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DBWG Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Revenge
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With a dragon’s cry, abundant Qi finally passed through the third Dragon Vein.

Qi violently thrashed within his four limbs. Long Chen had to spend a great deal of effort, as he first had to suppress the Qi then convert it completely, and only then could he absorb it for himself.

At this moment, his eyes flashed, apparently his cultivation speed has increased yet again compared to previously!

The Qi from the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, is actually several times stronger than the Qi from the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. If I happen to meet Yang Zhan again, coupled with my [Falling Star Fist], if he wants to defeat me, it will be difficult for him!

After entering the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, Long Chen gradually controlled his breathing, right now it was midnight, thinking about it there was still some time before the sunrise.

Today’s night was cloudless, the Milky Way filled the sky, it’s beauty was magnificent.

“The 18 Cosmos Paths, the 9 Daylight Roads and the 9 Twilight Roads. Rumor has it that the Cosmos Paths were formed by countless stars. If there ever comes a day where I can enter the heavens and take a look, it can be said that I have not lived my life in vain.”

“If the Milky Way is made of stars, then I will borrow the strength of the Milky Way and the stars, and continue to cultivate in the [Celestial Core Technique]!”

Originally Long Chen had borrowed the essence of some singular stars, but as he faced now towards the Milky Way, a torrential rush of starlight shone gloriously on his body.

“The starlight from this large amount of stars, is actually infusing into my blood, veins and bones, this speed compared to before must be at least a 100 times faster, those 9 Cosmos Paths as expected are formed by countless stars!”

While starlight was brimming him, Long Chen felt like he was being surrounded by so many stars, and all these miniscule stars’ essence converged onto his skin, and integrated with every inch of his body, Long Chen could feel that under the continuous tempering of the starlight his flesh was constantly becoming stronger.

This happened all the way until the sun had risen and was shining.

The starlight on his body was vanishing gradually. Long Chen jumped down from the roof, his eyes filled with excitement.

“After experiencing a night of refinement under the starlight, without taking any roundabout paths, right now I have actually reached the stage of Enlightenment for the [Celestial Core Technique]. This strength and dominance added with my Qi of the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm…… I, Long Chen compared to the me from yesterday, must be at least 10 times stronger!”

Long Chen smiled: “I can finally hold my head up high from this day forward. With [Celestial Core Technique] and [Falling Star Fist], I don’t believe I won’t be able to hold my own against Yang Zhan who is at the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm! Also for the rest of the people…..Their debts, I’ll make them pay slowly!”

Entering the house, Long Chen laid on the bed.

“A night without sleeping, it’s time for a rest, and when I wake up later, my vigor will be brimming, thus allowing me to take the next step of my cultivation plans.

“[Celestial Core Technique], if mastered, it should definitely be able to display a bigger amount of strength, the Qi from father’s Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant, which he gave me, was not little. My dantian’s Qi has increased faster than the others who cultivate, but I cannot limit myself to this training speed, I must cultivate, so as to obtain a Spirit Jade at the same time.

Spirit Jade, this is a kind of jade rock which can contribute to Dragon Pulse Realm cultivators, which contains a monstrous amount of essence from heaven and earth. Normally only the group of younger generations who have had splendid accomplishments will be rewarded by the elders with it.

“There’s still half a month left, I must obtain the [Seal of the Dragons], so I must at least enter the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Breaking through each level in the Dragon Pulse Realm becomes at least 10 times more difficult with each passing level. Yang Zhan has already been stagnant at the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm for over a year, if I want to enter the 5th level, I think it will not be easy, not to mention to achieve that in under a month……”

“I don’t care so much anymore. But for my father, for people not to despise me, and for that stinking woman, I will struggle!”

[TL Note: Stinking woman refers to his mother.]

In the early morning, Long Chen was awakened by some noise.

After entering the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, his awareness had grew once again. Even if anyone approached him from afar, he would be alerted by that person. Standing up, and getting himself ready by entering his peak condition, Long Chen smiled and walked out of the house.

Indeed, Yang Zhan had taken the lead, standing in front, and the ones following him, were a few of his, Yang family’s brothers and sisters, ages hovering between 14 and 15. But seeing how all were big and tall, it seemed like there were people who were even older than Long Chen.

Yang Zhan actually got a great number of people involved, which had surprised Long Chen.

After seeing how this boy did not show a hint of fear in front of such a large formation of people, Yang Zhan laughed coldly and said: ”Last night I said I will discipline you, so today surely I cannot eat my words. A little bastard like you has grown a bit stronger the past few days, and now you have become arrogant. Also, our Yang family’s brothers and sisters all do not like you, so they specially entrusted me to discipline you and teach you a few values of being a human.

Long Chen smiled faintly, saying: ”No wonder you have made such a huge commotion. I first thought you had stage fright but now I see that the more people you have the more daring you become!”

Long Chen under these circumstances, could actually still mock Yang Zhan, and shrewdly joke, those Yang family’s brothers and sisters were dumbfounded, not recovering even after a short while.

Is this still the bowed down, flattering and fawning trash?

Anger welled up within him, and flared up on Yang Zhan’s face in a second, the flames of hatred slowly erupting from him.

“Very good, you little bastard, you luckily gained some strength, no wonder you are different from the lackey you were before. Just after you defeated Chen Liu you naively thought that you are unrivalled under the sky. Today you have successfully angered me, brothers and sisters, tell me, what should I do?”

“Dispose of him!”

Hands rising in the air continuously.

Yang Zhan waved his hands, saying: ”Sorry, this is their suggestion, your performance today was not appealing to us. We are still better used to that dog lackey Yang Chen from before. So, today I will spend some effort, and correct you to your previous form!”

“Before thinking of beating me, stop grumbling nonsense like a little child, your speech is just dog fart to me. Right in the early morning you bring a huge group of people to my doorstep and then release your dog fart, it is somewhat unbelievable!”

Long Chen’s last sentence had pushed the final straw for Yang Zhan’s rage. For him who was always high up on a pedestal, Long Chen in his heart was just like a lice, and today he was actually humiliated by this lice, making him lose his decorum.

“Bastard, you are courting death! If I don’t dispose of you today, my name is not Yang Zhan!”

After saying this, his Qi exploded, the might of the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm pressured Long Chen’s body.

“They are getting into a fight!”

The people who were around had suddenly spread apart. On the court there was only Yang Zhan and Long Chen left now.

“This might, although it’s the same one from last night, but now it’s not able to make me retreat even half a step back!”

Although the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm was strong, Long Chen’s strength currently wasn’t bad either. With his whole body faintly suffused with starlight, and with the powerful Celestial Core which had been tempered by the starlight, he did not even feel the overbearing pressure of the opponent.

“A mere second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, and you dream of wanting to battle against me, you should pay a price for your ignorance!”

Like a whirlwind, Yang Zhan pressed towards Long Chen, continuously shouting. In a short time he had actually unleashed many punches, which Long Chen hurriedly avoided.

“Cheh, Yang Chen this fellow was acting so strong just now. I thought he had some trump card, but to think that once Brother Yang Zhan has acted, he is being beaten like a whimpering mouse.”

“He’s just making a fool of himself.”

The crowd around laughed loudly, pointing and discussing about the battle that was happening.

After once again dodging Yang Zhan’s hit, Long Chen eyed them, and cursed them: “What a bunch of donkeys.”

After that he smilingly looked at Yang Zhan, and mockingly said: “Yang Zhan, is this all you’re worth?”

Yang Zhan was in the actual battle, unlike those idiots in the crowd. Although Long Chen was escaping all the time, but his dodging had some real skill, not in the slightest clumsy. Yang Zhan used all his strength, but was still unable to hit his opponent. His mind roared in surprise.

“This isn’t right, he is only a second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, although his agility to dodge is not bad, but he definitely does not have any offensive techniques!”

“Thinking of this, Yang Zhan smiled coldly, he punched out one fist and shouted: ”You cowardly thing, all you know is to dodge like this? If you are a man, then fight me squarely for 1 round!”

Long Chen after a round of fighting, had more or less grasped the extent of Yang Zhan’s strength. In terms of the Qi amount, he is definitely inferior by several times.

Because of the enlightened stage of the [Celestial Core Technique], his attack & speed compared to the normal third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm was stronger by several times. His defense was even better. With these as insurance, Long Chen’s eyes flashed cold, then looked at Yang Zhan shouting and punched his fist. Not only did he not retreat, but he also sent a fist flying out.

“[Ferocious Tiger Punch!]”

“[Ferocious Tiger Punch!]”

The two tigers in the mountain had collided loudly!


Both parties retreated backwards with heavy steps, imprinting each and every footprint on the stone tiles. Behind Yang Zhan, there even was a stone tile which he had broken!

“What? How can his strength be this great!?”

“Yang Zhan finally steadied himself, and seeing Long Chen’s retreat to be even less than his, he was momentarily in disbelief. The Yang family’s brothers and sisters had their smiles frozen, as if being given a vicious slap!

“How was it? Did this punch fill your appetite? Yang Zhan, your [Ferocious Tiger Punch] isn’t such a big deal after all.”

Yang Zhan was suspicious in his heart.

“Only days before, he wasn’t a practitioner, but looking at him now, he was already in the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Being able to defeat Chen Liu showed that he had concealed his strength. This fellow right now has the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm? The fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, he had actually concealed it, what was his motive?”

Looking at Long Chen smile heartily at him, Yang Zhan’s anger had almost set his body on fire.

“Impossible, he cannot have such strength, it was definitely some dirty tricks in order to achieve this ending! He may know [Ferocious Tiger Punch], but for this next skill I’ll use, no matter how much he concealed before, or if he used any shameful methods, I will definitely kill him!”

Thinking of this, Yang Zhan shouted loudly. As if a meteor falling, he rushed towards Long Chen. This enormous might, which had pressured all those Yang family’s brothers and sisters into retreat, making them think: “Brother Yang Zhan is indeed extraordinary, he even learned this intermediate Huang level technique, [Falling Star Fist]. That fellow, under this [Falling Star Fist], will definitely not have a corpse left!”

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