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DOP Chapter 138 – The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (4)

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Chapter 138 – The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (4)
Translated by: Rysbow, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Krithika
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

After jumping right into such a raging fire, how could anyone make it out? The whole place had been covered by a sea of flames, no one could possibly escape them.

With Xuan Yuan Che, Liu Yue, Qiu Hen, Yan Hu all lost in the flames…. With all of Xuan Yuan Che’s allies dead, there wouldn’t be any other powers left to conflict with them.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

But what kind of relationships did they have? How much respect and admiration do they have for Xuan Yuan Che that these steel-hearted people would follow him into the fire without hesitation? How could so many subordinates still charge right into the flames, even knowing clearly that it was impossible to survive?

These people were all crazy, crazy!

Xuan Yuan Cheng walked nearer, staring at the fire ahead. A weird look twisted his face. He didn’t even know what he was feeling anymore.

Overhead, flames covered the sky, as bolts of thunder clapped one after another.

Beneath, countless people moved about, crying miserably.

It was a grim looking situation.

“Heavens…!” In this extremely grim situation, Mu Rong Yi who was the closest to the fire, suddenly shouted with astonishment, shocking everyone else’s hearts.

A dark figure stepped out from within the waves of bright flame that had the power to burn anything down to the ground.

An extremely dense aura of killing intent cocooned her body, so dense that it almost looked tangible.

A boundless cold emanated from her, colder than a Siberian blizzard.

She charged out of the fire, her dark hair fluttering in the wind. The raging flames danced around and the storm resounded behind her.

The fire blazed around her, like a violent avenger seeking to destroy the whole world.

Behind her, a few dark shadows followed her, treading through the intense flames.

A Goddess of Fire.

Everyone present who saw that scene were shocked speechless. They could only watch dumbstruck like fools.

“Boom!” Suddenly, with a booming thunderclap, heavy rain poured down from the sky.

The bright fire met the dark rain in the air, each burning and extinguishing the other.

Liu Yue burst out of the fire with a single leap Not caring about the fire burning on her clothes and body, she laid Xuan Yuan Che, whom she had carried on her back, down and rolled on the ground together with him.

The fire that had licked against the two people’s bodies, was immediately extinguished under the pressure of the earth and the heavy rain.

“Imperial Physician!” Liu Yue, whose features were now unrecognisable, pulled Xuan Yuan Che, who had fallen unconscious long ago, into her embrace, as she screamed frantically.

Her frantic scream reverberated through the heavy rain, shocking everyone present.

“Imperial Physician, quick, quick…”

“Medicine, take it from the secret treasury, go…”

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  1. momosakura says:

    Thank you Duke Pandes and Eric Mallinger for sponsoring this chapter.
    Thank you Rysbow and Shiroyukineko for the translation.
    Thank you Krithika for editing.

    I was thinking why did she send them to the treasury when she tampered with the medicine inside? But then again, she only messed around with the poisons and their antidotes.

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