slowly, she walked down the stairs, looking extremely casual.

“Brother, are you going to the symposium as well?” Yun Zhao asked loudly, with a smile spread across his face.

Liu Yue glanced at Yun Zhao. Expressionless, she nodded her head.

Yun Zhao had done just like what he had said, that he would definitely not disturb her peace. She had been here for three days and the place has been very quiet. Looks like he was quite the promise keeper.

“Good, good. I’m also going to watch for fun. We’ll be on the same road together.” Yun Zhao’s smile became even brighter.

He walked towards Liu Yue. He waved the fan in his hand and looked at Liu Yue, smiling, “Pardon me, but I don’t think I’ve gotten your name, brother.”

“Liu Yue.” Liu Yue threw out these two words, and continued walking.

“Liu Yue? Are you a member of the Liu Clan in Lin Nan?” Yun Zhao asked, trying to think.

“No.” Liu Yue replied, monotone.

Yun Zhao raised his eyebrow. He didn’t think that it was weird that Liu Yue did not belong to the Liu family in Lin Nan. He just smiled and said, “Brother Liu, the symposium will be lively and crowded. If brother Liu has a spot picked out, it would be nice if we could sit together.” he murmured, following Liu Yue out the door.

“I don’t have any spots reserved.” Liu Yue answered.

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  1. Castile says:

    She isn’t using her really. It’s the name of her previous life, although it’s hard to tell since she narrates with it.

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