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DBWG Chapter 80

Chapter 80 – A Finger’s Warmth
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Only after hearing what Lingxi said, did Long Chen recall the person who had arrived.

Once Lingxi had shrunk and sealed herself within the Lingxi sword, Long Chen obediently opened the door, to reveal a stunning face on the other side.

Beneath the moonlight, Liu Lan was wearing a robe made of black muslin, which faintly revealed her slim and graceful curves. A pair of vivid eyes watched Long Chen attentively. Her enticing eyes were filled with flirting expression; seeing this, Long Chen’s nose and throat became parched.

He had planned to go and face his opponent posing as a pure and innocent youngster, so, dressed casually and sluggishly, he asked in a dazed manner, “En…Enforcer”

Seeing Long Chen in this silly manner, Liu Lan giggled. She said very seductively, “Long Chen, am I not welcomed here?”

“It is not very convenient.” Although Long Chen’s lips said so, he did not actually mean it.

Liu Lan did not give her answer; rather, she extended her bright and clean arms, and pushed open the door, immediately pushing Long Chen inside the door as well. Then, the sound of the door being closed was heard. With her beautiful eyes, she looked sweetly at Long Chen.

Seeing Long Chen’s blank look, Liu Lan was finally amused by him. She sat down on the couch, smiling up at Long Chen. Her revealed curves made Long Chen goggle-eyed.

“Okay, I won’t tease you. Today, the main reason I came over was to let you be familiar with me. Don’t let your imagination run wild. I have already visited the other 4 guys in their rooms; therefore, at this time, it is your turn.”

On one hand, Long Chen was dressed to look fresh and pure. On the other hand, he was inwardly sizing up this well-rounded beautiful woman.

“As an Enforcer, this person’s strength is certainly in the Earth Dan Realm – a top-notch existence. For Huang Feiyang to be so scared of her, it is definitely because her methods are very difficult to deal with. I cannot be confused by her appearance now….”

Long Chen’s mind inwardly turned in the direction of these thoughts, but what came out of his mouth was, “I wonder, what is the reason that Enforcer is looking for me?”

“Only to get to know you. By the way, do you have any enemies that need to be dealt with?”

Long Chen’s gaze trembled.

This was the purpose of him coming to the Lingwu Family. During the day, Long Chen noticed that Gan Lin did not mention it, so he did not rush to ask him as well. It seemed that Chen Xiongzhou and Feng Mingyang did not lie, the Lingwu Family really had a lot of influence. They could even get rid of the enemies of the members of the Outer Faction.

After hesitating for a while, under the charming, foxy eyes of Liu Lan, Long Chen spoke out, “Yes, I do – the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.”

Upon hearing the name ‘Crimson Blood Sacred Sect,’ Liu Lan frowned, and shaking her head, asked, “How did you and the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect become enemies?”

Upon hearing that Liu Lan knew of the existence of the Crimson Blood Sacred sect, Long Chen secretly exulted, but with great caution, he said, “One of the proctors of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect went to Poplar Town and allied with the Bai Family to exterminate my Yang Family, so I killed that proctor. Therefore, if the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect learns that I killed him, my Yang Family will be completely finished.”

“Thus, you came to the Lingwu Family?” At once, Liu Lan saw through to his purpose.

Long Chen nodded.

“I wonder, could the Lingwu Family help me regarding this matter?”

Long Chen expectantly looked at Liu Lan. Suddenly, she chuckled, and shook her head, saying, “Currently, you are a Fourth Grade Disciple and getting rid of your enemies requires the help of experts of the Earth Dan Realm, this is beyond the privileges entitled to you. Moreover, your contribution points and the value of potential that I had determined is insufficient to make the Lingwu Family help you to dispose of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. Therefore…”

Lon Chen’s complexion suddenly darkened. Looking at the seductive attitude of this curvy woman, Long Chen wasn’t happy with what she said.

“Beyond the privileges entitled to me? There is even such a thing like potential value in the Lingwu Family? I have used a middle Profound grade martial technique in front of them, and my potential value is not enough for them to deal with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect?”

The Yang Family’s life or death was the matter that was the most important to Long Chen. At the present time, he was unable to handle the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect by himself and could only request help from the Lingwu Family. However, it was clear that the current he did not have the capabilities to request anything from the Lingwu Family.

Liu Lan got up from the couch, and slowly approached Long Chen. Suddenly, an enticing body fragrance wafted directly at him. When he lifted his head, he and Liu Lan were only a few metres apart. The snow-white curves of her chest were directly in front of Long Chen. It completely seemed to be something that any gentlemen could reach out and touch.

There was a fire burning in Long Chen’s eyes, but then a pain in his ear made his body turn cold. Long Chen knew that this great aunt was angry and that the consequences of it would be grave. Promptly, he turned his gaze towards another direction, not daring to aim a glance at Liu Lan.

Seeing Long Chen’s behavior, Liu Lan giggled.

“So, this small rookie is still a man of honor. Heh, this is truly interesting. However, such an impassive and cold Lingwu Family is not a place where silly kids can enter. Now, let me teach you what cruelty is…”

Thinking such thoughts, she said in an indifferent manner, “Long Chen, you want the Lingwu Family to assist you. Let me give you a word of advice. Disciple Grade, Contribution Points and Potential Value – these three are very important. For the current you, I can’t see where your potential lies, so I will remind you that if you want to be outstanding, you need to constantly put in a lot of effort. In the Lingwu Family, there is no need for trash…… ”

Although Liu Lan’s tone was very indifferent, from what he heard, Long Chen knew that the Lingwu Family was unquestionably decisive; they were even cold-blooded when being decisive. Everything here was a transaction; if you want the Lingwu Family to handle things for you, it’s simple- take out your contribution points or show your potential value.

“You think my potential is not sufficient? I, your daddy, will let you all take a clear look at me, and find out what my potential is!”

All along Long Chen knew that there wouldn’t be such a wonderful thing in this world, and also that this matter was not easy to settle. As of now, he couldn’t request the Lingwu Family to help him with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, but since his rate of progression was very great, he did not believe that he couldn’t succeed!

Patting Long Chen’s shoulder, Liu Lan gazed directly into Long Chen’s eyes, and her voice was like the sound of an ant crawling into his ear.

“Long Chen, as a part of the Lingwu Family, you need to remember these words – core talent. If you are the embodiment of core talent, then wealth, cultivation techniques, spirit medicine, divine weapons and even women will all be yours! ”

When speaking about women, Liu Lan exhaled a gust of sweet fragrance onto Long Chen’s face. This immediately made little Long Chen stir, but right away, the pain in his ear made Long Chen regain his senses.

Only Long Chen knew how hard things had been for Lingxi until now.

However, Long Chen took note of these words about ‘innate talent’.

“Please be at ease.”

Seeing that this rookie didn’t have the guts, Lie Lan found it pointless to entice him further, and stepped back. Fixing her hair, she said, “The Lingwu Family has a powerful information network. I will pay a little more attention to Crimson Blood Sacred Sect’s movements on your behalf. If there is any new information, I will notify you.”

Even though he couldn’t get her to exterminate the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, things still turned out pretty well. Long Chen felt a hint of gratitude and said, “This junior thanks the Lady Enforcer.”

Liu Lan nodded her head before she headed to walk out of the room. Before she stepped out of the room, she turned around and giggled sweetly. “Little Long Chen, you’ll have your first task in five days’ time. You must do your best. The family will give you their judgment according to your performance!”

Right after Liu Lan left, Lingxi charged out of the Lingxi Sword. She glared at Long Chen and curled her lips in anger. She looked as though she wanted to eat Long Chen.

Long Chen smiled embarrassingly and said, “I wanna go and practice the [Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step]….”

Lingxi just glared at him angrily but didn’t say anything.

Long Chen rushed into the cellar, patted himself on the chest and said inwardly: “I just glanced at her for a couple of times, and this little girl really became angry, so scary….”

As Lingxi saw Long Chen quickly slip away, she snorted as she laid on the bed that was hers. She lowered her head. Her initial anger filled eyes suddenly became incomparably vacant. When she stretched out her hand to touch the blanket, she didn’t have the other feelings that she had felt previously.

The sense of physical touch with one’s spirit was really different compared to the real deal.

Her heart suddenly filled with a grievance that threatened to burst forth. Lingxi really felt the impulse to cry. She glanced at Long Chen’s direction and mumbled, “Just as I thought, he prefers women with real bodies.. but it’s ok. With me being like this, I can’t even be considered a real person. I have nothing to offer him…”

Grinding her teeth, Lingxi was frustrated for a long time.

She sighed after a long period of time. She thought back in details about what she had experienced.

“I’m already like this. No matter if it is life or death; there won’t be any outcome with him. I should stop indulging myself in my fantasy. He has his own life. The feeling of being able to stay by his side to protect him a couple more times is actually not bad……..”

Lingxi raised her head to look at the snow-white ceiling. “Father, Mother, you must bless and protect me. I really hope to meet with you all again……”

While she thought about her parents, if she could cry, she would definitely be tearing up at this moment.

“Xiao Xi, you look just like a silly spinster. Do you have something on your mind? Can you tell it to your daddy?”

Long Chen suddenly appeared beside the bed and sniggered as he leaned against the wall.

Seeing his mocking looks, no matter how dejectedly Lingxi felt, her feelings had all disappeared. She felt that she just did something very shameful, and hastily changed her expression. She viciously looked at Long Chen like a fiend in a flurry. “Get out of here! You’re a bad guy! Your missy, I, do not wish to talk to you!”

Long Chen sat on the bed. At this moment, he seemed to have suddenly matured. With a serious face filled with feelings, he extended his finger, as he gently placed his palm in from of Lingxi. He said seriously, “Use your finger to touch my finger.”

“What for?”

Lingxi didn’t know what he was up to and looked at him with doubt.

“Touch it.”

Seeing Long Chen being so serious, Lingxi snorted, before stretching out her small, but sparkling and translucent finger to lightly touch Long Chen’s index finger. Immediately, she withdrew her finger and looked at Long Chen cautiously with widened eyes.

Seeing her adorable looks, Long Chen didn’t laugh. He immediately asked, “Do you feel the warmth of my body?”

As Long Chen suddenly asked this question, Lingxi was startled, before she blankly nodded her head.

Long Chen chuckled and withdrew his finger before he said, “I have a wish, and that is to recover your body. Can you tell me how to do that? I also hope that you have this warmth.”

Long Chen current serious expression and words had been engraved into Lingxi’s mind. This made her suddenly felt a sense of loss. She knew that her dejected expression had definitely been seen by him. If not, he wouldn’t have suddenly said those words.

Lingxi was moved to tears.

“Quickly tell me! Stop wasting time!”

Seeing Long Chen’s fierce looks, Lingxi hastily replied, “If I have the Ninth Heaven Fairy Spirit Fruit, I’ll be able to recover.”

Hearing that it was really possible, Long Chen felt extremely elated. He hurriedly asked, “Where can I find this Ninth Heaven Fairy Spirit Fruit?”

Lingxi shook her head agonizingly before replying, “Don’t even think about that. Even if you become the Yuanling city’s top expert, you won’t even be able to touch it…….”

With Lingxi’s mysterious identity, Long Chen had long expected that the items that Lingxi needed for recovery would be top grade. He remained silent for a while, before he indifferently said, “Lingxi, I’ll go to the Daybreak Merchants Union tomorrow to help you find some spirit nurturing medicine!”

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