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DOP Chapter 157 – Wu Lin Championship (2)

Chapter 157 – Wu Lin Championship (2)
Translated by: Rysbow
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

At this moment, she was wearing a whole body of white male outfit that masked her jagged and murderous aura, leaving behind only a cool aura and a handsome figure. There was no hint of her as a woman dressed as a man. Not even a guy could compare to the indifference and the elegant arrogance that she gave off. On the surface, she definitely looked like a real guy.

“Is there any news by the sea?” Liu Yue asked in a low voice, standing by the window.

“No.” Du Yi answered with a bow.

Hearing this, Liu Yue frowned as she looked out at the boundless sky. It’s been three years since she saw Xuan Yuan Che.

Three years ago, she sent Du Yi and company to secretly protect Xuan Yuan Che to look for the mysterious clan. But when they made it out of Tian Chen Kingdom, Mu Rong Wu Di appeared and commanded them to stop following. Otherwise, if they were discovered, the mysterious clan would not provide any treatment for Xuan Yuan Che.

Left with no choice, Du Yi could only return to report their mission.

Three years ago, Mu Rong Wu Di escorted Xuan Yuan Che to look for that unknown person, with no information about his background and no name to be known. Since then, Mu Rong Wu Di had also not returned to to Tian Chen kingdom. He would only send updates from time to time.

In the few updates, he mentioned that Xuan Yuan Che had been recovering. As the poison was located in Xuan Yuan Che’s heart meridian, it was tricky to treat. One of the medicinal recipes needed a long preparation time. This was why they still couldn’t return home.

Liu Yue tracked the news from Mu Rong Wu Di, trying to look for him, but she found out that Mu Rong Wu Di had left across the sea. The carrier pigeon had flown across the ocean, to a place where she wouldn’t be able to find even if she tried.

With no hopes of finding him, all she could do is wait. Waiting for Xuan Yuan Che to return himself, she could only wait for him.

The clouds floated by, and the birds chirped their songs. Three years went by in the blink of an eye. Liu Yue was already sixteen.

Staring into the boundless sky, Liu Yue’s frown turned into a smile. She had grown up, and she was different from when she was little. She wondered if Xuan Yuan Che would still be able to recognize her when he comes back. If he couldn’t, she would definitely cast him into a cesspit.

Taking a deep breath, she gathered her wandering thoughts and turned to Du Yi, “Any news from the border?”

“Things are fine at the border. Chen and Zhao kingdom still have their soldiers there, but there are no sign of any threats. General Liu Chuan asks you not to worry.”

Hearing this, Liu Yue nodded her head. Three years ago, Chen and Zhao kingdom sent their soldiers to Tian Chen’s borders, wanting to attack Tian Chen. Knowing this, she took Liu Chuan, Chen Si, Zhou Cheng, the rest of Xuan Yuan Che’s commanders and the ten-thousand strong Tiger army to guard the border.

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