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DOP Chapter 100 – Crisis, One After Another (8)

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Chapter 100 – Crisis, One After Another (8)
Translated by: GT
Edited by: Surjit
TLC by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: cliffy alert

“Above us…… ”

Xuan Yuan Che didn’t require Liu Yue’s warning. Whistling, he tapped the ground once using his feet and rushed upwards like a huge bird and started to leap towards the enormous tree above his head.

His feet had only escaped by hair’s breadth before the four bamboo screens slammed and smashed together to form a cage. In the same moment, the sharp bamboo staves savagely intersected across the whole cage. Had they been a second later, a bloody pulp would be all that remained of Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che.

Xuan Yuan Che flew high to a treetop. However, before he even managed to leap forward, the enormous tree rustled and trembled.

Silently, directly above the two person, a huge net of sharp spikes emerged out of nowhere  and enveloped them completely. Those spikes glittered with a cold gleam under the bright sunlight, emitting a silver light full of gloom and doom. With the sound of strong wind swooshing down, the cold gleam of spike came down fiercely.

Seeing this, an icy glint appeared in the eyes of Liu Yue who was carried by Xuan Yuan Che on his back as she grabbed the approaching sharp spiky net with her hands.

The huge sharp spiky net that swooped down towards them glinted silver in the sun. If she was not mistaken, this net should be made of silver silk. Normal tools would not be able to cut this net open, but this would not be effective against her.

Her hand that was wearing the silver gloves met the approaching net with a bang. Liu Yue’s five fingers tightened and as she tugged on the huge net abounded with sharp spikes. It hung in midair for a while before falling to the ground. The sharp, incisive huge net was immediately captured in Liu Yue’s hands.

Her five fingers that was wearing the silver gloves rapidly flashed across the net and the knives and sword on the net were swiftly snapped and tossed down. In the blink of an eye, the huge, sharp and spiky net was was reduced to  a pile of silver silk – the size of a fist.

Liu Yue stuffed it into her clothes, thinking that this was definitely a good item.

And below her, Xuan Yuan Che’s footsteps didn’t falter even a little bit. Only a bloodthirsty grin was seen across his face.

dop992They glided to the ground; but the normal looking ground suddenly sank down. Xuan Yuan Che uttered a low “Not good”; the ground was completely unable to endure his weight, so he had no place to balance his weight.

This place was really just one trap after trap, layer after layer.

“It’s empty.” Feeling themselves unexpectedly falling, Liu Yue immediately understood their situation and flicked her wrist. Her sky silk quickly shot out and clutched at the big tree nearby.

Liu Yue leaped and immediately shared her momentum with Xuan Yuan Che who could not exert his own strength at that time. Together, they flew diagonally towards the side.

And at the moment the two left the ground, the loosened soil collapsed entirely, revealing the tall thorns and sharp spikes underneath.

The spikes underneath glittered like ice; there were the same black-coloured poison applied on the spikes like the one that was applied on the swords of the assassins in the green uniforms. Everything was smeared with highly poisonous toxin. If they had really fallen inside, don’t even mention being skewered, even a small scratch would send them to their deaths. Not even Xuan Yuan Che and Liu Yue could counter against that. These traps were really set up to counter them.

They did not even manage to take a breath as the big tree that was grasped by the sky silk suddenly made a burst of snapping sounds.

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  1. Wytchlord says:

    One has to admit that those traps were put up in a really good way. Without Liu Yue he would be dead o.o
    Congratulations for 100 chapters thanks a lot!

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    Yay for 100 chapters since the beginning of DOP! 😀
    Thank you as always for the wonderful work every single one of you puts in!

  3. andrezssi says:

    can’t help but wonder at how much effort was put into making all of those traps.

    thanks for the chapters, and for sticking to the project for 100 chapters, us fans are really happy for that

  4. momosakura says:

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    omg. How much money was spent on these!! There’s lethal poison which takes money and materials to make. Silver silk, which is rare. And all that metal. Expensive!

  5. chocosheeps says:

    the picture so cringy, it made me a little distracted, but thank you I really enjoy your translation

  6. Jyazen says:

    The mastermind and perpetrator of this assassination is obviously Admiral Ackbar.

    Thanks for the translations, Shiro, GT, Surjit et al. We’ve reached a nice, round 100 🙂

  7. Lin says:

    Honestly, the site I was on that you were updating chapters on didn’t update for a while. I thought you were dead, but then I found the other recent chapters…… 😉

  8. Cheers says:

    Happy 100th chapter(s) translated!! We wish you a mouthful of pudding commentoration~! (Cupcakes have sold out?) ??????????????????????????????????????x2 yip yip!

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    Lol I’m getting the feeling that LY is getting too OP, even overshadowing her hubby! I don’t mind, but her hubby needs to step up his game :))

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