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DOP Chapter 152 – Resurgence of Another Chaos (8)

Chapter 152 – Resurgence of Another Chaos (8)
Translated by: Rysbow
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Even without Xuan Yuan Che in Tian Chen, they still had Liu Yue.

If she did not know something , she could always learn it. As long as she was here, anyone who wanted to attack Tian Chen, would be sent back to their home.

Fighting a war day and night, she was not afraid of it at all.

In a blink of an eye, three years had already flown by.

As if they were welcoming the new spring, the flowers were in full bloom.

Willow trees sprouted new leaves, growing their branches towards the warm spring sun. Clear water in the rivers flowed with jingling sounds, so swiftly, so worry-free.

In the light blue sky, white clouds seemed to chase and play with each other.

Time to time, the clouds would change their shapes into rabbit, then turned into a tiger. Rolling in the skybed, they would change their shapes many times.

The mountain and rivers still looked as tender as ever.

Here at Yi Shui city, which was the biggest town south of Hou Jin kingdom.

This time, cherry trees had already blossomed and fell swiftly to the ground. Although it was spring, in this town, the hot weather felt like a summer’s heat.

Because many people entered and exited from the North and the South of Yi Shui city, it had become the most crowded place in the world in just a short time.

The reason why so many people had come to Yu Shui, was because the city’s mayor had been posting notices that invited heroes from all the seven kingdoms to join their assembly. It did not matter if they were aristocrats, assassins or fighters, as long as they were skilled in martial arts, anyone was welcomed. They were all invited to participate in the Wu Lin Championship to fight for the title of the strongest martial artist.

The Wu Lin Championship itself was generally not a big deal. However, Hou Jin Kingdom’s ruler had announced that the grand prize for this competition be that the winner of the competition would be bestowed the position of Third-ranked General to serve in the Imperial Court. Even their families would be raised to nobilities. It was a chance to succeed from rags to riches!

The second and third winner would receive twenty thousand pieces of gold and would be bestowed the title of a Fourth-ranked General.

Once these news was spread outside, every single martial artist in all seven kingdoms immediately made their way towards the Championship. It was a rare opportunity to gain power and riches.

Such a rare event, who wouldn’t want to give it a try?

However, it was not just the fighters who wanted to fight, the other six kingdoms who had malicious intents had also sent their spies into Hou Jin Kingdom’s Wu Lin Championship, inciting turbulent times.

Meanwhile, the supervisor of this Championship, the mayor of Yi Shui City, had also spoken.

“To pay tributes to our fellow martial artists who will be joining the competition, I will take out the treasure of my town, the “Blood Toad”. This will be added to the grand prize.”

The Blood Toad was a rare antidote for a lot of poisons and it could also cure any kind of diseases. It was an invaluable treasure, it’s worth couldn’t be valued by mere gold.

With this rare item added to the grand prize, who could resist the temptation to give this competition a try?

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    • wirlwind494 says:

      Yeah, that time skip made me think the chapters were out of order or something… “We’re at war! Tons of troops are at our borders!”


      “And now for something completely different.”

      Me: “WTF!?”

  1. momosakura says:

    Thank you Rysbow for translating this chapter!
    Thank you Shiroyukineko for editing!

    Time skip. I wonder how Che is doing?

    A tournament! Will Liu Yue participate? 😀

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