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DBWG Chapter 83

Chapter 83 – Wind Rendering Spirit Roc
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Hearing Huang Feiyang’s name, Long Chen could not help but feel a cold shiver go down his spine.

“Huang Feiyang hates me to the core. Why has Enforcer Liu put us together? Does she want me to die?”

Long Chen could not understand why that woman, whom he recalled as being enchanting, would treat him in such a manner, and so he frowned.

“But Long Chen, you need not be so anxious. Examiners do not have the authority to take action against you. Our Lingwu Family’s spy network is very powerful and incomparable to any other. As long as you are extremely careful, they would not dare to act against you in public.”

However, Long Chen was not scared of Huang Feiyang. He just was unable to understand. Enforcer Liu’s actions seemed a bit vicious.

“Senior Gan, if there is nothing else of importance, I’ll go back to make some preparations.”

Gan Lin nodded his head and said with a regrettable expression, “It’s what Enforcer Liu has decided upon, even if I begged it wouldn’t change the matter. Go back and prepare well, and see if you can escape this calamity!”

Long Chen left. As he was observing Long Chen from behind, Gan Lin shook his head and sighed “105 steel hearts, this number even surpassed that of the outer faction’s original number one genius Mo Xiaolang. What was Enforcer Liu thinking? It’s such a pity!”

Even though Long Chen had left, he wasn’t too far away yet, and could hear Gan Lin’s mumbles.

Earlier, he already heard the figure 102 from Zhao Tianfang. Now, he could hear himself being compared to someone. Was that person Mo Xiaolang??

The reason that Long Chen hadn’t come to the Lingwu Family was partly because of Mo Xiaolang. At that time, Mo Xiaolang had actually told him to come to Lingwu Family only when he had reached the Human Dan Realm. However, due to familial troubles, Long Chen had come along at an earlier date. Over the past two days, he had just become familiar with the Lingwu Family but had not been able to seek out Mo Xiaolang. However, after listening to what Gan Lin said, Long Chen thought that Gan Lin ought to know the whereabouts of Mo Xiaolang.

Remembering that youth, Long Chen smiled wickedly. He suddenly turned and walked back to the Martial Techniques Training Hall. Gan Lin looked at him suspiciously.

“Why are you back?”

“Senior brother Gan, I want to inquire about someone. Do you know the whereabouts of that Mo Xiaolang you mentioned previously?”

Long Chen went straight to the point, but as he mentioned the name Mo Xiaolang. Gan Lin’s complexion changed, and he said: “Shut it!”

Long Chen was startled, and his gaze gradually turned colder as he asked, “Why?”

Seeing his reaction, Gan Lin said in a cold voice, “Long Chen, I don’t care about the relationship between you two, but inside the Lingwu Family, you should not ask about him. This person doesn’t exist within our Lingwu Family anymore!”

Hearing this from Gan Lin, Long Chen became even more puzzled. However, seeing Gan Lin’s solemn expression, he understood the seriousness of this matter and nodded. “Alright, I got it!”

Afterwards, he left the Martial Techniques Training Hall and returned to his own residence.

“Xiao Xi, what do you think of this current situation?”

Ling Xi was also confused and said, “I also do not know. At that time, didn’t that fellow say that he was a member of the Lingwu Family and that he was doing great in here? But why does it feel like he is considered as a lowly person now? We are not even allowed to mention his name!”

Long Chen frowned and said, “At that time, he told me that he had to complete an important matter and would return to Yuanling City. Could it be that something went wrong?”

“Oh, that is right. . . ”, Said Ling Xi, who suddenly realised something as she continued, “I am getting the feeling that he has been spurned by everyone. Since he is recognized as the Outer Faction’s number one talent, could it be that he has betrayed the Lingwu Family?”

Long Chen pondered, then decided that it could be a possibility.

“With his character, he wouldn’t do such a thing, but if someone was pressuring him, then it might be possible.”

“Right, it sounds just like that stinky woman!” Recalling Liu Lan, Ling Xi’s face at once turned a fiery red. “Initially, she pretends to be a good person. Then she makes you and that Huang-what-is-his-stinky-name go on a mission together. It’s clearly a plan to have you killed! Long Chen, it would be better for us to go to the Daybreak Merchants Union; perhaps we may be able to meet that Xiaolang chap. ”

Long Chen shook his head and said, “Don’t be hasty, we are only guessing. Xiaolang is stronger than me by far. The present me couldn’t help him, even if I wanted to. I think I should cultivate seriously for now. Regarding the first mission…”

A cold light flashed within Long Chen’s eyes as he said, “They can’t even imagine how patient I can be. I don’t believe I won’t be able to kill him! That Huang Feiyang!”

Seeing Long Chen in this state of such ferocity, Lingxi was startled. At the same time, Long Chen brought out the Spirit Recovery Fruit from his cosmos pouch.

“You go and refine this. I will take a look at the [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] and the [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step]. I must make the most of the few days I have left before the mission!”


Early in the morning of the fourth day, Gan Lin knocked open Long Chen’s door and said, “The mission has been decided. It is a Grade 3 Mission. Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya are to be the main forces in this mission. Just follow them and learn, and try to perform well. They will be your examiners. Your rank and the number of resources you will receive here at the Lingwu Family will be based on their evaluation of your performance.”

Long Chen secretly uttered the words – bullshit.

Even if that fellow Huang Feiyang couldn’t kill him during this assignment, he would most likely give the worst kind of evaluation.

“I don’t know what that little lady is scheming, but these two punks won’t evaluate a shit! There is an 80% chance that they will try to kill me during the evaluation!”

While thinking thusly, Long Chen followed behind Gan Lin.

“The location for this assignment is Yanluo Town. The Town Master of Yanluo Town sent information yesterday stating that Yanluo Town has had a lot of young women missing within a couple of days, including the daughter of the Town Master. The culprit didn’t leave any traces, so he should be someone who has reached the Human Dan Realm. The governing body of Yanluo Town couldn’t handle it, so it’s up to you three.”

Just as Long Chen noted down Gan Lin’s words, they arrived at the backyard of the Green Willow Residence, where he heard that many demonic beasts were reared. Just as he arrived, he saw a Roc with an excessive wingspan of 15m that was coolly looking at everyone.

[TL Note: Roc – Mythical Bird]

“This is the Huang grade level 7 demonic beast, Wind Rendering Spirit Roc! It’s extremely stealthy. Both its speed and endurance are extraordinary. It is the most common mount in our Lingwu Family.”

Upon seeing Long Chen, the Wind Rendering Spirit Roc suddenly shrank back. It had a doubtful expression when looking at Long Chen, but mixed in with the doubt was also some reverence!

“Did it feel the trace of dragon Qi from my body?”

Long Chen’s heart stirred, then he noticed the two people beside the Wind Rendering Spirit Roc. It was that Huang Feiyang, who was beaming at Long Chen, and the stoic-faced Wen Ya.

Even though Huang Feiyang was smiling, the killing intent within his smile was unmistakable.

On the contrary, Liu Lan didn’t show up.

“Finally here?”

Huang Feiyang stepped forward. As if he was a senior of the older generation, he sized up long Chen then clicked his tongue saying, “Not bad kid. This time I and Senior Wen Ya will take charge of you as your examiners. If you perform well and do not make any mistakes, then I will award you with high marks! Isn’t that right, Wen Ya? ”

Wen Ya forced a smile.

Huang Feiyang looked at Gan Lin and said, “Senior brother Gan, please return. We will take good care of this youngster, and I guarantee that by the time we return, he will be healthy and well.”

“You disgusting fellow, if this ladyship ever gets my hands on you, I’ll beat you until your buttocks face the sky!”

(TL Note: 屁股朝天 – buttocks face the sky, means that she will beat him until he’s crawling)

Ling Xi had been following Long Chen for a while. Even if she hadn’t learned a lot, she had learnt much about vulgar language.

However, Huang Feiyang’s current appearance made Long Chen feel out of sorts with him. Seeing this situation, Gan Lin warned Long Chen repeatedly, then looked at Huang Feiyang and said coldly, “Junior Disciple Huang, in Yanluo Town our Lingwu Family has eyes and ears everywhere. If this matter is not easily handled, notify the family immediately.”

As Gan Lin mentioned the eyes and ears, it implied that he was clearly warning Huang Feiyang.

If Huang Feiyang openly bullied Long Chen, the news would surely pass on to the Lingwu Family. At that time, it wouldn’t matter how capable Huang Feiyang was. He would be done for.

Huang Feiyang understood Gan Lin’s words, but he put on appearance of not having heard him. He laughed and said in a bright voice, “This is only natural. I will promise not to let junior disciple Long Chen get hurt.”

Gan Lin already knew that this was the most he could do to help Long Chen. He once again looked at Long Chen and said, “It is now time for you to set off.”

Huang Feiyang called out to Wen Ya, and Long Chen and went to the Wind Rendering Spirit Roc. Wen Ya took out a dark-green whistle and blew a very strange tune. Immediately that Wind Rendering Spirit Roc became docile and stooped down on its legs and allowed Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya to climb aboard it. Long Chen had a lot of courage. Although he had never ridden on a huge bird before, he still climbed on top without hesitation.

Under Wen Ya’s control, the Wind Rendering Spirit Roc gave a cry and suddenly flapped its wings. With a loud rumble, it rose into the skies with Long Chen tightly clutching onto its plumage. It was only after sinking his Qi downwards to attach himself firmly onto the Wind Rendering Spirit Roc that he had managed to stabilize himself. It was a thrilling moment, but it made his whole body break out in a cold sweat.

[TL Note Devil82: (真气下沉) or sinking Qi downwards, is a commonly used technique in wuxia in order to make one heavier]

In the intense wind, Huang Feiyang turned his head to look at Long Chen and laughed.


Gazing after their departure, Gan Lin bit his lips and sighed in dismay, “Another nice youngster. Why is it necessary to end his life in such a manner?”

“Gan Lin, are you dissatisfied with me?”

An indifferent voice was heard from behind him, and Gan Lin turned his head around. Seeing the person who was coming up to him, he bowed his head and said, “Lady Enforcer…”

Liu Lan swayed her hips as she walked to his side. Originally her mouth, which looked grave and stern, now gradually rose up. Her cheeks were like peach blossoms as she smiled.

“Whatever concerns you have, you can share it with me.”

Gan Lin thought a while and then drummed up his courage and said, “Enforcer, I think that to use such an extreme method to bring forth their potential is incorrect. Including Long Chen we’ve already lost 6 people. Is this still not sufficient?”

Liu Lan was still smiling as she lifted her head and looked towards the horizon where Long Chen had disappeared to and said: “Real geniuses only emerge from endless tempering and confronting life-threatening crises. What I will let him experience is infinite killing intent, failures, deaths, and successes. Only then will he be a dragon amongst men.”

She turned her head, looked at Gan Lin and asked curiously: “Gan Lin, which do you think is more powerful: 6 bugs or one dragon?”

Gan Lin’s body shook. He had eventually understood Liu Lan’s thoughts, but when he recalled those young faces, he still felt uneasy and said, “I don’t know when you will be able to nurture a dragon. . .”

“I don’t know either.”

“What do you think about Long Chen’s chances?”

Recalling Long Chen. Liu Lan smiled indifferently, shook her said and said, “He was born poor, his background is too weak, and has no innate talent. It won’t matter how much he struggles. As of now, only Feng Wutian’s talent can barely meet my expectations. However, Feng Wutian is a blood-relative of the Inner Faction’s Vermillion Bird Clan. . .”

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