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DBWG Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – Battling against Huang Feiyang!
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The fight didn’t go on for very long, as Long Chen unexpectedly defeated Proctor Shi. This was way beyond Li Yan’s expectations!

Following that, Huang Feiyang had displayed an unbelievable strength to dispose of Proctor Qin. Li Yan was shocked into a daze!

Their side’s two most powerful leaders were disposed of in an instant by the Lingwu Family. Li Yan knew immediately that they were done for.

Adding Wen Ya, who was at the initial mastery stage of Human Dan Realm, those Dragon Pulse Realm practitioners could do nothing more than stall for time. Once that time was up, they would all be finished.

Hence, this time, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect would be destroyed to the last man!

Li Yan was startled out of his fear-induced stupor, as he remembered that this might be a good time to run away.

However, it was like Long Chen could guess his train of thought. Under Huang Feiyang’s immense pressure, he turned his head towards Li Yan and said with a sneer, “If you deviate by even half a step, I can promise you won’t live past today. Stay put, and I promise that nothing will happen to you.”

Even though Long Chen’s tone was pleasant, it contained a strength within that couldn’t be resisted. Li Yan wanted to leave but thinking about what Long Chen said, his feet felt like they were nailed to the ground and unable to budge.

“From their conversation, I can guess that these two will fight to the death. If I were to attempt to leave now, one of them might step out to kill me. I’ll stay right here, and when they have both sustained injuries, there might still be a chance for me!”

However, seeing how strong Huang Feiyang was, Li Yan felt unsure.

“Even though this youngster’s talent isn’t bad, he’s too young and a lot inferior to that other youth. Doesn’t staking my life on him seem a bit stupid?”

These two were just about to engage in combat. Even though Li Yan felt conflicted in his heart, he still decided to stay and observe.

At this instance, Huang Feiyang, who just killed Proctor Qin, carried a scent of blood as he charged towards Long Chen.

“Oh? Your true intent is revealed in the end. You want to personally deal with this matter?”

Long Chen carried an expression of nonchalance, as he seemed to smile but yet was not. He wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

“Just because you managed to defeat a Human Dan Realm practitioner by a stroke of luck, you want to act arrogant in front of me?”

Huang Feiyang’s cold gaze didn’t change at all. In his mind, Li Yan was just a nobody, and since there wasn’t anyone around, he smiled coldly and said, “Long Chen, during this assignment you were killed by the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect’s Proctor Shi, and I avenged you by killing both Proctor Qin and Proctor Shi. What do you think of this explanation?”

“It’s quite bad. If a retard was to have come up with an explanation, it would have been something like that.”


Gnashing his teeth in anger, Huang Feiyang’s aura kept increasing. His anger and aura reached their maximum at about eighteen meters from Long Chen.

“I must confess that in recent years, you have been the only one to be able to anger me to such a degree. Long Chen, dying by my hands should be considered an honor!”

Huang Feiyang would let other people know that he had eliminated Long Chen. That was why he needed to kill Long Chen as soon as possible!

Previously, it had only taken these two a small amount of time to kill the Protectors of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. Without much time having passed, Huang Feiyang was not advancing towards Long Chen!

“Profound grade Martial Technique, [Wheel Of Radiance]!”

Compare to Huang Xiang, even if it was only a [Wheel Of Radiance] Huang Feiyang’s version would have been more proficient and stronger!

Suddenly, the whole forest was filled with flying debris. Sand and leaves whistled in the air as they sped towards Long Chen. The giant flashing wheel under Huang Feiyang’s control was hurled towards Long Chen. The trees in the way were all ground into sawdust!

“Still this kind of attack, how boring…”

Long Chen sneered. Even though Huang Feiyang was a couple of times faster than Proctor Shi, compared to Long Chen, he was still far too slow.

He used [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step], and suddenly, a crimson silhouette that looked like a real dragon appeared. Moving in an erratic pattern, it instantly appeared under the [Wheel Of Radiance] and brushed past Huang Feiyang!

When Long Chen dodged Proctor Shi, Huang Feiyang was originally really surprised. Unexpectedly, he had even dodged his attack. This literally meant that Long Chen’s mastery of the Profound grade [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] was infinitely nearing perfection!

“How could this be? He received this Technique no more than five days ago!”

Huang Feiyang was starting to display a shocked expression; the haughty youth in front of him was causing him to feel fear.

The fact that Long Chen had only dodged put him more at ease, but he still couldn’t find peace in his heart.

“He can only dodge! It seems like he doesn’t have a way to deal with the move that killed Proctor Qin! He won’t be able to dodge that technique, so maybe it’s time for me to escape!”

Li Yan was extremely anxious, like a cat on a hot tin roof.

“If I escape now, will they take their time to kill me? That youth probably won’t let me leave in one piece, but that other kid probably would!”

As Li Yan was pondering this over, Long Chen was calculating the time. According to his calculations, Wen Ya should have been returning by now. Whole he was thinking, Huang Feiyang turned around with charged over with a malicious smile!

“Windy Cloud Skill, [Battle Sprite Finger Technique]!”

“[Seal of the High Profound Dragon]!”

This attack from Long Chen forced Huang Feiyang into a draw. Originally, Huang Feiyang though Long Chen had only possessed the ability to dodge, but this move earned Long Chen some respect!

“He used to be at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, so why is he now a Human Dan Realm practitioner? Only depending on a corpse from a Profound Grade Demon Beast wouldn’t be enough! Could it be that he hid his true abilities during the Lingwu Family’s member selection?!”

“It doesn’t matter, you’ll still have to die today!”

As he stared at Long Chen with an unwavering gaze, Huang Feiyang knew that time was running short. As he was controlling the [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death], he thought to himself, “Even though he is in the Human Dan Realm, since he hasn’t captured the soul of that Profound Grade Demonic Beast, he won’t be a threat to me!”

Both of them wanted to finish off their opponent as fast as possible, so the result was clear. As Huang Feiyang used his [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death], Long Chen revolved his [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] to circle around Huang Feiyang, while preparing an even more powerful attack!

Seeing Long Chen’s body emitting an illusionary flame while his two eyes turned into two balls of flame. Huang Feiyang’s current [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death] no longer held the previous imposing aura.

“Thinking of using the attack that defeated Little Xiang on me? Hmph! I was just about to settle this score on his behalf. Let’s see if your attack is stronger, or if my Huang Family’s [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death] is more tyrannical!

[Devil82 TLN: 阿翔 (Ah Xiang) in raw is a title of endearment, ergo I choose “little” instead]

This scene was almost identical to the one between Long Chen and Huang Xiang, but the opponent, this time, was simply much more powerful.

The cause of this commotion was likewise of a bigger scale than the previous one.

As Li Yan stupidly watched from the sidelines, he got the feeling that Long Chen wasn’t a bit inferior to Huang Feiyang. This made his mouth dry and unable to speak!

He could already guess the relationship between these two to a certain degree. It seemed that Huang Feiyang had planned to murder this genius, but Huang Feiyang had never expected that in this instant, Long Chen had already grown to such a degree that he was his equal!

As he used the [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] for the second time, Long Chen felt like this time, his Qi was combusting his Human Dan, and the inside of his Dantian was likewise burning with a crimson blaze. The Qi that exploded forth carried a scorching heat as it roared from within his body!

“This is a martial technique that was left behind by that mysterious man in the fire; even though it’s only an intermediate profound grade technique, it must be special!

Currently, Long Chen looked like an entity made of fire, and the temperature in the surroundings kept rising. On the other side, Huang Feiyang’s [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death] was filled with runes, as it was used once again!

Huang Feiyang was filled with killing intent, the corners of his mouth hinting a cold sneer. Suddenly, his silhouette shot towards Long Chen like an arrow!

“Long Chen, die! [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death]!”


Long Chen laughed indifferently. All the Qi in his body rises up to an extreme point. He squinted his eyes as all his power converged into a single point. He punched out with an yell!

“[Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist], [Scarlet Flame Burns the Sky]!”

A fist and wheel collided. The amount of Qi Long Chen currently had at his disposal was about 100 times more than compared to the last time. Originally, the amount of Qi Long Chen had was his weak point, but now, it was considered his strong point!

Ten times the amount of his past Qi was already on par with Huang Feiyang!

Long Chen’s strong point was his [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist], an intermediate level Profound grade martial technique. As it was being used right now, the amount of power exploding forth was more powerful than before by a factor of 100!

Inside the image of that scarlet red fist, a faintly discernible face suddenly appeared. In that instant, the face swallowed the [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death]. A tyrannical force audibly slammed into Huang Feiyang!

Seeing the [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death], which he believed to be an unmatchable technique, disabled just like that, Huang Feiyang’s eyes bulged out from shock, threatening to fall out at any moment!

[Devil82 TLN:Chinese lit one’s eyes bulge from chock. In western lit, one’s jaw hits the floor]

“Impossible, how could his attack be this powerful! Even if it was an intermediate level Profound grade martial technique, he wouldn’t be able to defeat me!”

Huang Feiyang couldn’t believe his own eyes. In this critical moment, he wanted to dodge, but it was a shame that the [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] was simply too terrifying. In that instant in which Huang Feiyang was stunned from shock, he had already been swallowed by the attack, and burned to crisp!

Huang Feiyang let out an earthshaking and blood curling scream and died. Even in death his eyes was wide open, with an expression like he couldn’t believe it!


This was his only thought, just before he died.

When both of them faced off, Long Chen was uninjured, yet Huang Feiyang lost his life.

Li Yan look upon this whole thing with a stupid expression. He thought that he was dreaming, and only after pinching himself did he realize that everything was indeed real.

“Dear heavens, this kid is really heaven-defying…”

Li Yan immediately shut his mouth and didn’t dare to say anything else.

As Long Chen turned his head around, Li Yan felt his scalp go numb. However, Long Chen only stated simply, “It looks like you are quite tactful…”

Afterwards, he didn’t bother with Li Yan, and in an extremely short time span, put Huang Feiyang, Proctor Qin, and Proctor Shi’s bodies into his Cosmos Pouch. As he stashed away Huang Feiyang’s corpse, he took the time to spit on it.

“Want to kill me? You deserved how you ended up!”

At this moment, a sound broke the silence, and Long Chen knew that the ruckus earlier had alerted Wen Ya!

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