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Well firstly, since you clicked this page, I’d like to thank you for your interest in donating!

Our team will release both regular chapters and sponsored chapters. Regular chapters are chapters that we will release every week, while Sponsored chapters are chapters that we will release when Donation Pools are met.

Donation Pools

DOP  1 extra chapter with every USD$15 in the donation pool
LLS 1 extra chapter with every USD$60 in the donation pool
UUTS 1 extra chapter with every USD$45 in the donation pool
SDG 1 extra chapter with every USD$35 in the donation pool
GMC 1 extra chapter with every USD$25 in the donation pool
DBWG 1 extra chapter with every USD$30 in the donation pool

How to Donate

  1. Choose the novel you want to donate to – DOP, LLS, SDG, GMC, DBWG or UUTS (or cupcake)
  2. Click the paypal donate button.
  3. Enter the amount you want to donate
  4. Enter your paypal email and your password. Alternatively, you can choose to pay with credit/debit card.
  5. Add special instructions if you have any request or message for me. (e.g. listing a specific name shown under ‘sponsored by’ – default would be your paypal name, follow-up on which chapter you will be sponsoring)
  6. Click ‘Pay Now’ and you are done!
  7. Check http://shiroyukitranslations.com/donation-list/ to see which chapter you will be sponsoring!

Sponsored Chapters will be released in first come first serve basis. I will probably release 5-6 sponsored chapters per week, depending on my availability. If you want to know which chapter that you are sponsoring, please tell me on the special instructions box or email me at shiroyukitrans(a)hotmail.com, along with your paypal details. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible, probably within 3 days.

Thank You!

Donation is optional, but…we’ll be really grateful for your donations! *puppy eyes*

Donation Progress Bar on the sidebar will be updated manually as soon as I can. Thank you for your support! 😀


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  1. habib says:


    I would like to know if LLS has a Harem theme style to Yue Yang ?

    I would to support BTTH style of Novels. Many cute girl wanting one boy/man attention style.

    So is LLS that style later on chapters ?

        • Stunned_Stunner says:

          Take this into consideration; He got kicked to death from another world while being inappropriate and lusting after a monk’s treasures and granddaughter. He lusted after a spirit because she was pretty, decided having a snake lower body is not a problem, and his attitude to assassination targets….It would be a sin for it not to end as a harem theme

  2. MugenFreecs says:

    Other translators need to start doing this. Honestly i’ve wanted to donate a small amount, but there was never anything for it so idk, I never have lol. I haven’t read any of your lk yet, but going to start the VW one. Thanks in advance for your translations!

  3. lukra says:

    dropped 5 for LLS kinda wish you focus more on this novel but thats just my selfish thinking i guess still thanks for the translation though

  4. Jumoonji says:

    So the more the donation is, the more chapter that will be released?

    I’m looking forward to the DOP. I really wish that the other scanlator have this kind of system, particularly for BTTH, Battle Continent and Xian Ni hahahaha

    Planning to drop donations by the time I get my paycheck.

    • jawke says:

      He has a release schedule and donating more doesn’t speed up the (updates)schedule. From what I understand he is the only person translating LLS and UUTS and has someone helping him with DOP. He has a limited time to translate ,so checking the schedule would be best he updates it almost daily.

      • shiroyukineko says:

        uhh basically i’m the main translator for UUTS, DOP has a translator, LLS has two translators, and I am also a backup if the other translators were too busy to translate. >.<

  5. joshrawrrs1 says:

    Hey shiroyukineko

    Starting tomorrow till the end of September, I will be donating $5 for LLS every week, that means $40 for LLS in 8 weeks, I’m a student for college and that’s the amount I can afford, always thanks for releasing LLS.

  6. Booitzu says:

    I was just wondering why the amount to get an extra chapter of LLS is so much greater than the other novels. I appreciate every chapter though, I’m just curious

  7. darkone33 says:

    i just donated $21.00 for long live summons. is there a way i could get a deal if i wanted to pay for 2 chapters all week long?

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