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DBWG Chapter 84

Chapter 84 – Wait A Moment
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The speed of the Wind Rendering Spirit Roc was very fast. The distance between Yanluo Town and Yuanling City was much greater than the distance between Poplar Town and Yuanling City. At the time, Long Chen had put in 10 days’ effort to travel to Yuanling City. If he had this Wind Rendering Spirit Roc, he needed to travel for only a small part of the day, and would have reached Yuanling City in the evening.

The killing intent between Long Chen and Huang Feiyang became more intense during the entire journey.

“This Huang Feiyang hasn’t done anything to me aboard this Wind Rendering Spirit Roc. It seems he wants to wait and hinder me while I carry out my mission.”

Before reaching Yanluo Town, Huang Feiyang stopped the Wind Rendering Spirit Roc outside of a small village in the countryside. There were already some people waiting to greet them. While they were holding onto the Roc, Huang Feiyang was facing the direction of Yanluo Town as if he was waiting for someone from there.

Only then did Long Chen realize the reason that Huang Feiyang did not attack him on the Roc. He had agreed to have the Roc received here. This was all because the huge body of the bird would have alerted an ordinary person, and thus was not suitable to fly on to Yanluo Town.

Upon leaving the village, Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya walked ahead.

“I wonder what these bastards are up to.”

Long Chen followed closely at their heels in a composed manner.

Although this time’s mission was beyond his expectations, since he had prepared a Spirit Recovery Fruit for Ling Xi, Long Chen felt much more at ease.

If he really couldn’t handle them, then he would let Ling Xi give him a helping hand. Long Chen had already discussed with Ling Xi –- She would only be allowed to do something if it really was a life-threatening crisis. She would, however, not be allowed to put her life at risk.

Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya were presently walking in front of him.

Seeing his companion this calm, Wen Ya gave in to his urge and asked, “When do you plan to strike?”

Huang Feiyang smiled grimly and said, “Now is not the time. If that Yan Beitian only saw us two, he would know that I got rid of Long Chen on the way. Although he would not dare to go public with the news, the Family would certainly have their own ways of obtaining the information.”

“Then what do you intend to do?”

Huang Feiyang said in a laid-back manner, “Didn’t we come here for an investigation and if necessary, to kill people? I have heard that the other side has Human Dan Realm experts. We will hand Long Chen over to them, and that should take care of the matter.”

Wen Ya nodded in agreement, “Even though you are feeling hatred, you haven’t lost your ability to think clearly. Not bad.”

Huang Feiyang gave off such a huge amount pressure, it made Long Chen tightly clench his fist.

“I am not far away from the 9th level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. As long as I can reach the 9th level, I should be able to enter the Human Dan Realm. At that time, I will still have the strength to handle them without having Ling Xi risk her life for me. This tiny step is crucial for my survival!”

They would soon arrive at Yanluo village. Long Chen had no idea what was about to happen, but he did know that he still had many heavy responsibilities. He could not lose. If he lost, Ling Xi and everyone in his Yang family would surely all be finished!

Going into the center of the village was like the time when Mo Xiaolang entered Poplar Town; only a couple of people noticed.

Returning to a place comparable to Poplar Town, Long Chen felt a lot more relaxed. Very soon, he arrived at the main mansion. This clan was quite similar to the Yang family. The head of the family was called Yan Beitian, and he had a cultivation of the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

Knowing that the Lingwu Family would come today, Yan Beitian had waited in front of the main door since early in the morning. When he saw 3 youngsters with profound cultivations heading this way, he felt immense joy, and greeted them immediately. He knelt on the ground and said excitedly, “Humble Yan Beitian welcomes the lords of the Lingwu Family!”

Long Chen look over at Yan Beitian carefully. Even though he was middle-aged or more, he still had a robust body. His skin was black, like that of a black bear.

However, this black bear’s eyes had a tinge of red. It must have been from losing his daughter.

As Long Chen studied him, he peered back at them. Seeing how Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya, with their tender age, had already exceeded his ability, he was extremely impressed. However when he noticed how young Long Chen was, and that his cultivation was lower than his, he simply ignored him, treating him as a common follower to these two.

“My lords, please enter, please enter. You grace my humble abode with your presence.”

Under Yan Beitian’s excited request, Long Chen and the rest entered the main hall. Yan Beitian immediately ordered people to steep some tea, then presented some famous fruits and pastries from Yanluo Town as he entertained the three cordially, but his expectant gaze never left Huang Feiyang or Wen Ya.

“My two lords, have a taste of our Yanluo Town’s White Jade Cake. This White Jade Cake is beautiful like real white jade, sweet but not greasy, and melts in your mouth. It’s the Yanluo Town’s famous delicacy. Hurry up and have a taste!”

Huang Feiyang was all smiles and went for a taste. Indeed, he was filled with praise. Afterwards he said, “Yan Town Master, we did not come here to eat, but since we’ve already eaten, let’s get down to business!”

“Yes, yes!”

Finally being able to get down to business, Yan Beitian became extremely excited. As he clenched his fist and started thinking about those bastards, the veins on his neck started pulsating!

“It had only started during these recent days. Once it’s night, those bastards will appear within the town and abduct young women from the streets. They always operate with secrecy, but the number of missing women keeps increasing. I started organizing people to deal with it, but that’s when I found out what was really happening!”

Huang Feiyang scowled and stated, “The information you provided stated that they have powerful practitioners of the Human Dan Realm.”

Yan Beitian nodded and said furiously, “That son of a bitch is stronger than both myself and the head of Luo clan combined. He must be within the Human Dan Realm! Even my daughter was taken by them!”

“Do they have any distinguishable features?” Wen Ya asked.

Yan Beitian recalled carefully, and then answered doubtfully, “There were no significant characteristics, but I do remember that they had a red dot right between their eyebrows!”

This sentence only puzzled Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya a bit, but it made Long Chen’s body tremble.

“Are they people from the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect?” Ling Xi asked softly.

”It should be. Liu Lan knows that the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect and I are at odds, so she let me be in charge of this mission. If it is possible, I think that we can get more information on Crimson Blood Sacred Sect! However, with Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya here, things will be more complicated…”

”I thought that maidens disappearing sounded familiar! It seems as though you’ve also told me something similar occurring at the Emerald Jade House. It must be those bastards again! What are you going to do about them, Long Chen?”

Long Chen laughed indifferently, and said, “That is Huang Feiyang’s problem. I might just as well let them fight until both sides are injured.”

At this time, Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya were already discussing with Yan Beitian about how to capture the people from Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.

“They have caught enough people these days. I think that they are about to leave. They must have been hiding within the East Yan Mountain outside the village, but I don’t know exactly where!”

Thinking about his daughter suffering god knows what, Yan Beitian’s whole face turned purple.

“Long Chen, poor him! You must help him!”

“I know, I want to quickly dispose of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, but I want to let Huang Feiyang and the others fight them! Since Huang Feiyang wants to kill me, I want to see what tricks he uses!”

Secretly gazing at Huang Feiyang, Long Chen’s gaze turned cold.

Yan Beitian was completely absorbed in talking to Huang Feiyang, and had forgotten all about Long Chen.

“East Yan Mountain?”

”Even though the East Yan Mountain are not big, it will still be very hard to find a group of people within them!”

Huang Feiyang scowled and said, “Even if we cannot find them, we still have to climb the mountain and look for them. We cannot find any other solutions if we just stay here!”

Yan Beitian showed signs gratitude and said, “Then there is no time to lose. Shall we climb the mountains now?”

“There is no hurry.” Huang Feiyang laughed “Yan Beitian, I heard that you obtained a Profound grade beast’s corpse— am I correct?”

This is a crucial moment, yet Huang Feiyang inquired about the corpse of some Profound grade beast. Those words made Long Chen instantly excited.

“If the Profound grade beast’s corpse is fresh, then the blood essence of that demonic beast is very useful to me. It would certainly make me break through into the ninth level of Dragon Pulse Realm. That, in combination with the Soul Diffusion Fruit…”

Thinking this far, Long Chen became extremely excited and contemplated in secret about how to get his hands on that Profound grade demonic beast’s corpse.

At this moment, Yan Beitian hurriedly said, “Is a Profound grade demonic beast’s corpse sufficient to exchange for my daughter life?”

There was a custom. After asking for the help of Lingwu Family, the regional powers would offer gifts after the task was done. Yan Beitian was concerned for his daughter’s life. He had stated in the letter delivered to Yuanling City that he would provide them with the corpse of a Profound grade demonic beast — Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya knew this much.

Also, this was the first time that these two would receive an extra reward.

It was because of the corpse of the Profound grade demonic beast that they had both put all their effort into helping Yan Beitian. However, compared to Huang Feiyang, the matter of killing Long Chen was even more important.

Yan Beitian had clearly indicated that this Profound grade demonic beast had just recently died; its Beast Spirit and demonic core were still intact. Although it was just a Profound grade demonic beast, it was still very precious.

Seeing the anxious look on Yan Beitian’s face, Huang Feiyang said with a smile, “It is certainly sufficient. Now give us the corpse of the Demonic Beast. Afterwards, we will go straight into the mountains, and if we can’t settle this matter, we will simply return it to you.”

Yan Beitian felt that handing over the corpse of the Profound grade demonic beast was already a bit unreasonable. However, seeing that the life of his daughter was in Huang Feiyang’s hands, he reluctantly nodded his head, saying, “Okay.”

Just as he was about to take out the corpse of the Profound grade demonic beast.

“Wait a moment,” Long Chen interjected.

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