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DBWG Chapter 85

Chapter 85 – Corpse Of A Profound Grade Demonic Beast
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“What do you want?” Being interrupted by Long Chen, Huang Feiyang, who had almost had the corpse in his hands, felt rather unhappy.

“This task is being carried out by all three of us, so I should also have the right to a part of this profound grade demonic beast’s corpse right?” Long Chen raised his head and stated with a neither servile nor overbearing expression.

“You must be kidding!” Huang Feiyang’s expression darkened and he laughed coldly, “This mission is solely to test you. You want to receive a reward for it? Long Chen, you are not qualified. Besides, it’s the core of a profound grade demonic beast. Can a brat like you have this kind of fortune?”

“You won’t let me have it? Haha, Huang Feiyang, you two should depart for the mountain by yourselves. Without any benefits, I, your father, won’t enter the East Yan Mountain.”

This speech from Long Chen left Yan Beitian dumbfounded. In his eyes, Long Chen had been just an attendant standing beside these two, and that was all. However, this attendant had unexpectedly contradicted Huang Feiyang and had also spoken out in such a manner.

“This. . . .”

Yan Beitian looked at Huang Feiyang. This time, Huang Feiyang got up from the chair, and faced Long Chen with his strong aura engulfing him, and his eyes appearing cold and grim. He was about to attack Long Chen but was held back by Wen Ya.

Wen Ya glanced meaningfully at Huang Feiyang, then, looking coldly at Long Chen, he said, “Long Chen, this time, we have come here as your examiners. You must heed our words. If you don’t go to the East Yan Mountain, we will give you low marks, and when Enforcer Liu asks for an explanation, you cannot complain then.”

If Long Chen wasn’t going to go to the mountaintop, how would Huang Feiyang kill him? Therefore, he had to agree, even if Long Chen had no right to the gift of the corpse of a profound grade demonic beast. Even if Long Chen was making a scene here, he couldn’t attack him here. Thinking so, Huang Feiyang frowned.

“You still think to scare me?” Long Chen, with a detached attitude that was neither servile nor overbearing, looked calmly at them both and said resolutely, “If you don’t agree, I won’t carry out this mission!”

Seeing Long Chen being so stubborn, even Wen Ya became angry, not to mention Huang Feiyang, whose eyes turned crimson with rage.

Seeing Long Chen acting in such a proud manner, he recalled memories of his younger brother, who had been crippled by Long Chen, and had yet to recover. Huang Feiyang’s hidden killing intent leaked out a little.

“I must restrain myself. I must not kill him under the numerous eyes of the public! I must wait until we go to the Eastern Yan Mountains, and then, I can finally kill him at an isolated place such that even his corpse will not be left behind. Ah! Long Chen, I will make you die a horrible death!

With that thought, Huang Feiyang brought his emotions under control with great difficulty.

In a daze, Yan Beitian looked upon this farce, and after seeing that Huang Feiyang had not immediately killed this Long Chen, his opinion of Long Chen immediately rose. He thought to himself, “This young fellow is very resourceful — he has made Sir Huang very angry, and yet he doesn’t dare to kill him. It seems that he is somewhat capable. If I want to save my daughter, I had better intervene between these two. . . .”

Thinking such, Yan Beitian quickly said, “Young lord, the many lives of the Yanluo town are in your hands. You must have mercy, you can have anything except for the profound grade demonic beast corpse!”

“I only need the profound grade demonic beast’s corpse.”

Long Chen appeared amused. He was looking fearlessly at the ashen-faced Huang Feiyang.

“In your dreams!”

Huang Feiyang laughed coldly, then looked at Yan Beitian and said, “Town Master Yan, don’t say any more. That fellow just got into the Lingwu Family. I’ll give him a hard time so that he knows his place. Hopefully, Town Master Yan will put in a few good words for me when the family starts to pry. “

Yan Beitian looked unnerved by all this and “Lords, this won’t do. You are both lords within the Lingwu family. Please don’t cause any internal strife..”

At this time Long Chen said, “Huang Feiyang, I won’t beat around the bush, and go straight to the point. What I need is the Profound grade demonic beast’s corpse and not the core. Give me the corpse, and I promise to solve this issue flawlessly. What say you?”

The most valuable part of the profound grade demonic beast corpse were the demonic core and Beast Spirit, and the rest were just waste products. Huang Feiyang didn’t imagine that Long Chen had actually wanted this. He furrowed his brows, and doubtfully said, “What does he want with the corpse? What secret does it have?”

Likewise, Wen Ya was clueless about this whole thing. Yan Beitian knew that the corpse itself didn’t have any value, so he had no clue either.

“Don’t tell me you are afraid that once I get the demonic beast’s corpse, my cultivation will soar and thereby completely surpass yours?”

Seeing the other party hesitate, Long Chen made this statement as he burst out into laughter.

Huang Feiyang was really incited by this. He glanced at Long Chen for a while, and said coldly, “With your insignificant 8th level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, if you are able to advance to Human Dan Realm just by relying on the corpse of the demonic beast, then this Huang has deserved what you have done to me. However, is this even possible?”

Wen Ya and Huang Feiyang started to laugh too, because this was impossible.

“Yan town master, give that Profound grade demonic beast’s corpse to me and I’ll extract the demonic core and beast spirit. If we cannot complete the mission, then I’ll just return the Beast Spirit and demonic core.”

Yan Beitian wavered a moment and then agreed. The Lingwu family’s reputation was still trustworthy.

Next, while Huang Feiyang waited for the people to do the extraction, Long Chen waited a short while in the main hall. He heard them coming.

“They are so easy to fool; provoke them a little, and they just give you a Profound grade demonic beast corpse. Really stupid, hehe…” — this was, of course, said by Ling Xi.

“That is not the reason for my wisdom. Now that I am at the peak of the 8th level of Dragon Pulse Realm, if I can get that demonic beast’s essence blood, then I can break through!”

Thinking thus far, Huang Feiyang and his people reemerged. Under Huang Feiyang’s cold scrutiny, Long Chen collected the Profound grade demonic beast’s corpse into his Cosmos Pouch.

“A first-rate Profound grade demonic beast, the Blue-eyed Snow Lion. Seeing the gash on its body, it should have been bitten by another demonic beast. . .”

After receiving the profound grade demonic beast’s corpse, Long Chen said to Yan Beitian, “Give me half an hour’s time, there is something I need to organize.”

The current time was already sparse, but Long Chen was still stalling for more time. Yan Beitian was agitated, he was like a man stepping on hot coals, and thus could only look at Huang Feiyang with pleading eyes.

The murderous intent Huang Feiyang extruded towards Long Chen had already reached its peak, but considering that he would be able to take Long Chen’s life once they reached Yan Dong mountain, he once again restrained himself.

For him, killing Long Chen was the number one priority.

“You can be content now. Even though I cannot kill you during the day, you definitely won’t live through tonight!”

Huang Feiyang waved his hand with an impatient look on his face.

Getting his permission, Long Chen smiled slightly and asked Yan Beitian — whose face had turned pale from the stress — for a private place.

Long Chen knew that time was of the utmost importance, and asked promptly, “Xiaoxi, are you sure that the soul diffusion fruit is easily digested, and that it will help me achieve the deity dan realm.

“Of course, I have seen many people of the Deity Dan Realm, which is not something a yokel like you could understand!”

Long Chen stopped spouting nonsense, and immediately pulled out the Blue-Eyed Snow Lion’s corpse from his cosmos pouch. Then, looking at the snow-white, supple fur, he silently used [Dragon Soul Transformation]!

Using his remarkable ability, rows of red scales started to slowly appear on his skin. Scarlet bones that looked like knife blades slowly protruded from his joints.

In merely a moment, Long Chen appearance had undergone a major transformation. Although his scarlet exterior appeared sinister, it had a noble presence as well, which gave one an extremely complex feeling.

“Next, it’s time for the [Blood Transmuted Qi]…”

Long Chen hadn’t used [Blood Transmuted Qi] since he had killed Xue Yuanzi.

Its might could simply oppose the heavens. Long Chen’s current accomplishments were simply because of this [Blood Transmuted Qi]. This was the testament to what a remarkable ability the [Blood Transmuted Qi] was.

At least within Poplar Town, Long Chen had never before heard of anything like this kind of remarkable ability.

[Blood Transmuted Qi] and [Dragon Soul Transformation] were two powerful and remarkable abilities that Long Chen had. They both came from that Inherited Blood Essence, and Long Chen had only absorbed one thousandth of that Inherited Blood Essence.

“It might be that the Inherited Blood Essence really was from an Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon, but Ling Xi is not confiding in me whatever she knows about this topic . . . .”

In this secluded corner where no one could see him, drops of blood which were seemingly full of high spirits, seeped from the surface of the body of the Blue-Eyed Snow Lion.

They fluttered about in a lively fashion, and entered Long Chen’s body, thus being absorbed by him and turned into Qi.

Although the amount of Profound grade demonic beast’s essence blood was not more than the Underground Blood Lizard King, its quality was much better. The power in its blood vessels surpassed that of the Underground Blood Lizard King by several fold.

At that time , when Long Chen had swallowed the Blood Qi, he had not felt any feeling that attributed to an increase of a huge amount of Qi .

The blood red Qi within his body seemed to explode as it bubbled furiously, gathering more Qi constantly. They crashed against the 8th vein of the Dragon Pulse Realm which was already broken. However, the 9th Heaven Dragon Vein seemed to be standing as stiff and steady as a mountain.

Long Chen knew that this Heaven Dragon Vein was hard to breakthrough. This was the reason why Yang Qingxuan and the others had remained in the 8th level of Dragon Pulse Realm…

The Qi skyrocketed, and the insides of Long Chen’s body surged up a massive, bloody wave. He waited until the sea of blood had reached its climax, and at that point, Long Chen knew that the time was almost ripe for his breakthrough to the ninth layer of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

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