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DBWG Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – A Gamble
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“[Falling Star Fist] huh……”

Looking at this punch which resembled a falling star, Long Chen was composed and laughed.

“I just don’t know how many conflicts will this cause for me after I take care of this retard. That woman, will she look at me differently? I really look forward to it……”

Long Chen had to admit, the way Yang Xueqing viewed him, mattered a lot to him.

“This fellow is obviously trash, under Yang Zhan Elder Brother’s [Falling Star Fist], he was actually scared stupid.”

Listening to such talk, Long Chen dismissed it with a laugh and then looked at Yang Zhan.

“[Falling Star Fist], I know it ten thousand times better than you!”

What Long Chen had intended by using [Ferocious Tiger Punch] against [Ferocious Tiger Punch] and then using [Falling Star Fist] against [Falling Star Fist] was to completely subdue Yang Zhan physically and mentally. From this, Long Chen will become a trauma in Yang Zhan’s heart, making him suffer eternally from such a pain.

An even brighter light explosively ignited, and under the support of the [Celestial Core Technique], the [Falling Star Fist] had a never before seen battle strength, which collided with Yang Zhan’s [Falling Star Fist]. But what made most people breathless was that Yang Zhan, as he retreated, had spurted blood and crashed onto the floor, while Long Chen once again went up and single handedly grabbed onto Yang Zhan’s robes, and picked up his whole body.

Those, Yang family’s, brothers and sisters, under the stare of Long Chen, were all scared into retreating several steps backwards, and on their faces was a look of disbelief.

“He used [Falling Star Fist] and defeated Brother Yang Zhan who was in the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Impossible……”

“Brother Yang Zhan has overflowing battle energy, but this piece of crap….. how is this possible? Earlier we did not see clearly but this fellow definitely used some underhanded means!”

“Not good, he looks like he’s going to kill Yang Zhan Elder Brother!”

The crowd looked breathlessly, only to see Long Chen carry Yang Zhan with one hand, while the other hand had become a clenched fist, and was coldly staring at Yang Zhan.

Yang Zhan at this point, had blood all over his mouth. His eyes looked spiritless, his injuries were obviously not mild, but at least he still had his consciousness intact.

“Do you see it now? Now that I am stronger than you, this reputation of being useless, I had better return it to you. However Yang Zhan, the humiliation that you have given me, was not only just this little. What will happen next is that you will pay for the humiliation you have given me for the rest of your life, and each time will be worse than the other, you had better mentally prepare yourself for this……”


Yang Zhan spit out some blood, while looking at Long Chen and smiling happily at him. Under the murderous gaze of that façade, he suddenly discovered that the person before him, was no longer the person he could once bully and harass. Right now, he actually was scared deep down, making him shudder in fear.

“Is this trembling?”

This was Long Chen’s intended result, but his hatred in his heart, could not be resolved by just a punch of the [Falling Star Fist]. In the past few years the suffering given to him by Yang Zhan was not to be overlooked.

He laughed loudly, and as he got ready to beat him several more times to vent his hatred, suddenly there came a loud voice scolding him.

“Stop right this instant!”

Long Chen did not need to see because he already knew who was here, Yang Zhan’s sister, the second strongest in the younger generation, his first uncle’s precious daughter, the arrogant Yang Lingyue.

At this moment, Yang Lingyue rushed over, and behind her were two guys, one of them was the young man who was with her the other day.

The other guy had a similar age to Long Chen, his features looking similar to the other young man.

These two were the sons of Bai Family’s Bai Zhanxiong.

Long Chen’s attention was slightly drawn towards the younger son of Bai Zhanxiong. This fellow was called Bai Shixun, he frequents the Emerald Jade House, and taking advantage of his cultivation he bullied Long Chen a few times in the past.

At this point Bai Shixun who saw Long Chen had actually beaten Yang Zhan, had suddenly felt panic and hid behind the other young man, his elder brother.


Long Chen laughed loudly, and then diverted his gaze back at Yang Lingyue.

“Using such a loathing gaze to look at me, this Yang Lingyue most likely wants me dead.” Long Chen thought, and silently smirked.

Looking on at Yang Lingyue who was about to rush over, suddenly Long Chen’s right hand moved and all the clothes which Yang Zhan was wearing, had actually been ripped. And at this moment, Yang Zhan who was naked, after a throw by Long Chen, had flown towards Yang Lingyue.

With this move, Long Chen had made all the girls momentarily scream in succession, making them turn around and flee. As Yang Lingyue saw that white body was thrown towards her, her face was drained of its color, and both her legs turned weak. From where would she still have the strength to attack Long Chen?

Luckily the young man behind her eyes flashed and rushed forward, and then grabbed Yang Zhan with a hand. As he tried to give his cloak to Yang Zhan, right at that moment Yang Zhan had realized what had happened, and suddenly gave a loud cry. Seizing this chance he escaped with his two butt-cheeks continuously swaying, this view was magnificent.

“Yang Zhan is a tall and big man, never thought that his butt would be so soft, this is really worthy of celebration. I think even if he does not practice cultivation in the future, he can easily work for a livelihood.”

Long Chen laughed out loudly, and after hearing his words the crowds’ ears had gone red and started scolding him for being so shameless.

As for Yang Lingyue’s dignified normal demeanor, now it had been shattered by Long Chen without leaving a single speck. She had almost fallen down earlier. At this point of Yang Zhan’s escape, she once again reevaluated Long Chen. Behind her refined gaze, her murderous intent rising constantly.

“Yang Chen, not only did you disobey the family rules of hitting your brethren, you even committed such a shameless act, which is even difficult to explain. On your parent’s behalf, today, I will discipline you thoroughly!”

It was hard to imagine, Yang Lingyue who had always maintained a mysterious elder sister image normally, had actually been angered to such a point that even the two fellows behind her could not stop her.

“Today was nothing but a sparring match, and already such a large commotion has been created, as if I, Long Chen have done something and have harmed the innocent. Usually, all these Yang family’s brothers and sisters bullied and beaten me, not treating me even as a human, I didn’t see anyone who had stepped up for me then!”

Thinking of this, Long Chen’s eyes reflected anger, and not in the least showing signs of fear against Yang Lingyue.

“What father said was definitely right, a man without any true ability, is equivalent to a dog. Today the reason why she can scold me like this, is also because my strength is still not enough, but today if I could actually beat Yang Zhan, then the next time I will also be able to defeat you.”

He retreated several steps behind, and coldly said: “Yang Lingyue, unless you are blind, it is obvious that Yang Zhan came here early in the morning to find trouble with me, and bully me. All the people had known this, only they did not expect me to have already practiced cultivation successfully. So instead I have defeated him, but I did not kill him. So when you push all the blame onto my shoulders, what does this mean for you as the Big Sister? Is this the only way you punish me for a private grudge by rashly abusing your position as the Big Sister?!”

After being told off by Long Chen, only then did the raging Yang Lingyue calm herself down. She took in a deep breath, and thinking of the guests who were still behind her, she then managed her current emotions. She then walked in front of Long Chen and stared at him coldly.

Although Long Chen was only sixteen years old, but his height was much taller than Yang Lingyue.

“Yang Chen, I’ve never seen you in a positive light before, but I did not expect you to conceal your abilities so deeply. You reached all the way into the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm before exposing your true strength. But us, Yang family’s, brothers and sisters, why should we have to do something like this, or was it that you had ulterior motives?”

“Oh well, you have already beaten Yang Zhan, as well as embarrassed him, but Second Uncle and Third Aunt, they will never let you go for this, and even if I don’t punish you today, it will still be difficult for you to escape punishment.”

Long Chen laughed and said: “Then I am looking forward to this, let us see. I think you had better scram, the two lovers behind you are still waiting for you.”

Long Chen’s speech in front of everyone just now was considered to be malicious.

The young man behind her had good feelings for Yang Lingyue. Everyone knew this, but the other fellow was his brother. But as they were both behind Yang Lingyue, and Long Chen mentioned two lovers, it made people have fanciful thoughts, and this subtly hinted at Yang Lingyue’s fickle-mindedness.

No matter how good Yang Lingyue was at managing her temper, at this moment she was absolutely seething in fury. She sent one hand to grab Long Chen’s neck, and then her strength at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had been used. As if a mountain collided against him, Long Chen actually found it difficult to breath, and although he practiced the [Celestial Core Technique], all his muscles were feeling enormous pain.

“She hasn’t even attacked me yet, but it is already this painful, Yang Lingyue’s strength has exceeded my expectations. Right now I don’t have a single chance in front of her might!”

At this point, one hand reached out and blocked in front of Yang Lingyue, forcing her to let go.

Long Chen thought that he would be beaten already, never expecting that someone would actually protect him. Looking down, this person who was standing in front of him, was Yang Lingqing? That lass?

After injuring her brother, but now she was here to save him, this world is a really strange place.

Yang Lingqing had a ponytail, and was wearing an azure martial practitioner’s costume. Her pose valiant and her beauty was not one bit inferior compared to Yang Lingyue.

Seeing that it was actually Yang Lingqing, Yang Lingyue hurriedly asked: ”Sister Qing what are you doing right now, this fellow has injured your brother, I am right about to punish him.”

Yang Lingqing apologized and said: “Sister Ling, I know, but my father and First Uncle want me to bring him to them, so I can only act first. Sorry.”

Hearing that, Yang Lingyue coldly stared at Long Chen and said coldly: ”Your retribution is coming soon, I hope you can walk out of it alive, you offending me, I definitely will not let you have a good life!”

Long Chen creased his nose, saying: ”Even if you have so much time to willingly spend on me, but I definitely won’t have the time to bother about it. Let me make a suggestion, let’s end this once and for all, what do you say?”

Yang Lingyue frowned and said: “What are you trying to pull off?”

“The intra-family competition, there is still half a month left; at that time I will also participate. Our feud will then be ended at that point, half a month’s time; do you dare give this time to me?”

Long Chen with this sentence, had aroused everyone’s interest and discussion.

“What kind of silly joke is this fellow saying? Third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, and he wants to beat Big Sister Yang Lingyue in half a month’s time? He is totally daydreaming.”

“Not good, this must be a scheme; this fellow is using a delaying tactic. In half a month’s time, I’m afraid we won’t know where he will have gone into hiding!”

Yang Lingyue looked suspiciously at Long Chen, and suddenly laughed, saying: ”Maybe it’s because of your recent progress which is very fast, so you are complacent, this cultivation thing, is an arduous journey, I Yang Lingyue after 10 years of cultivation, have managed to achieve this current standard I have, and you wish to outdo my level in only half a month’s time? Oh well, I will just let you live your life peacefully for another half a month. And at the time of the intra-family competition I will crush your foolish dreams in front of everyone!”

After saying this, she took her leave.

However the matter regarding Long Chen and Yang Lingyue’s match had started spreading through the Yang Family household. Long Chen, with his delusions, had instantly become a laughingstock in front of everyone.

Along the way.

Yang Lingqing using suspicious glances to look at Long Chen, was finally not able to hold it in anymore and asked: “Hey, how did you managed to do it?”

“Do what?”

Yang Lingqing suspiciously looked at him and said: “Last time I know for certain that you were in the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, so how did you actually manage to beat my elder brother?”

About the secret of the Mysterious Dragon Jade, Long Qinglan had repeatedly warned Long Chen not to divulge anything, so Long Chen said: “I, all along, was not in the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, it’s just that you have not seen clearly.”

“Is that so?”

Yang Lingqing had only half-believed him. She turned over and saw the indifferent expression on the boy, only to find that he had turned into a mystery, it was very difficult to understand.

Yang Lingqing feeling that her mental capacity could not handle such thoughts, had decided not to think about it anymore, and unknowingly they reached their destination. Yang Lingqing worriedly said: “My father and First Uncle are both inside; god knows even if they punish you, I cannot help you again, so I will not enter. So you had better know what’s good for you.”

Long Chen nodded his head, and said: ”Lingqing, thank you for saving me today.”

Yang Lingqing replied: “Who said I was trying to save you, you hurt my brother, however you are really funny, Yang Lingyue sister is in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. With your ability, you are not qualified to even carry her shoes, and still you say you want to defeat her in half a month’s time. Are you not afraid of being laughed at?

Long Chen smiled, not denying nor agreeing.

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