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DOP Chapter 145 – Resurgence of Another Chaos (1)

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Chapter 145 – Resurgence of Another Chaos (1)
Translated by: Rysbow
Edited by: Kimikosong, Krithika
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Bloodbath, it was a silent bloodbath.

A chilly atmosphere covered the whole of Tian Chen kingdom.

The capital’s guards had all gathered at the Minister of Rites’ and Minister of Appointments’ Residences. The whole place had been enveloped in a desolate bloodbath. The whole place was completely still, as it was filled with the stench of blood and killing intent.

In the dark night, only Tian Chen Palace alone was brightly lit. Xuan Yuan Yi sat on his Dragon Throne with his eyebrows knotted together.

“Your highness, how do we deal with this situation?” the Governor asked in a serious tone; but his eyes were lit with relief and excitement.

Fortunately he had chosen the right side, or else he wouldn’t be here today. Instead, he would be on the other side, bathed in blood.

Xuan Yuan Yi rubbed his brow. He looked out into the darkness, and thought that today was indeed an eventful summer day.

“Let her be. It’s time for a clean up.” Xuan Yuan Yi said slowly, gazing into the darkness.

Having ruled for so many years, he understood that “no fish can survive if the water is too clean”. With seven countries in the world ruling side by side, there were bound to be spies from the surrounding countries. Sometimes when spies and informants were used correctly, they could be extremely informative and useful.
(TLN: 水清则无鱼 – No fish can survive if the water is too clean (idiom that meant utopia doesn’t exist))

But in these two years, the Left and Right Ministers had become more and more arrogant. On the other hand, he was somewhat powerless; hence the spies had also grown more powerful and arrogant. They had become so impudent that they managed to harm his Tian Chen Kingdom this badly.

It was time to clean up; he would let Liu Yue do what he couldn’t.

The Governor stood up and bowed. “It is late. Your highness should rest. Your humble servant will guard your side.”

Xuan Yuan Yi sighed. He nodded his head, stood up and left.

The Governor followed immediately thinking that he shouldn’t move around by himself today, as that would be like digging his own grave. Plus, he needed to stay by the emperor. The emperor shouldn’t walk around too much.

Some people can’t be saved, and some places cannot be visited.

As the darkness thickened, even the stars and the moon were hidden behind the terrifying darkness.

The residence of Tian Chen’s Second General, General Fei’s Court, was covered in blood.

“Speak.” A sharp sound of bones cracking could be heard. General Fei’s oldest son’s hand was being broken over and over again.

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. Ah, just kill me…” The man on the floor kept struggling. His face was twisted in pain, his limbs were all dislocated.

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