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DOP Chapter 155 – Resurgence of Another Chaos (11)

This chapter is sponsored by: Sayath, Nina Sargi do Nascimento and Wendy Mew

Chapter 155 – Resurgence of Another Chaos (11)
Translated by: Rysbow
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“Nothing else.” the driver of the carriage replied quite quickly.

“You are demoted. Go take your own punishment of thirty beatings.” said the cold voice from the carriage.

The driver immediately lowered his head and replied promptly, “Yes.”

“How can Du Gu Ye not come to such a big event? How can he not notice Hou Jin kingdom’s scheme? And yet you guys have not found out any news of his actions.” That cold voice was not threatening, yet, nobody could defy it.

The carriage trotted past the tiny pavilion, leaving everyone else behind.

Phoenix Inn, one of Yi Shui City’s best tavern.

“Owner, your place is so empty. Why aren’t you allowing anyone to stay?” Meanwhile, many travelers who had not found a place to stay had crowded in front of Phoenix Inn, looking for a place to stay.

These couple of days, people have filled up Yi Shui city. All the inns were full, except for this one. However, Phoenix Inn did not receive any more guests.

“We have already told you, someone has booked the whole inn. We will not be recepting any guests. Please look elsewhere, no one would be allowed in here.” answered the inn’s owner.

“Booked the whole inn? Who in the world…”

“That damn bastard. Why would he book the whole place? This guy is fucking looking for a beat up.”

“I wanna see who did this… “

In just a moment, the people outside Phoenix Inn started complaining their dissatisfaction and anger, causing a ruckus.

Under all the racket, that ordinary carriage came by slowly, towards Phoenix Inn.

“Don’t go there. There’s no place to stay in there.” Some travellers yelled to the carriage in bad mood. The inn wouldn’t even receive one tael of gold when they tried to. This ordinary-looking carriage that was about to collapse would never be able to make it in.

But the carriage ignored them and kept driving towards the inn.

In front of the door, the carriage driver swung his whip and threw something onto the inn owner’s hands.

The inn owner froze. He looked at the item in his hands and immediately smiled. He welcomed the carriage politely and bowed. “Sir, you are finally here. Please come in, everything has been well-prepared. We guarantee your satisfaction.”

The surrounding crowd let out an outcry.

At this moment, a white, long arm appeared from the carriage, lifting the carriage’s sunset-coloured curtains.

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