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DBWG Chapter 97 – Constitution Battle Technique

Chapter 97 – Constitution Battle Technique
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After a full day and night, he finally succeeded at refining the steel-like core.

As the fruit core lay within light red real Qi, the cracks slowly increased until it split open. Just like medicine, a dense force followed a specific track and began to travel through Long Chen’s veins.

“Remember the pathways through which that force travels!”

Lingxi’s reminder made Long Chen recall that he had learned two skills, Blood Transmuted Qi and Dragon Soul Transformation, by remembering the pathway real Qi had passed through. Now, following what he had done in the past, he memorised the course of this new force that passed through his body.

This force completely disappeared not long after, and Long Chen could feel that his body became extremely relaxed. This probably had to do with the medicinal effects that the Origin Reverting Fruit also possessed.

However, that new battle technique…

Lingxi looked please as she sized up Long Chen, and spoke with pride, “How are you going to thank me? This battle technique is otherwise known as the Constitution battle technique. It’s extremely rare and I highly doubt you don’t even have it in this place!”

“Constitution battle technique?”

Long Chen had not heard this name before.

Seeing Long Chen in a daze, Lingxi started giggling.

“The Constitution battle technique, otherwise known as the healing technique, is extremely rare out of all the battle techniques available. Out of a thousand battle techniques, there might be only one healing technique. Do you see how valuable it is?”

Upon hearing this, Long Chen became excited, “Xiao Xi, is it possible for this healing technique to replace spirit medicines such that I can heal myself? Even in battle?”

“That’s not quite true. When you use this type of battle technique, it’s best for you not to move your body. It’s a very effective treatment that’s free of charge, and you can use it anywhere and at any time. Even if it’s not a Constitution battle technique that’s of a high grade, it’s still something that people would fight each other for!”

“I see…”

After obtaining this Constitution battle technique, his own life would pretty much be guaranteed. From the depths of his heart, Long Chen thanked Lingxi.

“Xiao Xi, you’re very capable! Haha, quick, tell this old man here the name of this battle technique and what grade it is!”

“The battle technique hidden within the Origin Reverting core is naturally called “Origin Reversion”. It’s probably a Profound middle-grade technique. In other words, even when you’re in the Deity Dan Realm, you’re still able to use this Constitution battle technique to heal yourself.” Lingxi rolled her eyes and answered grudgingly.

“I exchanged 20 contribution points for this Profound middle-grade technique. This is totally worth it. Xiao Xi, you really are my darling…”

“Cut your bullshit and get stronger soon. You’d better give me the spirit healing medicine you promised me as soon as possible!”

Lingxi cared little for his attempts at bootlicking, though she was quite happy within that she was of help to Long Chen.

“Try out this battle technique then. You’ve acquired quite a few injuries in the past, and it’s better to heal all of those in case there’s some unknown sickness lying dormant in your body.”


In the room above his dwellings, Long Chen sat cross-legged with his eyes tightly shut, activating his Constitution battle technique- Origin Reversion.

Faint white rays of light spread throughout his body, ripples circulating throughout his body. Again and again, the force scanned through Long Chen’s body and restored his injuries…

“This Origin Reversion technique is actually quite effective!”

Long Chen was filled with excitement. While he hadn’t known it before, testing it out now caused the force in Long Chen’s body to appear once again, following a specific path and circulating within his body. Under the nourishment given by the force, a few small wounds were quickly healed.

“With Origin Reversion, as long as I’m not beaten to death, I still have a chance at turning the tables on my opponent!”

At this thought and then recalling the upcoming Sky Martial Realm Competition, Long Chen was filled with confidence!

“Do you think I’m so stupid that I’d go to the Platform of Life and Death with you at this time? The real contest has to be inside the mountains. Only that will be exciting enough!”

While refining his usage of Origin Reversion, time passed slowly and Long Chen gradually became increasingly familiar with this technique. After half a day went by, the sounds of somebody knocking the door was heard, and Long Chen opened it to the sight of Gan Lin.

While following Gan Lin to the Martial Arts Hall, Gan Lin stared at him with a strange look in his eyes, eventually breaking out into a sigh, “Have you really reached the Deity Dan Realm? In such a short period of time, you continuously broke through two realms. I don’t understand how you were able to do that.”

Long Chen could only shake his head helplessly and smile, “It’s pure luck. If this happens again, I might not be coming back here.”

Gan Lin could tell Long Chen was hinting at something. He naturally knew about Liu Lan wanting Long Chen to enter the Sky Martial Realm, and also how she had informed Feng Wutian about him killing Huang Feiyang.

“By the way, Long Chen, I heard you’d made a promise with Feng Wutian to fight to the death on the Platform of Life and Death, but you left him hanging?”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t agree to anything.”

Long Chen was startled.

Gan Lin could only smile wryly, “All the rumours out there are saying that you’d agreed, but didn’t have the guts to keep to your promise. Your reputation right now in the Green faction really isn’t all that good… Especially that Enforcer’s sister! She’s going around broadcasting that you’re a cowardly man.”

A deep crease appeared on Long Chen’s forehead, but he stayed silent.

“Aren’t you going to go out there and refute those rumours?”

“Refute them? What’s the point? I know my own strength the best, so why should I prove it to people who don’t matter?”

Long Chen was indifferent.

A glint of admiration appeared in Gan Lin’s gaze. He nodded, and then spoke, “My purpose for coming here today is to tell you about the Sky Martial Realm competition between the outstanding young talents at the Human Dan Realm, within the Green faction.”

“Is it seven days later? And the people participating are just the young talents at the Human Dan Realm in the Green faction?”

Gan Lin nodded, giving a wry grin, “This involves the cultivators who have potentials that are rated to be at least three stars. As for me, though I am at the Perfect Mastery Stage of the Human Dan Realm, I’m much too old and do not have much potential. Hence, I don’t have a chance to participate…”

At this point, Gan Lin seemed a little bitter. After all, his fate was fixed at this point. Even if he wanted to go further, it was not possible.

“Within the Green faction, there are eight branches, or in this case, a competition between the eight branches. All of the disciples from the Green Sun Branch will be a team and be led by Feng Wutian. Under the five enforcers, there will be a total of ten people, with three people from the Green Willow Residence. One is you, the other being Feng Wutian and then Liu Ling.”

“He’s the leader? Doesn’t that mean I have to listen to his orders?”

At the very thought of Feng Wutian, Long Chen began to feel uncomfortable. After all, his opponent was very strong and they considered each other enemies. On top of that, if he had to listen to his orders, it would be simply terrible.

Seeing Long Chen’s ice-cold glare, Gan Lin gave a wry smile, “For the others, I’d say they definitely have to listen to Feng Wutian. For you, however… Actually, the reason for my visit today is to give you a suggestion. When the time comes, don’t mind the orders. After you enter the Sky Martial Realm, find a way to leave and hide. Feng Wutian would be too busy trying to contest over the Zenith Crystal Sword and won’t have the time to cause you trouble.”

What Long Chen wanted to know was whether he could work solo. Based on what Gan Lin had said, it was possible.

Since it was possible to work alone, everything worked more smoothly. However, the real question was, would Feng Wutian allow him to do that?

Gan Lin’s suggestion wasn’t entirely unreasonable. Long Chen was definitely no match for Feng Wutian, and it was not worthwhile to clash with him in the Sky Martial Realm. If there actually was a possibility of them fighting, it would have to wait until he caught up to Feng Wutian and then settle this matter, once and for all.

“Senior Brother Gan, is the Zenith Crystal Sword the reward for the competition?”

Gan Lin nodded, eyes revealing a heated look, “This Zenith Crystal Sword is a Profound middle-grade spirit sword. Within the Zenith Crystal Sword, there is also a sword battle technique, known as the “Way of the Zenith Crystal”. Even amongst Profound middle-grade treasures, the Zenith Crystal Sword and the “Way of the Zenith Crystal” are exceptional and quite valuable. Even I want it too.”

Long Chen silently sighed in admiration at the generosity of the Lingwu Family. Not only did they give out a spirit sword, they even gave out one that contained a battle technique.

“How do I obtain this Zenith Crystal Sword?”

Gan Lin answered weakly, “Before the competition, the grand elders from the Green faction will keep the Zenith Crystal Sword in a cosmos pouch, and then hide it within the Sky Martial Realm. It will be in the stomach of a heart corroding demonic beast in the Human Dan Realm, of the fourth level of the Profound grade. Your task is to find the Scarlet Flaming Suan Ni, kill it, and then steal the Zenith Crystal Sword from its stomach. The person who obtains it first will be the victor of this competition.”

So that was how it went. Long Chen nodded.

A demonic beast of the fourth level of the Profound grade was almost as strong as a cultivator who had just stepped into the Earth Dan Realm. However, with outstanding Human Dan disciples from eight branches surrounding and attacking it, this did not seem to be too impossible.

Long Chen counted in his head. He had skipped a grade and killed off Huang Feiyang, and the evaluation of his potential had been rated to be just three stars. In other words, just within the Green faction, there were about a hundred people who had the same level of talent as him?

The stress was immense…

“Long Chen, you’d better not go out these few days. Stay in your residence and cultivate well. When the time comes for the Sky Martial Competition, try to minimise contact with others. After blowing off that battle to the death, you would be ridiculed by anyone who sees you. With your personality, just an impulsive move from you would not mean well for you. If you trust your Senior Brother Gan, listen to me, alright?”

Long Chen actually quite liked this Gan Lin. He was easy-going, not too arrogant, and able to answer clearly whenever Long Chen had any queries. Even now, he was still very worried for Long Chen.

Long Chen was much too lazy to leave his residence anyway, and nodded. “Alright then, I won’t go out.”

However, at the mention of the battle to the death, Long Chen felt a little wronged. He hadn’t even bothered to answer that day, and yet, he was now said to be too cowardly to take up the challenge.

“It’s definitely the work of that crafty brat. Though she’s young, she has quite a few tricks up her sleeves. For the Sky Martial Realm Competition, I’ll have to be especially careful of her, especially since she has powerful people backing her!”

Liu Lan and that expert from the Green Sun Branch, Elder Liu Yuan, were much too strong for Long Chen to handle.

After giving more instructions, Gan Lin left. Not long after Long Chen returned, Gan Lin brought another person over, and after a look, Long Chen realised it was Ao Xue from the Daybreak Merchants Union.

“If the Daybreak Merchants Union is looking for me, could it have to be news about a Spirit Recovery Fruit?”

For Long Chen, it was better to obtain more of these fruits.

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