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DOP Chapter 144 – The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (10)

Chapter 144 – The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (10)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The Left Minister, who was sitting inside his Main Residence, trembled non-stop. Sharp cries of pain could be heard outside, ringing out one by one. The blood curdling sounds made others shudder just by hearing them, the fear almost causing one’s soul leaving one’s body.

The stench of blood flowed with the wind, entering the main residence from the windows and the doors. It was extremely thick and potent, bringing chills down everyone’s spines.

“No, no…” How could she not even take the government laws into consideration at all? How could she publicly slaughter everyone in his manor? She… She…

Amongst the tree shadows, the clean moonlight seemed to be tarnished by the red blood splatters on the ground.

The blood-red robe that Liu Yue wore became looked even more intense as she walked forward expressionlessly. Drops of blood dripped down the tip of her sword, drawing a scar of blood on the white stone pavement.

“Swoosh.” The main residence’s door was suddenly swung open by the night wind, making the Left Minister, who was sitting inside, jolted in shock.

An endless stream of killing intent reached out and shrouded his body. It was so chilling, like it had come straight from hell.

Under the moonlight, Liu Yue stepped forward, illuminated by the moonlight glow.

Her beauty could devastate a country, almost rivalling the beautiful glow of the moon. However, her beauty was also cold like ice, decorated with blood stains and splatters.

The Left Minister, who had never directly experienced Liu Yue’s potent killing aura, was so shocked that color left his face. His body couldn’t stop trembling as his pants was quickly wet with his pee.

Such a sharp killing intent wasn’t something that he could overcome.

Walking forward step by step, Liu Yue approached him closer and closer. Her sword glinted icily under the moonlight, as if she was the Grim Ripper.

“My… My fami…ly…” Left Minister stuttered and stammered, almost not making sense of his words.

“You will see them soon enough.” She slowly raised her blood-stained sword, and started to swing it down right to the Left Minister’s throat.

“No…no, those were not my people, they were not ordered by me. I didn’t know who they are, they are forces under General Fei, not mine, not mine.” Under such an uncontrollable fright, the Left Minister had actually said such an logical statement.

“Did you think I would let him off?” Her cold reply didn’t even carry an ounce of compassion.

Her blood-stained sword swung down without hesitation, fast as a flash of light. Liu Yue didn’t even lingered to watch, she immediately turned and walked away.

Behind her, Left Minister opened his eyes wide, his throat producing choked sounds but he didn’t manage to say any comprehensible words. He slowly collapsed to the ground.

With a slow wave of her hand, a coloured signal soar into the sky, blooming in all directions across the Tian Chen capital city.

Every single forces under Liu Yue moved at the same time.

Those who dared to harm Xuan Yuan Che would need to pay for the consequences with their whole family.

Blood filled the air. Tonight was definitely a sleepless night.

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    • Adahn says:

      On one hand, you are correct and this is treason and murder (since there has been no official trial). On the other hand the seals that command the army are in her hands, and even if they weren’t he probably knows by now that she could just slip into the shadows and kill him whenever she pleased.

      So my guess is that he’ll let her go, either by ignoring her crimes or by pardoning them, as I think he’d rather lose some face figuratively than literally.

      • jacobpaige says:

        If he were going to go that far, its more likely that he’d just say that he ordered her to do it. At least that way he would appear to unable to control her and would be able to take whatever fear she generated as his own. Plus, I doubt she’d call him out on it.

        • Injamam says:

          the minister and the former crown prince have no defense after EVERY LAST ONE OF THEIR TROOPS were from enemy nations. so it’s high treason which constituted the execution of their entire families in that era

        • Injamam says:

          by using troops who’s identity have been revealed to have been of foreign origin and not to mention the fact decree as the prince is now a commoner so they face high treason charges. people with that charge hardly ever got a trial those days

        • jacobpaige says:

          Right, but it hasn’t said anything about the Emperor giving the order yet. This isn’t about their rights, its about the Emperor’s. Making such an important decision for him, even if its the decision he was going to make anyway, is still disrespecting his authority which is also punishable by death, as we saw when she threatened the Left Minister in an earlier arc.

  1. Hitogami says:

    If the emperor is smart he will pretend it was done under his orders, because otherwise it will become obvious that she is above even the emperor.

  2. ZaX says:

    By having the two army seals she pretty much has all the power she needs to break every law without penalty. Thanks for the chapter.

  3. midoriha says:

    Thanks a lot—-!
    Ah, well, it’s a fitting end! If they had only schemed, it would have been fine…but then, they tried to kill him….that signalled their end. The crown prince could’ve become the emperor, because xuan yuan che didn’t want to become emperor. -shakes head- oh well…
    Let this be a lesson to whoever would try to hurt the OTP and those precious to them!

    • Olga Romanovska says:

      Che would likely to replace Cheng as Crown Prince since : he is a perfect general, tactician (being highest army commander at very young), great diplomatist, politician and now he even has a very talented wife (in a country that care alot about talent)
      but more than all , he has a huge desire to swallow whole the 6 countries (that was the main reason why so much countries joined the hunt)
      Spoiler : after the “death” of “someone” ,he overthrown his father by just merely a line : “after 3 days , i don’t want to see you sit in Tianchen’s throne anymore”

      • midoriha says:

        No—-spoiler—-! Lol, well, he has the capability to lead the kingdom, and his wife is powerful in her own right, so internally, the kingdom will be very stable, which will enable him to focus in uniting the other kingdoms…

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