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DOP Chapter 143 – The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (9)

Chapter 143 – The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (9)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

I’ll wait for you. Thousands of words and ocean deep-feelings were all filled into these mere five words.

It was a bright and beautiful day. The sky was clear and blue, with a few white clouds powdered here and there.

It was time for goodbye.

A goodbye to a separation of hundreds of kilometres, a farewell across valleys and mountains.

The sound of horse’s gallops gradually faded away.

As the sky darkens, Xuan Yuan Che went further and further away, the figure of his carriage slowly disappearing into the horizon.

Behind the carriage, Xuan Yuan Yi’s secret forces and twenty of the most outstanding Blood Shadow Guards followed. They were all dispatched by Liu Yue, who ordered them to keep Xuan Yuan Che safe at all times throughout the journey.

The fiery sunset filled the whole sky with a red glow.

Liu Yue slowly turned away. Qiu Hen, Yan Hu and the others followed her, their bodies full of injuries.

“It’s time.” Liu Yue swept a cold gaze across everyone present. With a wave of her robes, she walked forward.

“Yes.” Du Yi and the others replied one by one, and quickly dispersed in all directions.

No one could get away with bullying them. No one could have a happy ending after harming their King to that degree. No one had ever been pardoned before, and it would not be an exception now.

Darkness filled the sky, night had finally come.

Wearing a red-coloured robe, Liu Yue held a short sword. Kicking open the Left Minister’s Residence main door, Liu Yue stepped into the manor.

She emitted a potent aura of killing intent, overflowing with anger.

Its time to deliver punishment by Imperial Court’s law. No, Liu Yue didn’t know anything about the Imperial Court’s law, she only knew that the debt of blood must be paid back with blood. She would rather bully every single person in the world than let herself be bullied by others.

The Left Minister, Tian Chen’s second General in command, Minister of Appointments, Minister of Rites, Crown Prince and the capital’s Police Commander, she would not let any single person off today.

Forty thousand Tiger Army Soldiers guarded the capital’s entrance. Nobody was allowed to go out of the city.

Thirty thousand Dragon Riders guarded the Palace Entrance. Nobody was allowed to go in or out of the palace.

Every single minister and general were ordered to go back to their own residences. Whoever dared to step out of their residence would be killed on the spot.

Today, the Tian Chen Kingdom would be turned upside down.

This was the price for offending Liu Yue, this was the price for harming her most precious and loved person.

Screeching, howling and miserable cries resounded through the silent night, sounding exceptionally clear and painful.

The Left Minister’s residence was in chaos.

Blood dripped from the tip of her sharp sword. She marched onward, stepping on corpses underneath her foot. Hidden underneath that beautiful face was a killing intent resembling the Death God from hell himself. She would definitely not let anyone from this place off.

Outside the residence, one thousand Dragon Riders surrounded the whole of Left Minister’s residence. Nobody was to be spared; this was the iron-clad order they had received.

Left Minister who was imprisoned inside his residence immediately panicked. Liu Yue had come. She had finally come.

The cold night wind blew softly.

It was a bloody massacre.

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  1. ichigoku013 says:

    First! Go Liu Yue end their pathetic lives. I wanted more lovey-dovey moments between you two now I have to wait until Che gets better. </3

    *was reading the manhwa, so slightly knows what will happen next*

  2. Andreas Rezki says:

    in menwa Liu Yue only use a few of thousands troops to repel Zhao Chen coalition..if Liu Yue may use the entire army maybe Liu Yue can conquered chen zhao..only genius can do…thanks for the chapter…Keep the spirit.

  3. jacobpaige says:

    I’m surprised he was still in the capital. All that time that she was by his bed, the Left Minister could have been using to leg it for another country. Not that that would have saved him of course, but he might have lived a few days longer.

    • Olga Romanovska says:

      Right minister and Che’s army were actually prepared since Liu Yue’s original plan was fake an ambush to her and Che. Plus the left minister were captured trying to take over Tiger Army from Che so it’s not easy for him to sneak out

      • jacobpaige says:

        He was under house arrest though. For someone as politically savvy as him, he should have prepared for the possibility of everything falling to pieces and installed an escape path of some kind in his home.

        • Olga Romanovska says:

          the question is escape to where … one thousands Dragon Rider surrounded his home when 40 thousands Tiger Army soldiers surrounded the whole city, escape might be the fastest way to grave since a whole family of a government official under ancient China time could even reach thousand (from old gramps to 1 y.o kids)…
          of course , someone escaped (in the next chapter) with a huge cost and well , i think Liu Yue only spared the life of only 2 persons that she wanted to kill so no point to escape just to live till when she (the Goddess of Death :v ) come for your life ….

        • jacobpaige says:

          I never said he’d make it, I was just surprised that he didn’t try. Also, I wouldn’t expect him to take the entire clan, just those he actually cared about (a number he could probably count on one hand with fingers to spare).

  4. magetite says:

    great chapter, i want her to train a LEET assassin corp, train some inner strength, and then wreck all the other countries, letting husband darling sweep them up with his army

  5. momosakura says:

    Thank you Shiroyukineko for translating and editing!

    I get it blood for blood, but did she kill the maids and servants too? They should be innocent in this, but her people in the palace were killed too.

  6. Olga Romanovska says:

    the Manhua map were actually made a small mistake … the Hung kingdom at North-East was right but the North Nomads Kingdom (well , actually Mongol lol) was actually down to South-West, in middle of them (where they placed the Nomads name) has 2 parts : 17 Xianbei’s clans and 10 Hung’s Castles at Dried Sand Meadow (near the River at north of Nomads)
    And there is a faction outside the map , might be south of Houjin: Ming Island
    Spoiler :
    Dried Sand Meadow were traded to Nomads for Hung’s King life and under the control of Nomads Duchess Yeh-Lu Liuyue (included 10 castles and 50 ten thousands warriors (万 = 10.000 in chinese but dropped to 1.000 in english versions i think))
    and Don’t not (hehehe) mistake 4 persons in this novel : Murong Liu Yue (琉月) is not the Champion Liu Yue (流月 – 流in 流氓 (rogue)) and surely not Yeh-lu Liuyue (耶律琉月) or Nalan Liuyue (纳兰琉月)

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