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DOP Chapter 158 – Wu Lin Championship (3)

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Chapter 158 – Wu Lin Championship (3)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

She knew neither the art of war nor any military strategy, but Liu Chuan and the rest did.

And also, by some means unknown to her, Mu Rong Liu Yue’s reputation had spread to Chen Kingdom and Zhao Kingdom. Upon hearing that she Mu Rong Liu Yue was leading Xuan Yuan Che’s soldiers and commanders to oversee the battle, Chen Kingdom and Zhao Kingdom’s tensions actually seemed to heighten.

Perhaps it was due to her notoriety and her origins from an influential family of military commanders.

For the Emperor of Tian Chen to have entrusted such an important military strength to her, she must not be merely skilled at killing. She may even have immense talent for a commander, hence everyone started to develop a caution when facing her.

Once the sentiment of cautiousness arose, they did not dare to attack on a large scale, but instead launched small-scale attacks to test out the waters.

Such small scale attacks were jumped upon by the battle-experienced Liu Chuan and the rest, resulting in an entire defeat of the Chen Kingdom and Zhao Kingdom armies.

Such a flawless defeat immediately curbed the offensive tendencies of Chen Kingdom and Zhao Kingdom.

Also, Mu Rong Yi and the rest who subsequently arrived also donned their armour to join the battle. The Mu Rong army emblem was also not a product of fraud, but a sign of impressive military vestige.

After a few small battles, Chen Kingdom and Zhao Kingdom failed to advance even an inch, and Mu Rong Liu Yue’s name grew in prominence across the borders.

Chen Kingdom and Zhao Kingdom grew afraid of the Tian Chen Kingdom that had lost Xuan Yuan Che but gained a person like Mu Rong Liu Yue, and immediately held back their attacks.

Such a stagnant situation carried on for two years.

Upon seeing that Chen Kingdom and Zhao Kingdom failed to procure any military advantage for themselves, the other countries at the border followed suit in stalling any form of military action. This stagnant situation gave a misleading impression of calmness, but the real situation was only known to the countries involved.

Despite that, Mu Rong Liu Yue’s name resounded across the countries.

She became a powerful person who was well-versed in both martial and the literary arts, and also capable of commanding battles to defeat enemies. She rapidly approached the ranks of the then renowned top genius of the world, Xuan Yuan Che.

However, Liu Yue, Liu Chuan and the rest knew the reality behind such a reputation.

Mastering the art of war and military strategies cannot be achieved within a short period of time, and neither can the intricacies be grasped by merely theorising on paper. Actual experience on the battlefield was needed; each kill and battle was essential to build such mastery.

It was an era of raw killing of hundreds and thousands of people, where one single victory was built on the corpses of tens of thousands, rather than the modern era where wars were fought merely with the simple firing of a cannon or the dropping of an atomic bomb.

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