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DBWG Chapter 87

Chapter 87 – A Bait
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Long Chen had reached the Human Dan Ream, but unlike Huang Feiyang, who was putting his strength on full display, he withdrew his own Qi. Since he was more confident in his strength now, Long Chen visibly relaxed, and looked at Gan Lin’s party of three with a smile upon his face.

“Long Chen, are you done preparing?”

Seeing Long Chen without a trace of fear in his bearing, Huang Feiyang secretly jeered.

However, Long Chen paid no attention to him, and instead turned to Yan Beitian and said, “Town Master Yan, due to some important matters of mine, I have tarried. I’m extremely sorry.”

Being ignored by Long Chen like this made Huang Feiyang feel extremely unhappy. However, he was long past his impetuous days. His eyes narrowed into slits and emitted traces of golden light.

“This brat, he seems different, but I can’t put my fingers on what the difference is…”

Watching Long Chen gloomily, Huang Feiyang’s heart was filled with killing intent.

“This brat! Before, he was filled with unwillingness but now he is all smiles. It must be fake. Having been compelled by me, he must be hating me from the bottom of his heart, and wants to cut me to pieces. However, little one, the real torment will soon befall you…”

Long Chen could easily guess what Huang Feiyang was thinking about.

Hearing Long Chen addressing him first, the Yan Town Master felt a bit gloomy.

He was a wily old fox and knew that Long Chen did it to antagonize Huang Feiyang. Seeing how young Long Chen was, Yan Beitian felt a tinge of regret.

However, the life of his daughter was hanging by a thread, so he immediately said, “Since all three of you are prepared, let’s hurry towards the East Yan Mountain!”

“Agreed,” Long Chen nodded.

“Pretending to be calm and collected in front of me, just see how I will finish you off!”

WIth that thought, combined with seeing the anxious face of Yan Beitian, Huang Feiyang waved his hand impatiently and said, “Then let’s head out to East Yan Mountain. Long Chen, this time, had you better perform well!”

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to answer.

Even though he presented a calm exterior, his killing intent towards Huang Feiyang wasn’t any less than Huang Feiyang’s was towards him. He simply hid it better.

Under Huang Feiyang’s command, Yan Beitian stayed at Yan Luo Town, while Long Chen and the others followed Yan Beitian’s directions and headed towards East Yan Mountain.

The East Yan Mountain wasn’t far off. Long Chen and the others quickly arrived at this seemingly untouched mountain and its forest.

“We three should split up and head off in three different directions. Make as much noise as possible, and if someone powerful arrives, one only needs to call out, and the rest will arrive in an instant!”

Huang Feiyang put on the act of a senior brother.

Long Chen looked back, sneered, and went ahead without a word.

As Long Chen distanced himself, Wen Ya said with a furrowed brow, “I can’t shake off this weird feeling about this kid. If we don’t kill him now, I fear that we will have a lot of sleepless nights ahead of us!”

“That clown is just pretending to be calm in front of us. In this desolate East Yan Mountain, in front of us two masters of the Human Dan Initial Mastery Stage, I bet he is already scared senseless. That little shit, how much will he be able to struggle?”

Huang Feiyang revealed a smile that was full of confidence.

“What I need to do is let our opponents kill him. Wen Ya, when the time comes, let a couple of them run away to spread the word. This will make the Lady Enforcer believe that it wasn’t us who killed him!”

Wen Yan could only nod and agree. “Ok, but the Lady Enforcer puts him in high regard. Wouldn’t we be putting ourselves at risk if we do this?”

“In high regards?”

Huang Feiyang sneered, “Would she put him in higher regards than our boss Feng Wutian? We have our boss Feng Wutian backing us. The lady Enforcer will give him face, and not blame us two just because of a dead man!”

Seeing that Long Chen had already put quite a distance between them, Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya hurriedly stalked after him.

Whatever scheme Huang Feiyang was hatching, Long Chen had already seen through it all.

“It seems like they want to use the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect to get rid of me, and make it untraceable. However, having set up a situation like this, aren’t they afraid that I would use it against them?”

First of all, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect had to be lured out into the open, but that wouldn’t be a simple task. However, Long Chen was a cunning man. Within the East Yan Mountain, there lived plenty of Huang grade demonic beasts of the first and second rank. When Long Chen found the den of some Huang grade second rank demonic beasts that belonged to the canine family, he drove out about a dozen of them into the open.

These low-level demonic beasts were in a frenzy and caused quite the commotion within the East Yan Mountain. As Long Chen kept provoking other demonic beasts, the East Yan Mountain quickly entered a state of complete chaos.

Seeing Long Chen running about on the side, Huang Feiyang smiled and said, “If someone powerful appears, let’s not be hasty to act. Let them lead us to their hideout. This will make things easier for us, and this way, we can kill two birds with one stone!”

Wen Ya patted Huang Feiyang’s shoulders in response.

This East Yan Mountain wasn’t as large as the Big Barren Mountain, but the amount of demonic beasts was plentiful. Long Chen quickly whipped a large number of lower grade demonic beasts into a frenzy. It wasn’t long before Long Chen noticed that beside Wen Yan and Huang Feiyang, others were observing him.

“These grandsons from the Crimson Blood Sect are indeed still here!”

Although he couldn’t tell their exact location, Long Chen’s perception was still extremely strong.

At that moment, a sloppy looking middle-aged man wearing a crimson Chinese-style gown and having a cultivation roughly around the 8th level of the Dragon Pulse Realm was watching Long Chen from afar. His eyes lit up as he praised, “What a beautiful young man. He is just my type. Am I really this lucky? The heavens really treat me kindly!”

“Why is that guy’s expression so disgusting?”

Long Chen was already in a bad mood because he couldn’t take care of Huang Feiyang at the moment. Seeing this vulgar, middle-aged man with eyes filled with lust and a mouthful of drool, he had already transformed into a tornado and charged forth without the opponent even trying to approach!

Between this middle-aged man’s eyebrows, there was a single red dot.

”Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, we meet again…”

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