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DBWG Chapter 92

Chapter 92 – The Crimson Blood Revelation
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Just as Long Chen collected Huang Feiyang’s and the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect’s two Great Proctors corpses and did a simple cleanup of the site, Wen Ya arrived with a bleak expression.

Seeing the place was a mess and only Long Chen was present, Wen Ya immediately felt that something was amiss. He locked gazes with Long Chen, and asked in a cold voice, “Where is Huang Feiyang?”

Long Chen put on an act of pure innocence and said, “Those two old farts couldn’t defeat Huang Feiyang so they left in a hurry. Huang Feiyang just left chasing after them, you seem to be a bit late.”

Wen Ya creased his eyebrows and remained gloomy as he looked at Long Chen.

“Wasn’t he planning to use others to kill Long Chen? Did it fail? Based on Huang Feiyang’s temperament, since his target is Long Chen, he wouldn’t simply chase after them unless something unexpected happened?”

Wen Ya looked around suspiciously and said in a cold voice, “Why is there such a mess here? There is even the smell of flame. I just heard a huge commotion over here but only you are left. What really happened?”

Even if Wen Ya spent the whole day guessing, he would have never thought that Long Chen had killed them all and even stored them inside his Cosmos Pouch.

At this moment, Wen Ya noticed Li Yan. His gaze turned icy cold as he advanced upon him one step at a time and said in a frigid tone, “Tell me, what really happened here? If you value your life, you better tell the truth!”

Long Chen also looked at Li Yan, with a faint smile. Even though his eyes didn’t carry a hint of a threat, Li Yan knew that if he was angered he will become a true god of massacre.

Looking at Wen Ya’s icy expression and then over to the nonchalant Long Chen. Li Yan already decided what to do. He immediately put on the appearance of being extremely frightened and said, “Re… Reporting to this Lord. Previously that other Lord was too powerful and our two Proctors couldn’t handle him so they could only run away. That’s when the other Lord pursued them!”

What Li Yan said was the same as Long Chen, this made Wen Ya’s furrow his brows even deeper.

In the end, he believed their stories but the result made him a bit suspicious.

“I don’t know what that Huang Feiyang is up to, the plan was to kill Long Chen but then he chased after them alone. I really can’t figure it out…”

“Senior Brother Wen, shouldn’t we chase after them?”

Long Chen suddenly asked.

Wen Ya looked over Long Chen closely, but no matter how he looked, he couldn’t see a hint of deceit.

“Huang Feiyang’s goal was Long Chen, I’ll just have to guard him for now. Since he has that powerful martial technique [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death], he should be fine.”

With that in mind, Wen Ya shook his head and said, “No need to give chase. You can help me rescue those women, regarding the other people, just kill them…”

When Li Yan heard that they were to kill him, he immediately looked over to Long Chen who was the one who saved him from Huang Feiyang. Indeed, Long Chen said fearlessly, “Senior Brother Wen, they are members of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. I have an enmity with them. If we leave one alive we could interrogate him about information regarding the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. I hope Senior Brother Wen will give me this chance!”

“Crimson Blood Sacred Sect?”

Wen Ya never heard of it before, but since Long Chen put it like that, he wouldn’t bother to make things difficult just because of an insignificant small fry.

The principal aggressor against Long Chen was Huang Feiyang, and since Huang Feiyang wasn’t present, Wen Ya couldn’t act on Feiyang’s behalf. He could only guard Long Chen and do nothing more.

“Keep up.”

Speaking tonelessly, Wen Ya headed back towards the inside of the cave. He only had time to take care of those subordinates and didn’t rescue those women. Since Huang Feiyang hasn’t returned he will have to rescue those women and complete the assignment.

Seeing that Long Chen was following Wen Ya, Li Yan hurried to stand up, looked at Long Chen with dismay and followed obediently behind Long Chen.

“I’ll ask you some questions and you must answer honestly.”

Li Yan answered immediately, “Yes, understood!”

With his obedience Long Chen felt a relief. Originally Liu Lan had already given him some information on the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, but after this assignment, Long Chen no longer trusted Liu Lan.

One could immediately tell that this Li Yan was a pushover, so Long Chen probed him with a question, “I want to locate a Proctor of your Crimson Blood Sacred Sect named Xue Yuanzi. Do you know his whereabouts?”

This question of Long Chen was extremely cleverly formulated. Even if the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect knew that Xue Yuanzi was killed by the Yang Family of the Poplar Town they still couldn’t link it to Long Chen. If they didn’t know, nothing would be revealed either.

Indeed, Li Yan answered quickly, “Proctor Xue Yuanzi has been missing for over a month, we have no idea where he is now, and may I know why the Lord asks?”

Long Chen sneered and said, “Of course, it is to kill him”

He followed up with, “I’ll ask you another question, why did the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect catch this many young women, what’s the motive?”

He felt that since this operation was of such a large scale, something must be up.

Since he could sense traces of blood inside their Qi, Long Chen felt that something weird was going on.

Being asked this question, Li Yan furrowed his brows. He looked at Long Chen with an awkward expression and stalled without answering the question.

“You keen on dying?”

Long Chen’s voice was like magic as it entered Li Yan’s ears. Li Yan started to quiver and answered immediately, “I’ll tell, I’ll tell, but you must promise to forgive me!”

Long Chen nodded and said, “Relax, I won’t break my promise to rubbish like you.”

With Long Chen’s promised at hand, Li Yan proceeded and said, “Our Sect Master has an unusual method of cultivation. He likes to use numerous women’s Primordial Yin blood to form a blood basin…”

“Our disciples of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect will cultivate inside this basin and would gain blood essence Qi. The nature of this blood essence Qi is twice as good as ordinary Qi. This is a very strong method! Since our last blood basin was used up, Sect Master decided to hold a blood offering ceremony to refill the blood basin. That’s why we are capturing these women…”

After hearing this Long Chen was silent for a long time.


Primordial Yin Blood is simply the blood of virgin women. If one want to construct a blood basin large enough for the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect to cultivate within, the number of women they need to kill must exceed a thousand…

Long Chen pursed his lips as he thought of those poor people from the Emerald Jade House.

Before, he used to have some friends there. They were people forced there due to poverty. They learned some literature and art and barely managed to get by. He didn’t think that they would die so miserably.

Besides it wasn’t just them who experienced this wretched death.

After listening to this Long Chen’s breathing became ragged.

Seeing Long Chen’s condition Li Yan was scared out of his mind and asked, “Lord, have you finished your interrogations? May I leave now?

Long Chen finally responded, as he lifted his head Li Yan found to his dismay that Long Chen’s eyes were now laced with crimson blood vessels.

“You’ve also taken a bath in the blood basin right?”

Long Chen’s cold gaze made Li Yan’s complexion turn pale. As he was about to declare his innocence Long Chen has already struck with a fist him upon his forehead. That hit burst his head open and sent him face-up through the air. After he struck the ground, he no longer moved!

“He deserved death! Long Chen, good job killing him. These kind of evildoers are simply heartless and deranged. The heavens will smite them! They will receive punishment by both heaven and earth. They will never enter into the cycle of rebirth again!”

Hearing about the blood offering ceremony, Ling Xi, being a young woman, was even more enraged than Long Chen!

Long Chen had never seen the kind hearted and cute Ling Xi being this ruthless before!

“I never imagined that in this world there existed a place so dark that you sacrificed other people just to gain strength. This so-called Sect Leader of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect and all his followers, must die!”

By the end, Ling Xi started to sob uncontrollably. For someone like her who grew up in bliss and happiness, she could never imagine that there would be such evil people, doing these kinds of heartless things!

Even though he broke his promised and killed Li Yan, he didn’t feel even an ounce of regret. Seeing Ling Xi this upset also made him feel quite sad.

“I know. As long as I gain power, I would never allow people and factions like these to exist…”

With Long Chen’s guarantee, Ling Xi felt better as she said encouragingly, “I’ll be rooting for you, it’s better to stop them before that blood offering ceremony. If you let that many young women die, I’ll never forgive you!”

“I, this father, knows what to do, and besides if they realise that I’ve killed two of their Proctors, even if I don’t find them, they will come looking for me! Little Xi, the enmity that exists between the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect and me is irreconcilable!”

“That’s good.”

Before, when Long Chen asked Li Yan some questions, Wen Ya walked out and only faintly heard Long Chen asking questions, afterwards, he stopped paying attention. He never imagined that within a couple of breaths time Li Yan would be beaten into a pulp and sent flying upside down!

Turning around to see the miserable state of Li Yan, Wen Ya’s forehead formed a deep crease.

“As soon as he finished his interrogation and the man lost his value, this Long Chen decided to kill him off? This kind of cruelty, if Huang Feiyang doesn’t kill him, with Long Chen’s talent Huang Feiyang will be in deep trouble. But at this crucial moment, where did he go?”

Inside the deep cavern, Wen Ya rescued a dozen pale and crying maidens. Since the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect only needed their Primordial Yin Blood, they didn’t suffer any indignities.

The urgent look Li Yan originally gave Long Chen must stem from these girls, which Li Yan could see but not touch which made his desires uncontrollable.

Rescuing these many women, the mission for Yan Luo Town could be considered completed. The strange thing was that Huang Feiyang still hasn’t returned. Wen Ya waited until the sky turned dark. They couldn’t stay in this East Yan Mountains any longer. That’s when Wen Ya decided to head down the mountains.

“When he returns he probably will head directly towards Yan Luo Town, I really can’t figure out what happened that was that unexpected…”

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