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DBWG Chapter 88

Chapter 88 – Conflict!
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The vulgar middle-aged man chuckled. He thought he was lucky, finally being able to let off some steam upon seeing a handsome youngster coming towards him,

[Devil82 TL Note::Chinese translation is not letting off steam but it’s as close I can get without involving traditional Chinese medicine.]

Long Chen could never imagine that this middle-aged man would have such a weird and disgusting preference. He didn’t fancy young women, but young men like Long Chen himself.

The look he revealed made Long Chen want to hurl.

“What the hell? What does this person want?” Long Chen still didn’t really understand.

At this time, the wretched middle-aged man chuckled and said, “Good little boy, come! Let this uncle take care of your needs!”

Long Chen almost retched when he heard this. He recalled that there were queer men who weren’t interested in women, but in men. The middle-aged man in front of him was obviously that kind of man.

Just as his voice trailed off, the weird middle-aged man was going to make his move. However, Long Chen’s body became an afterimage right before his eyes.

This fleeting afterimage instantly made the man from the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect squint.

“So young, but already knows martial arts. It must be a member of a local clan. It’s going to be fun playing with this one!”

He barely registered the thought before the speed of Long Chen’s shadow, increased a hundredfold. The middle-aged man only managed to blink before Long Chen disappeared.

In the next moment, a blow large enough to make him throw up his last meal struck him squarely in his stomach. The vulgar middle-aged man cried out and dropped down, curling up like a boiled shrimp.

“What is going on? How could that youth’s speed be so fast? Is that a movement related martial technique? Does this boy have a great background?”

Being a veteran of countless bloody fights, although the man felt great pain in his abdomen but he did not lose consciousness.

Thinking that Long Chen might be the pampered offspring of some powerful faction, he endured the pain and twirled his eyes. He immediately kneeled and begged for his life, with tears and snot running down his face, “Distinguished young master, this one named Li Yan has never done anything wrong in his life nor offended this young master. I hope this young master has mercy and spares this one’s life!”

[TL Devil’s Note: (眼神急转) twirling one’s eyes indicates that someone is hatching an idea]

“Really? Just now, weren’t you speaking about taking care of me, your father?”

Long Chen’s voice, dripping with anger, was transmitted into Li Yan’s ear.

“How could I dare to say that? Young master’s talent is outstanding and is not something a cretin such as I would ever dare to insult,” Li Yan said pitifully.

“This guy is acting pitiful now, but am I, Long Chen, such a gullible guy? He carries with him a scent of blood, and must have hurt countless people in his lifetime! The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is such a secretive faction. It’s not a place for benevolent people.”

Long Chen originally wanted to take his life but thought that he could be of some use in the future. Without waiting, he kicked Li Yan squarely in the face. With a loud bang, Li Yan’s head smashed into the ground, as Long Chen viciously stepped on it.

This additional collision caused Li Yan even more pain. He would never imagine that this harmless looking Long Chen would lash out in such a vicious way!

The scorching pain on his forehead made Li Yan see stars, but he didn’t have time to pass out. The foot that was pressing on the back of his head was akin to a blade resting against the back of his head.

Li Yan had no clue over why he was beaten, but he had no option other than to beg for mercy. His fate was solely in the hands of Long Chen.

“Your father, I, won’t waste time on you, I’ll give you two choices. Choice one is death. Choice two, also death.”

Li Yan was scared senseless, his complexion became pale. Thinking that he might die here in this place, his face, which was pushed down into the mud, showed signs of utter despair!

Seeing this fellow wailing away endlessly, one could tell that this wasn’t a person with a strong will. Long Chen secretly felt satisfaction.

“Stop bawling; I, your father, was just kidding. I’m giving you two choices. The first choice is still death, but the second one is to take me to the thief lair of your Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.

Li Yan was originally in a state of despair, but after hearing that last sentence he first felt relief, then alarm. Hearing Long Chen saying those words, even if Li Yan was an idiot, he would still know that this time, Long Chen’s objective was the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect!

In a brief moment, many thoughts raced through his head.

“This kid was causing a commotion to lure me out, then inquiring about the others’ whereabouts. Seeing his actions, he must be trying to rescue those girls we captured from Yan Luo Town!

“This little guy sure is bold to the extreme, barging up the mountain alone at such a tender age. So be it, I will take you there. Let’s see how you will suffer in front of those two protectors! You’ve hit me twice. I Lin Yan will remember this!

Seeing this guy’s shifty eyes, Long Chen already knew what he was planning.

He’s the main objective right now was to locate the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect’s base of operations. As for what would happen afterwards, he would let Huang Feiyang deal with it. He couldn’t care less about Li Yan’s schemes.

“Well, taking this long, have you decided yet? You must be choosing death, right?”

Li Yan was scared senseless and immediately said, “Lord, this humble one chooses the second, this humble one chooses the second! I’ll take you there at once!”


Long Chen looked him over quizzically, “You are not planning anything, are you?”

“This humble one wouldn’t dare!”

Long Chen smiled indifferently and said, “As long as you are in my hands, even a tiny hint of disobedience from your side, and I’ll have you regret being born to this world. Anyway, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect doesn’t have a deficit of people like you. I’ll just capture another one, and I will still be able to locate the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect’s den”

“Indeed, indeed! My lord speaks truthfully!”

Only after Li Yan nodded his head hurriedly did Long Chen release him. Seeing this middle-aged man with a face full of obedience climb up to his feet, Long Chen stared hard. Immediately, Li Yan hurried along to show the way.

Long Chen threw a provocative gaze towards Huang Feiyang, then followed behind Li Yan.

In a thicket from afar, Huang Feiyang’s eyes turned ice cold as he caught the mocking gaze Long Chen threw him.

“What is there to be proud of? In the end, it’s still time for you to die.”

“Brother Huang, isn’t Long Chen a Beast Warrior? He is at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, but without even transforming, how could he beat an opponent at the same level that easily?”

Thinking about it, Wen Ya felt that something was amiss.

Huang Feiyang also scowled and said, “This guy seems to have become a bit stronger compared to when he was at the clan selection. He must have broken through again. He’s probably at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, but it’s still nothing to fuss over!”

“This Long Chen is indeed somewhat gifted. Even though we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg, that movement technique from earlier was still pretty impressive. However, why does that martial technique seem so familiar?”

“That is the Lingwu Family’s [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step].” Even though he could hardly believe it. Huang Feiyang still said with exasperation, “He acquired the [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step] only five days ago, even though he was barely able to use it. Within our Green Sun Branch, I guess only boss Feng Wutian could match this kind of talent, but Wen Ya…”

Huang Feiyang said with a gloomy face, “This kind of person, we’d better nip it in the bud!”

“Otherwise, give him some time to grow, and he will cause us endless troubles”

Even though he didn’t want to become enemies with Long Chen, but as he was good friends with Huang Feiyang, Wen Ya didn’t have a choice.

“Let’s go, let’s end this troublesome fellow’s life.”

Crossing a couple of peaks on the East Yan Mountain, they arrived at a forest with withering trees. This place was filled with craggy and misshapen boulders and was an extremely remote place.

The Demonic Beasts within this area had already been cleared out by the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. The dens of these Demon Beasts served well as residences, and as prisons for the captured girls.

“Lo… Lord, just ahead, the captured women are in the depths of the cave where my brothers and I were eating. I promise you, they are unharmed…”

Upon arrival, Long Chen could feel the faint trace of people. He could also smell the aroma of liquor and meat. In a thicket afar, a faint trace of smoke could be seen from a bonfire.

Li Yan was no longer needed here.

Li Yan nervously looked at Long Chen. This was the moment that would determine his life. He was fully prepared, waiting for the perfect moment to attack Long Chen and then run away.

He didn’t have to defeat Long Chen, just escape. Afterwards, he could just let the people from the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect protect him.

Seeing the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect being so close, Li Yan thought that Long Chen would charge over, but Long Chen stopped and looking at Li Yan, smiling.

“Lord, our men are just ahead…Lord, you promised to let me go. Are you going back on your word?”

“Nothing of that sort, I’m simply waiting for someone.” Long Chen said unhurriedly.

“Waiting for someone?”

Li Yan was totally clueless, but not for long. Two powerful masters appeared from behind and emerged from the foliage. These two had fierce eyes and bodies filled with explosive energy. This kind of power was much fiercer than Long Chen’s!

Li Yan was scared to death, and he finally realized that he had underestimated Long Chen. He originally thought that Long Chen was a hothead, charging up the mountain alone to rescue some women and fight a large number of people on his side. He wouldn’t have ever guessed that there were two more people behind Long Chen!

A total of 3 people had appeared, and they were all youthful experts. A fearful thought appeared in his head!

“You are…from the Lingwu Family?!”

“You guessed right!”

Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya suddenly appeared in front of Li Yan. Huang Feiyang laughed coldly and threw a punch towards Li Yan’s chest. Even though it was a simple punch, it was a Human Dan Realm Initial stage expert— if Li Yan got hit, he would die on the spot!

Huang Feiyang’s expression looked much more sinister than Long Chen’s. When Huang Feiyang appeared, Li Yan knew that he was as good as dead!

On this border between life and death, he exploded forth with every ounce of energy at his disposal, wanting to escape!

“You think you can escape from my hand?”

Huang Feiyang has withheld his anger for a long time, but he couldn’t attack Long Chen just yet. Thus, he could only vent his anger on Li Yan, and give Long Chen a good demonstration of the things to come!

Li Yan and Huang Feiyang’s powers were realms apart. They were within feet of each other, and he certainly didn’t stand a chance of escaping. From the day he chose this life of strife, Li Yan was prepared for death.

However, he was still opposed to dying at the hands of Huang Feiyang!

As Li Yan had lost all hope, suddenly, a silhouette was in front of him, and a fist technique that was as bright as a star forced Huang Feiyang back!

When Li Yan looked, he realized that it was Long Chen!

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