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DOP Chapter 159 – Wu Lin Championship (4)

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Chapter 159 – Wu Lin Championship (4)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The strategies undertaken in the era of weapons in arms were not something the modern generation can understand. The control needed to strategize both human and military resources cannot be gained in just a day.

Hence, even though Mu Rong Liu Yue’s reputation was as high as the heavens, she understood exactly the true extent of her capabilities.

Now that there was no cause for fear at the borders, she was going to do what she was best at.

To defend Tian Chen for Xuan Yuan Che, it was not necessary to fight the battle at the borders. Once they had pulled through the most dangerous moment, switching to the offensive was the best way to defend.

This was her motto.

“Du Yi, help me …”

“Fellow traveller friend in the inn, my name is Yun Zhao. I have long admired this season’s Wu Lin Championship, and have specially come a long way from Xue Sheng Kingdom, but I was delayed for a few days and all the inns are full; there isn’t even a place to rest. Hai, why is it so crowded? My fellow traveller friend, can you let me stay in this room? I promise to be silent and not disturb you.”

Liu Yue’s words barely left her mouth as a clear voice suddenly sounded out, with a hint of helplessness and complaint, and lots of fawning intent.

The voice was brimming with the genteelness of a poor scholar.

Upon hearing the voice, Liu Yue stopped what she was going to say, bent her head and looked out of the window.

The room she was staying in was situated at the topmost area of the Inn such that entire street could be seen from her point of view.

At this moment, outside the inn, a man in a light blue robe was standing near the rear wall of the inn and was repeatedly bowing to her with both hands clasped in front of him. A bright smile decorated his face.

His shapely eyebrows framed a face that gave off a positive radiance that resembled the bright rays of the sun. He was like a shining beacon of light, different from Xuan Yuen Che’s enchanting beauty, and unlike Du Gu Ye’s beauty that could cause a kingdom’s downfall.

As Liu Yue looked at him, an indescribable look flashed past her eyes. She lightly tapped at the window frame with her fingers.

Behind her, Du Yi immediately bowed his head. Shit, their investigations failed to inform them that he was here too.

“Please let me stay here, I don’t want to sleep on the streets.” With an aggrieved expression on his face, Yun Zhao looked at Liu Yue with a fawning smile.

Upon seeing this, Liu Yue broke out into a slow smile. This person is somewhat interesting. Since he wants to come in, I’ll just let him.

She nodded and said: “Sure.” Her indifferent voice transmitted into the distance, in her usual chilly tone.

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