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DOP Chapter 149 – Resurgence of Another Chaos (5)

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Chapter 149 – Resurgence of Another Chaos (5)
Translated by: Erza
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Erza
TLCed by: GT, Shiroyukineko

“Creak.” The heavy sound of the palace door resounded through the silent night.

“You came.” Under the dim lights, Xuan Yuan Cheng, wearing his Crown Prince’s Robe, sat in the middle of the main hall. Playing with the wine cup in his hand, he looked at Liu Yue with a faint smile on his face.

Xuan Yuan Cheng was calm and refined, unlike the Left Minister who was devastated with fear and Empress Liu who was overwhelmed with shock.

Liu Yue gazed coldly at Xuan Yuan Cheng. Not bad, if he did not have the intention to harm Xuan Yuan Che, she would have spared him because of his demeanour today.

People should maintain their demeanour even in death.

Under the dark sky, the dim lights illuminated.

“There is no familial affection in the imperial family. It would only result in either your death or mine. I don’t blame the gods or you for this ending, my only regret was my lack of skill compared to you. I concede my defeat..” Xuan Yuan Cheng said as he smiled calmly at Liu Yue who was emitting a murderous aura.

Liu Yue stood coldly at the Main Hall door, watching Xuan Yuan Cheng.

“Such a shame that I didn’t get to meet a wife like you. Che is really lucky.” Xuan Yuan Cheng chuckled while shaking his head.

If he had Liu Yue, then the ending for today would have been different.

Fate has decided.

Laughing while looking at Liu Yue who radiated an aura of killing intent, Xuan Yuan Cheng suddenly shook his head and said: “Two lone wolves will naturally attract each other, with no room for any outsiders.”

Liu Yue gazed coldly at Xuan Yuan Cheng as she listened to his words and thought that this guy had quite a way with his words.

“Enough talk.” However, this does not mean she would spare him, thus she allowed him to choose his own manner of death.

Looking at the murderous but beautiful Princess Consort Liu Yue, Xuan Yuan Cheng still showed no fear. He then held up the wine cup in his hands and indicated to her the moment had come. He slowly swallowed the drink without saying any superfluous words.

Winner takes it all. It was the rule from ancient times.

Seeing this, Liu Yue turned around and walked towards the door. Sometimes, enemies can also be given respect.

“Liu Yue, don’t be too happy. You and Che might not be together in the end.”Behind her, Xuan Yuan Cheng softly sighed as he spoke with a gentle tone.

“Do not make me grind your bones to ashes.” Liu Yue said without turning around, but her voice suddenly became even colder.

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