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DBWG Chapter 75

Chapter 75 – [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death]!
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The two figures collided with a large amount of momentum, and everyone was astonished that Long Chen had actually succeeded in withstanding a move from Huang Xiang’s Profound grade martial technique with just his Huang grade martial technique!

The arena was immediately filled with loud clamours.

At that moment, both Long Chen and Huang Xiang had quickly retreated. Both of them were only able to steady their footsteps with great difficulty. Huang Xiang unexpectedly found that compared to the previous time, he had actually retreated almost the same distance that Long Chen had.

In other words, within the past few days Long Chen had made significant progress!

To Huang Xiang, when these kind of people became his enemies, he would be extremely unhappy. His expression immediately turned sinister. He yelled at Long Chen, “You have really pissed me off this time. I swear that you will definitely die this time!”

However, Long Chen did not respond. After Huang Xiang had killed his Ebony Scaled Horse, Long Chen had already handed him a death sentence in his heart.

Outside the arena, Wen Ya and Huang Feiyang looked at each other when they saw that Long Chen’s unexpected use of the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] had blocked Huang Xiang’s [Wheel of Radiance], and they seemed to be matched evenly.

“Brother Huang, that youngster isn’t simple.”

Huang Feiyang coldly sneered and said, “So what if he isn’t simple? If he dares to offend my Huang family, he will still have to die. Ah Xiang told me earlier that he had already mastered that technique. Although he is still not very familiar with it, it is entirely sufficient to deal with this Long Chen!”

“That technique?”

Wen Ya thought for a while and finally recalled what Huang Feiyang had said. With a wry smile, he said, “Indeed, under the [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death], this kid won’t be able to survive. You had to enter the initial phase of Human Dan Realm before you were able to use the [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death]. I did not expect Huang Xiang, who is at the 9th level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, would be capable of using it!”

Huang Feiyang nodded, and said, “In order to keep up with me, in these past few days, Ah Xiang has been secretly putting in great effort to achieve such results. I am really happy for him.”

In that arena, the [Wheel of Radiance] was once again ineffective against Long Chen. Huang Xiang initially fumed, but very quickly, he grimly smiled and stood up. While he was attacking Long Chen, he sneered and said, “You are able to deal with the [Wheel of Radiance]. But under this attack of mine, not even your corpse will be left. Boy, after you die, don’t ever blame it on me. If you have to blame someone, just blame it on your bad luck that you ran into me.”

Sensing that the aura on Huang Xiang’s body had changed, Long Chen’s heart was secretly in shock.

“Will it be a much stronger attack than the [Wheel of Radiance]? ”

After all, the [Wheel of Radiance] was very powerful, and Long Chen clearly knew that. Last time, when he battled with Huang Xiang, he had been defeated by this Profound grade martial technique. However, after he had gotten the Profound grade martial technique, [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] ….

“You have a more powerful martial technique. However, I also have stronger moves. This time, let us finally see who is stronger. You, or I, Long Chen! ”

At that moment, outside the arena, Huang Feiyang’s gaze froze, and he smiled and said, “Ah Xiang is really going to use the [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death]!”

Just as Huang Feiyang’s voice sounded, Huang Xiang, who was within the arena, sneered. Suddenly, the Qi inside his body frantically surged outwards. It seemed to have formed a few of whirlwinds, which were rapidly revolving around him.

Within a split second, a vague, black and white colored tadpole-like rune formed a wheel of light on Huang Xiang’s body.

He charged towards Long Chen. It was an earth-shattering power that would make people feel suffocated. Although he sensed his opponent’s extremely powerful aura, Long Chen wasn’t discouraged!

“This move, when compared to the [Wheel of Radiance], should be at least 10 times stronger!”

Huang Xiang’s normally impassive face now transformed; his entire person seemed to have become like the overlord of heaven and earth, with both under his control. When the immensely profound attack gradually approached Long Chen, Long Chen momentarily found it difficult to move his body!

“That illusory wheel of rune and light is unexpectedly so strong…..but, if you have a Profound grade martial technique, why can’t I have one?!”

When Long Chen thought so, the blood-red colored Qi suddenly burst forth. It was as though he was burning up!

A formless Qi wave appeared on Long Chen’s body. It looked as though there was an invisible flame that was burning his body!

All the people present at the scene immediately felt the temperature of the whirlwind rising rapidly. Currently, it was already autumn, but due to Long Chen’s presence, the temperature of the surroundings had even become much hotter than summer.

“This is….” Wen Ya and the others were shocked.

At this moment, Long Chen’s eyes suddenly opened, and his blood-red pupils resembled a blazing fire. There was a tremendous aura that was emitted from his body, giving off a blazing aura.

In everyone’s point of view, Long Chen had become a sturdy statue of Yang element with endless abilities.

[TL Note: Yin and Yang element. Yang often represents the masculine force; it is strong, warm, forceful, active, bright, and creative. To have a more comprehensive understanding, head to this superbly detailed post by Ren of WuxiaWorld:

http://www.wuxiaworld.com/what-dao-heck-a-very-basic-primer-to-the-dao/ ]

A wave of heat rushed indiscriminately towards everyone. This time, everyone was astonished to see that a blood-red colored flame was rapidly forming on his right fist.

This blood-red colored flame was faintly quivering, fuelling Long Chen’s body, and causing his body to slightly vibrate. From this, one could see that Long Chen’s control over this attack was not very proficient. However, when compared to him, Huang Xiang was even worse. That black and white rune light wheel trembled so greatly that Huang Xiang was unable to even control it!

“Die! [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death]! ”

Being unable to completely control it, Huang Xiang could only barely form the [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death] before he charged towards Long Chen’s attack. However, Long Chen’s aura was not weaker than Huang Xiang’s!

By that time, the blood-red colored flame had completely covered Long Chen’s fist. Looking at Huang Xiang’s rapidly rotating [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death], Long Chen’s eyes flashed coldly as he immediately rushed forward, howling and throwing out his fist!


Immediately, the blood-red flame exploded with a loud bang, exploding against the [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death] and engulfing it.

“[Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist]… [Scarlet Flames Burning Heavens]! ”

At this moment, Long Chen’s attack rapidly rose to its peak. Originally, it was still able to withstand [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death]. However, when it actually exploded, the tremendous Qi instantly increased by several-fold.

Initially, the [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death] that was extremely dazzling had turned completely dull and lacked any brightness. Immediately after, Long Chen’s strong, berserk punch thoroughly shattered the attack. With his crazed roar, it immediately stunned Huang Xiang!

The violent attack immediately sent Huang Xiang flying. The turbulent power was constantly damaging his body. Huang Xiang violently spurted out a mouthful of blood, miserably falling down onto the ground while his entire face was covered in black blood!

His clothes were also burnt clean due to Long Chen’s attack. Now, Huang Xiang was burnt black all over his body, and the smell of cooked meat immediately wafted through the air. The source of this smell was naturally Huang Xiang, who was twitching.

Huang Xiang’s body hunched over in pain. Currently, he was hazily looking at Long Chen. After seeing that Long Chen was not injured in the least and that he himself was in such a tattered state instead, he simply felt as if he was dreaming and was totally unable to believe what had just happened.

Moreover, due to the acute pain in his body, Huang Xiang’s mouth started to foam before he fainted!

He simply couldn’t believe that the attack he was most confident in had completely lost under Long Chen’s hand. Additionally, it was a complete defeat!

He had always mocked Long Chen as a person from a small town who did not have any decent martial techniques. However, the [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] that Long Chen used just now was like a fierce slap to him!

Seeing Huang Xiang’s present condition, the remaining 8 participating competitors panted as if they lacked air, keeping quiet out of fear.

They all were rejoicing that they hadn’t become Long Chen’s opponent. Otherwise, they would have been the one that was collapsed on the ground, not knowing if they would be able to survive the attack.

Upon seeing this scene, Wen Ya’s lips and teeth were both trembling. He was shocked, seeing that Long Chen was still standing in the arena. He shivered uncontrollably and unexpectedly wasn’t able to say a single word.

“He…..defeated Huang Xiang’s [Heavenly Wheel of Life and Death]? How is it possible? He is only at the 8th level of the Dragon Pulse Realm! Could it be that this Long Chen is unexpectedly that talented? ”

At this time, after he had just used the [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist], Long Chen currently felt that his body was void of strength. A weary feeling immediately spread all over his body.

[Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] was an intermediate Profound grade martial technique. He was still at the 8th level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, but had used martial techniques like those used by an expert of the Human Dan Realm, so it was only natural that it consumed very large amounts of his strength!

At this moment, Long Chen was completely spent.

After having just defeated Huang Xiang, if he didn’t have any time to recover, Long Chen knew that he would be in deep trouble.

As expected, just when he had defeated Huang Xiang, an enormous aura suddenly appeared not far from him!

At this moment, Long Chen was simply unable to resist this aura. In a twinkle of an eye, it had approached beside Long Chen. Currently, Long Chen had only the tiniest amount of Qi left in his body, which was not at all sufficient to resist this attack!

Even if he was in peak condition, he still would not have been able to completely block the attacks of this person. Huang Feiyang!

After seeing that his brother was defeated to such a miserable state, his eyes immediately became red. He immediately seeked revenge, and even Wen Ya wasn’t able to stop him!

Previously, Xue Yuanzi’s attack had caused Ling Xi to consume 3 stalks of Dream Spirit Grass, so Long Chen’s only reaction now was to use his hand to firmly grasp onto the Lingxi Sword!

Lingxi, who was within the Lingxi Sword, was already was so anxious that her face paled, but Long Chen was covering his whole ear with his palm. If she were to be released from the Lingxi Sword, it would be at the cost of impaling Long Chen’s palm!

It was not possible for Lingxi to hurt Long Chen, so with that moment of hesitation, she had already lost the opportunity to help Long Chen!

By that time, Huang Feiyang’s attack had already arrived in front of Long Chen.

Within the Lingxi sword, Lingxi was so anxious that she started tearing up!

“Bastard, take your hands off! Take it off! ”

Despite her heart-rending yells, Long Chen did not respond whatsoever.

She was aware that Long Chen knew that she could only live for a few months. If Lingxi were to help him again, she most likely wouldn’t be able to live anymore. Long Chen would rather die than to see her sacrifice herself for him!

Ever since the battle for the Soul Diffusion Fruit where Lingxi had helped him once, Long Chen already calculated in his mind. He knew that in the future without sufficient spirit healing medicines, he absolutely could not allow Lingxi to help him anymore. Thus, he thought of this strategy, to use his palm to cover his ears!

At this moment, Long Chen was only able to cover his ear before he was struck and sent flying by Huang Feiyang’s attack.

This was when Long Chen was even in [Dragon Soul Transformation]. The first time he faced off against this attack squarely, he did not doubt that he would die from that attack. However, after forcibly taking Huang Feiyang’s attack head on, he realised that although he was in severe excruciating pain and his body seemed to have fallen apart like a broken kite, he was still some distance away from death’s door!

“The resistance of these dragon scales are actually so strong?”

This unexpected reward had left Long Chen in glee. However, the punch from Huang Feiyang still made him directly spurt out a mouthful of blood. He obviously had received severe internal injuries!

He crashed into the floor with a huge bang. Long Chen discovered that his hands and feet were already rigid. Although Huang Feiyang did not kill him with that strike, it had at least caused him to lose all of his fighting powers.

He would definitely die under another attack!

At this moment, Huang Feiyang had rapidly charged at him like a whirlwind!

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