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DOP Chapter 156 – Wu Lin Championship (1)

Chapter 156 – Wu Lin Championship (1)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The person had naturally black and shapely eyebrows, fresh red lips, even without the help of lipstick, and eyes clear and bright like the stars. His elegance was indescribable.

In that moment, the crowd around that person slowly quieted down as those thoughts flashed across their minds.

They could only see the person in front of them who was wearing a simple, moon white long robes coming out from the carriage. His long hair was tied together, blowing in the wind. He didn’t wear a lot of decorations, yet his grace was as high as the skies above him, proud and arrogant.

His whole body emitted an aura of quiet coldness and independence.

A pair of pupils black as obsidian swept across the crowd. Even the brilliance of the sunlight looked pale compared to him. He was handsome as if he came straight out of a painting. He was graceful and elegant, a man of the best qualities.

The travellers were people who had never seen such a person before. Seeing the beautiful man, they began to panic. They had never seen such a remarkable look.

The white-clad man swept his gaze across the people around him indifferently, then strode forward towards the tavern. The carriage driver also immediately followed along.

It was only after the white-clad man disappeared into the tavern that the crowd outside could react, every single one of them too dumbstruck to say anything else.

If it was a girl with such a beautiful look, they could still comprehend that, but it was clearly a man.

They were stupefied for a man, that was really…

It’s just that his gaze had attracted them without them knowing why. They couldn’t help but be drawn to him; it was as if he was born to attract all the gazes around him.

Now that they think about it again, it was quite ridiculous.

The crowd of people who manage to break the spell immediately regretted. How could they be attracted to a man’s gaze so much that they forgot to ask him if he would let them stay in the inn. Now, the man had gone inside and they couldn’t ask him. Should they really stay outside tonight?

In the next moment, the crowd outside started to cause a ruckus.

Inside the inn, the carriage driver dismissed the Inn owner who was trying to suck up to them, then followed the white-clad man into the largest room of the inn.

“Master, please drink some tea.” taking off the straw hat he was wearing on his head, the carriage driver revealed his face. He looked strict and cold; it was indeed the number one guard from Blood Shadow Guards, Du Yi, who was one of Liu Yue’s subordinates.

“No need.” the white-clad man lifted his head and looked towards the beautiful spring blooms in the courtyard outside.

Vibrant colours and beautiful sceneries, the view was splendid beyond words.

Observing closely, with those pair of black obsidian eyes, who else could it be but Liu Yue?

It was just that she was even more beautiful, calmer and more collected than the thirteen years old Liu Yue. She was practically a copy of Lin, her previous life’s persona.

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  1. jbjhova says:

    Thank you for the chapter; I’m a little disappointed that she feels it necessary to win this tournament as a man. She should just dominate as a woman and let the world fear her and her king.

  2. Anon1 says:

    So I’m going to assume Liu Yue has conquered all the kingdoms and killed all the head honchos, and is just doing this tournament for fun, this is why I hate time skips.

    • Dead Ninja says:

      She should be just starting, considering she had to repel numerous armies trying to invade her husband ‘s country

    • krono says:

      No she isn’t there for fun (even trough she wants to win and be the best in the world and wants that Toad)… and she didn’t counquered anything, she just defeated the armies who tried to invade her Kingdom…. anyway she is there for a reason, you will see later…

    • krono says:

      No she isn’t there for fun (even trough she wants to win and be the best in the world… and also she wants that Toad), and she didn’t conquered anything, she just repeled those who tried to invade her country…. she is here for a reason, you will see later… or you can read the manhwa too, which is a little ahead….

  3. Varler says:

    “…it was clearly a man.” Either everyone is blind in ancient times, or they were really good at disguises. Somehow none of these cross dressing girls get found out right away.

  4. Busy Bee says:

    Ha Ha Took me quite some time to realize it’s LY in disguise. Wonder why she is doing this tournament and where’s Che? Thanks for the chapter.

  5. momosakura says:

    Thank you Shiroyukineko for translating and editing this chapter!

    Since she can show her true face and not need to hide it from people in the palace, also with what’s been happening, she’s taking up her true persona instead of acting as a child.

  6. svnhddbst says:

    i want to say, i read this to try to find something fun and light hearted after a stressful novel… i couldn’t have missed harder… my mistake was as bad as pissing of Liu Yue.

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