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DOP Chapter 141 – The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (7)

Chapter 141 – The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (7)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Krithika
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“Yue-er, you should cleanse the injuries on your body first.” Imperial Consort Chen whispered softly, as she slowly caressed Liu Yue’s head.

This child, her whole body was covered with injuries, yet it seemed like she did not notice them at all. There was only Xuan Yuan Che in her eyes, there was only her Xuan Yuan Che, who still had not shown any signs of waking up until then.

Even she, as his mother, couldn’t continue watching this any more.

There wasn’t any reaction. Liu Yue didn’t even bothered to reply her, she only stared at Xuan Yuan Che lying on the bed.

She deserved death. She knew much and could do more, but she didn’t know Inner Strength. She didn’t know how to heal his injuries with Inner Strength, she didn’t know.

Exhaling a deep breath, Mu Rong Wu Di slowly opened his eyes.

“How is he?” Liu Yue immediately looked up and asked.

Xuan Yuan Yi and the others immediately surrounded them too waiting to hear his diagnosis.

Mu Rong Wu Di looked calm, but there was an absolute determination in his gaze as he looked at Liu Yue. With a tired laugh, he replied in a weak voice, “The Third Prince has suffered a heavy injury. His heart meridian received a devastating blow from an Inner Strength expert. If it was a normal person, he wouldn’t be able to recover. However, the Third Prince had originally cultivated strong Inner Strength in his body and hence he managed to protect the last thread of his artery. Therefore…”

“So, he will be okay?” Liu Yue grasped Xuan Yuan Che’s hands tightly, waiting for the answer.

Looking at the overjoyed Liu Yue, Mu Rong Wu Di could only shake his head helplessly as he sighed. With a frown, he replied, “Although Hou Jin Kingdom’s Poison Palm did not break His Highness’ heart meridian, the poison has unfortunately permeated his body. Such an injury would be difficult to treat.”

Liu Yue’s face darkened at that.

Xue Sheng Kingdom, Ao Yun Kingdom, and now Hou Jin Kingdom. Just how many Kingdoms intended to get involved in this matter? Just how many people were after Xuan Yuan Che’s life?

“How do we treat him? Tell me!” Saying that it was not easy to treat meant that there was a way to treat it. No matter how hard it would be, she would do it for him. She would help him recover at all cost.

Mu Rong Wu Di frowned. “The poison is stuck inside his heart meridian. One misstep could cause the poison to attack his heart. If that happened, nothing could save him anymore. From my knowledge, there is only one place on earth that has the power to save His Highness. However, the people from this place had a strange disposition. They are temperamental and always moved about randomly, so they couldn’t be found easily.”

As he finished, Imperial Consort Chen, Liu Yue, Right Minister and the others all looked at Mu Rong Wu Di anxiously. Even the Tian Chen Kingdom’s Emperor, Xuan Yuan Yi, had an indescribable look in his eyes, as he frowned his brows tightly.

Continuing, without waiting for Liu Yue to reply, Mu Rong Wu Di suddenly gritted his teeth and said, “It’s fine. I had saved one of their Clan’s member a few years ago. Let’s hope that they will remember this favour that they owed me. This matter, I will settle it.”

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  1. Axia says:

    Awesome! Were is the pic? I am lazy to press the button and it consume my internet quota. Missed your notes “yahohohohoho”. Each time i read that sounds like you are celebrating the new chapter update. Keep it up. Love you guys 🙂

  2. VioletKunoichi says:

    Thank you very much for this chapter you are great!~
    When will Che wake up? Oh God, please let it be soon, because I swear that if he dies I shall no longer read this novel, my heart wouldn’t’ be able to handle such a sadness!

  3. midoriha says:

    Thanks a lot!
    After this, she might start with inner energy training?
    Quick, save him—-i want my OTP to be happy, and continue with their fluffy romance!

    • Olga Romanovska says:

      i’m sure they gonna be happy with their fluffy romance … at the end … wait , was that a spoiler ? nevermind , you gonna forget it after chapter 1000+ or more anyway :]

    • Olga Romanovska says:

      and i don’t think that training inner energy (Chi in chinese or Ki in japanese) would be good for her since that is not something you can learn in short of time and worser , the ancient chinese martial arts masters can sense hostile chi power (as Yue can sense enemy killing intent aura), unable to use Chi make her almost invisible in ancient China as long as her hiding her own killing desire

      • midoriha says:

        Hm? Spoiler? I don’t know, lol.
        No, well, but she wouldn’t want something like this to occur again, right? With no other methods to heal him but to use inner energy, she might just learn it. Well, -shrugs- anything’s fine, i was just pondering—-

    • Olga Romanovska says:

      If the author made her learn Chi or Air walking, I would likely dropped this great novel at chapter 200+… Liu Yue trademark are : weak looking girl without any power but can one strike one kill (even if target protected by thousands soldiers)

      • midoriha says:

        To each their own.she might learn a bit of inner energy, just so this kind of problem where she’s unable to help him won’t happen agsin. It’s just a possibility…

    • Olga Romanovska says:

      Actually the manga changed and reduced alot stuff in the novel (believe me , I finished reading the lastest manga chapter of part 3 (which one whole part ahead of chap 25) and they added some pointless stuff/characters when deduces many good scenes in novel. (DOP would be more fitting as a movie than a manga). The novel still way worth reading than manga for sure

  4. Presto says:

    “Xue Sheng Kingdom, Ao Yun Kingdom, and now Hou Jin Kingdom. Just how many Kingdoms intended to get involved in this matter” I dont understand why the xue and hou went that far against him, but they are fine with the crown prince from Ao Yun? that guys is just as dangerous if not more

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