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DOP Chapter 110 – Turbulent Times (10)

Chapter 110 – Turbulent Times (10)
Translated by: Rysbow
Edited by: Surjit
TLC by: GT

“You guys… You guys…” Empress Liu’s face got even darker and darker. Looking at the unmoving servants and guards around her, she understood that Mu Rong Wu Di had claimed control of the palace.

Damn. Her father had taken Xuan Yuan Cheng out of the palace to take control of the troops. Right now, the people by her side were no match for Mu Rong Wu Di and his men.

“I don’t need any evidence; he just deserves to die.” Mu Rong Wu Di looked calmly and patiently at the Empress, whose face had turned as pale as snow.

Hearing that, Empress Liu could only lift her finger and pointed at Mu Rong Wu Di, her body trembling all over. She didn’t know what else to say.

Imperial Consort Chen, who had remained silent ever since Mu Rong Wu Di came in, stood up slowly and asked, “What of the Left Minister?”

Even though she was asking the General, she directed fixed her menacing glare on Empress Liu.

“Naturally, according to the law, since the Left Minister and Xuan Yuan Cheng had colluded with Xue Sheng Kingdom and plotted to kill King Yi, such a crime is punishable by death.” Mu Rong Wi Di replied in a sombre tone.

A cold smile slipped from the corner of the Imperial Consort’s lips. She looked at Empress Liu, who had a blank expression on her face, ruthlessly. Imperial Consort Chen gritted through her teeth, “You took my son away from me and I shall return the favor. Your son shall not live past today, you bitch; don’t think that the Liu Clan is the only powerful clan in Tian Chen Kingdom.”

With this, Imperial Consort Chen flung her robe and left the palace.

The cold wind blew.

“No, no……” Empress Liu screamed and sprinted insanely towards the door. But she was stopped by Mu Rong Wu Di and his men before she could make it.

A crazy scream resounded throughout the palace, echoing back and forth in what seemed to be a peaceful night.

Deep in the night, Tian Chen Palace was still brightly lit.

“What is so important that Right Minister had to see me this late into the night?” Xuan Yuan Yi sat on his throne. Massaging his tired eyes, he looked at the Right Minister.

dop1101Right Minister did not have the refined, scholarly face of a court official; instead he held the sharp features of a fighter.

Right Minister bowed and knelt on the floor. He raised the report in his hand, and said, “Your humble Subject has just received confidential information that the Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng, with the help of the Emperor of Xue Sheng Kingdom, conspired the murder against Tian Chen’s third prince King Yi Xuan Yuan Che. Your Majesty, please bestow a fair judgement.”

Shocked, Xuan Yuan Yi sat up straight. The eunuch next to him took the report from Right Minister and passed it to the Emperor.

Xuan Yuan Yi flipped through the report in his hand. With a slightly pale face, he stuttered, “Right Minister, this evidence is not…”

“Your majesty, the Crown Prince had conspired and had colluded together with Xue Sheng kingdom. The evidence is absolute.” Right Minister cut off Xuan Yuan Yi’s words in an extremely cold tone; he then bowed and stood up.

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  1. selkor says:

    Haha I didn’t see this coming. I was thinking they both would return. But nope they just got owned anyway. Or they are Just working behind the scenes. Also thanks for the chapter ^^

  2. Light foot says:

    I think the evidence is from the visiting crown prince guy so that he can cause further chaos to his enemies camp

  3. zk says:

    Thank you, Rysbow, Surjit, GT and shiroyukineko! What a lot of drama is unfolding! I kind of wish we had had more of an opportunity to get to know the crown prince’s mind better. I’m not sure what I should be thinking about the recent developments.

  4. hipployta says:

    Oh…did not see that coming but it does make sense that they are hidden and implementing this strategy

  5. momosakura says:

    Thank you Rysbow for the translation!
    Thank you Surjit for editing!
    Thank you GT for posting!

    It’s always the adults who bring bring their kids into their fights. King Yi doesn’t covet the throne and the crown prince doesn’t look like he has ill intentions towards his brother(s) either. For me, I see that the two of them belong in their places and that both are content with their position.

    I really want to know what the crown prince thinks of King Yi. I don’t know if he’s actually good or evil.

  6. midoriha says:

    Ah—stuff hits the fan—! I think the crown prince is an okay guy, though…he should not be harmed for his family’s deeds!

  7. Miriallia says:

    I’m actually fairly certain that the emporer is trying to say: This evidence is not enough, but essentially The minister of the right is forcing him to make a choice: Depose the crown prince and the empress, or lose his throne in a full on rebellion.

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