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DOP Chapter 134 – Trembling Heart (10)

This chapter is sponsored by: Ryan Edwards and William Tan

Chapter 134 – Trembling Heart (10)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Krithika
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“Boom!” Another part of Liu Li Palace collapsed. The front part of the Pavilion had already collapsed to the ground and the back part was teetering on the verge of collapse. Only a few pillars were left supporting the building and all the rest had crumbled.

“Xuan Yuan Che!” Screaming out miserably like a wounded wolf with her heart torn apart, Liu Yue’s cries reverberated through the cloudy sky, echoing around the palace courtyard.

Bending her body downwards, Liu Yue pounced forward, not even thinking of her own safety as she dashed into the collapsing Liu Li Palace.

“You are crazy!” Mu Rong Yi, who had snapped out of his shock charged forward and pulled Liu Yue’s hands, grasping them in a tight deadlock.

In front of them was the fiercely burning Liu Li Palace that looked like it was on the verge of collapsing. Even if there were someone inside, they would have been charred to death.

Even if Xuan Yuan Che was gone and they, the Mu Rong Family, had lost an important person on their side, as long as Liu Yue, his powerful and capable daughter, was still alive, the Mu Rong Family would never collapse.

There was no one as outstanding as Liu Yue in the whole of Tian Chen Kingdom.

Turning her head, a pair of red-stained eyes glared at Mu Rong Yi, who was holding her in a death grip.

Mu Rong Yi suddenly felt a chill. A pool of fear rose up from within him, and the hairs on his back stood on end. Heavens, what a glare! It was not a glare that reeked of blood and killing intent, but rather, it was a glare that was filled with hurt and loneliness. Grieved, crazed and reckless.

She looked like she would tear to shreds anyone who blocked her path and destroy utterly anything and everything that tried to stop her.

Facing such a glare, Mu Rong Yi couldn’t help but let go of her hands. He didn’t dare restrain her. He didn’t dare.

dop1351With a jump, her small figure was immediately surrounded by flame. Her red-soaked dress entered into that red flame.

They were one body, both of them had the power to destroy everything.

“Xuan Yuan Che.” Liu Yue, who had leapt into the sea of flames without caring about anything else, frantically moved swiftly through the fire as she yelled continuously. Those red-stained eyes almost cried tears of blood.

Flames danced at her side, burning fiercely.

But it was as if Liu Yue couldn’t feel the heat at all, couldn’t see the danger of the whole situation as she ran recklessly right into the centre of the flames. Recklessly!

“Peng!” Another pillar collapsed. The entire back of Liu Li Palace was in a mess with only a few pillars remaining to support the whole building.

Liu Yue moved away the fallen pillars that had filled the space – frantically, recklessly.

Her pale, small fingers had been scorched red by fire and her hair had been burnt until it curled. The clothes on her body had almost been charred to embers and her skin had been seared so much that it had started giving off a burning smell. The smell of burning flesh spread out all around, filling the sea of flame and the whole of Liu Li Palace.

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