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DBWG Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist]
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It was getting late and with Huang Xiang’s sudden departure, the matter was left unsettled.

Within a room in the inn, Long Chen held up the metal slate as he carefully examined it.

That metal slate was the one he had obtained from the Burning Heaven Mountain Plains.

“I have had this thing for a few days, but still haven’t had a chance to carefully analyse it. Xiao Xi, tell me, how do I make use of this thing?”

The fact that even with similar levels of strength, Long Chen still slightly lost to Huang Xiang and that made him feel extremely stifled.

In previous encounters, his martial techniques were always superior to others. He never thought that someone else would come out on top of him, especially when the other party was the one who initially provoked.

Even though he said nothing, Long Chen was in a foul mood.

Ling Xi had always been interested in the mysterious metal slate but never had the time to examine it. Now, she appeared from the Lingxi Sword, her tiny body circling the metal slate on the desk. Finally, she sat on the desk with her hands propping up her frowning face.

“What happened?”

“This is clearly the key to an inheritance, and you must wait until you find this legacy before you can use it. However, there is a trace of a barrier upon it, and it looks as if it hasn’t…”

Ling Xi clasped her delicate chin pondering while Long Chen left her to her thoughts. After a while, Ling Xi suddenly became excited as she exclaimed, “I got it, this is definitely a concealed barrier!”

“What is a concealed barrier?”

“It is a type of barrier that is difficult to detect because it requires concealment. When they laid the barrier only a minute amount of Qi was used. An average person would find it difficult to sense it in a barrier, but I, your Lady, is amazing!“

Ling Xi rolled her eyes at Long Chen.

Long Chen pretending to flatter her entreatingly, “Miss Xixi, you see…. ”

“Do you want me to help you undo it? It’s very simple. You just have to get me some spirit healing medicine. “

Long Chen promptly agreed: “Alright, alright, after I go to Yuanling City, I will immediately go to the Daybreak Merchants Union to buy you some medicines!”

Having gotten Long Chen’s assurance, Ling Xi snorted and focused wholeheartedly on breaking the barrier.

Originally, she liked to act wilfully and caused scenes. However, once she entered the work-mode, she immediately became incomparably serious. Long Chen too dared not disturb her and simply took advantage of this time to practice his cultivation.

After roughly a quarter of an hour, a tiny light formation appeared atop the metal slate.

Seeing the appearance of this light formation, Long Chen knew that the removal of the barrier was mostly done.

“Because it is a concealed barrier, only a small amount of Qi was used so it is relatively easy to remove it. Your lady, I, will be able to finish this in a bit!”

While in the process of carefully removing the barrier, Ling Xi’s lip curled as she smiled smugly at Long Chen, putting on a seemingly spiteful front.

During the Bai and Yang Family’s wedding reception, Long Chen had spoken to her harshly for the first time. Also in the battle over the Soul Diffusion Fruit, he had made her feel like a coward who was afraid of death. At this moment, she wanted to prove to Long Chen that she is still very useful!

“Next time, if you dare to say any more nonsense to me, then your lady, I, will not help you with anything!”

“Yes yes, Great Aunt, I am aware of my mistakes……”

Ling Xi was very easy-going and her eyes lit up as she hurriedly returned into the Lingxi Sword.

Just like the time she broke the barrier on the [Seal of the Dragons], as soon as she was finished she quickly returned to the Lingxi Sword.

“After opening the barrier, I also don’t know what will happen when it opens. Something may burst out instantaneously at that moment, which could be harmful to my soul so I must return immediately. ”

As for Long Chen, he focused intently on the metal slate. Suddenly, the metal slate emitted flames and burnt a large hole through the sandalwood desk. Moreover, the flames continued spreading outwards.

Long Chen’s body tensed; if this metal slate spread its flames explosively, much like in the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains, Yuanyang city would likely be destroyed.

Fortunately, the flames only spread out half a metre before stopping. The metal slate was engulfed by the ball of flame half a meter in diameter, as it floated in midair.

Long Chen wanted to know what was going on when suddenly the ball of flame took the rough shape of a man’s face. An immense yet mysterious aura suddenly surrounded Long Chen’s body.

The man’s image within this flame simply looked at Long Chen and then promptly faded away. However, his voice remained continuously echoing in Long Chen’s ear.

“You could find the concealed barrier… I guess your luck isn’t bad. I hope you will not waste my inheritance….”

This ancient voice gave Long Chen the shivers. Fortunately, it faded quickly, leaving Long Chen filled with doubts.

“Why would a man’s face appear within the flame?”

“Maybe it’s the residual consciousness of the man. He is most likely dead long ago. However, if he were capable of leaving behind a trace of himself on the metal slate, he must have been pretty good when he was alive…”

Ling Xi said solemnly.

Just as Ling Xi finished speaking, a change occurred in the flame. After the man’s face had faded, the flame slowly receded along with the raging heat gradually becoming wisps of fire. To Long Chen’s amazement, the fire transformed into small characters, etching themselves onto the metal slate.

The characters were like ants, densely etched on the metal slate. At the very least there were thousands of characters. Strangely, Long Chen could see each and every character clearly.

“This…is actually a cultivation technique! ”

Ling Xi’s voice sounded pleasantly surprised. Long Chen had long since been desperate for cultivation techniques and resources but he unexpectedly found something like this on the metal slate.

The characters flickered continuously on the metal slate, and Long Chen very quickly committed them to memory.

“It is an intermediate Xuan grade martial technique, [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist]”

Recalling the name of the skill from his head, Long Chen was shocked, before his face revealed a joyous expression.

At the moment, the flame on the metal slate had gradually diminished with the metal slate restoring back to its original appearance. Long Chen then placed it inside his cosmos pouch.

Long Chen slowly opened his eyes and laughed.

“[Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist], it came at the right time…. ”

“All creatures contain Yin and Yang. Yang as fire, Yin as water. The burning demonic sun and scarlet flames that burn the heavens, and the demon sun that pierces the earth….”

“[Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] is far more powerful than [Seal of the Dragons] and it is even better than the [Wheel Of Radiance] that Huang Xiang practices. If I were to guess, [Wheel Of Radiance] is only a low Profound grade martial technique. It cannot compare with the [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] which is an intermediate Profound grade martial technique, which can be regarded as a powerful existence…… ”

As Long Chen was carefully pondering the implications of [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist], he asked in a faint voice, “Xiao Xi, who is this man who left behind the inheritance? It seems that [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] is only the weakest of his martial techniques. However, it is already very extraordinary. ”

Ling Xi pursed her lips saying, “How would I know about this? [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist] is indeed not bad. When you manage to find more traces of his remains, the things you can obtain will be much greater. ”


Long Chen recalled the martial technique that Huang Xiang relied on to surpass him, and a faint sneer appeared on his face.

“Wait till I have learnt the [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist], we’ll see if you still dare covet my Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse!”

Right now, Long Chen clearly knew the state of his own strength. He was at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. However, he still had the Soul Diffusion Fruit. When he reaches the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, he could immediately breakthrough into the Deity Dan Realm. At that time, his strength would multiply by more than a hundred!

“Coupled with this intermediate Xuan grade [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist], my strength will then…. ”

Recalled the purpose for which he came to Yuanling City; the Yang family were now living under the shadow of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect had strong experts of the Earth Dan Realm. Once they found out, the Yang Family would probably be completely eradicated.

And as far as Long Chen was concerned, Yang Xueqing and Yang Lingqing were the most important to him and he would definitely give up his life to protect them.

“My current strength is still not sufficient! Starting from now is my only task! Those Crimson Blood Sacred Sect’s members are powerful and reputed to be vicious. They would likely not show any mercy to us Yang family….”

As he thought about the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, Long Chen felt as if a huge mountain was crushing on his heart and the pressure was suffocating.

Every part of his body began to feel restless. Like a malignant tumor, the desire to become powerful became deeply rooted in his heart.

“It is imperative that I participate in the Lingwu Family’s selection and succeed! I am at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and if I am able to display the strength of a person at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, I should be able to enter the Lingwu Family. This son of a bitch Huang Xiang who also wants to enter the Lingwu family, you just keep praying until the day you meet me, your father!”

Long Chen saw that there was still a lot of time till dawn. So, he closed his eyes and began to examine the [Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist].

At this moment, the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant in his sea of consciousness radiated a misty light, where traces of dusky light roved all over it. Long Chen immediately felt that his comprehension became so powerful that he was unhindered even when looking at those cryptic words.

“With this Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant, is there any martial technique under the sky that can baffle me?”

The night passed very quickly with Long Chen neglecting to eat and sleep. Very soon, the sky brightened with the sun at its zenith. Only then did Long Chen place the metal slate down.

“So the scarlet flames which burn the heavens appears like this….”

After cultivating, Long Chen was still reluctant to stop.

“We’re only two days away from Yuanling City, I think you’d better hurry. You haven’t acquired the spirit healing medicines that you promised me, your Great Aunt. Hmph!”

Seeing the adorable Lingxi pouting, Long Chen smiled wryly. “Alright, my Great Aunt, I will serve you right away!”

After walking down from the restaurant, Lingxi suddenly said, “Eh? Those people are looking at you with peculiar gazes. ”

Only after Ling Xi mentioned it, Long Chen began paying attention to the rest of the inn, where everyone present avoided his gaze, especially the waiter that was stark naked yesterday. After seeing Long Chen, he immediately ran away crying for his mother and father.

Long Chen momentarily grabbed hold of his collar, and as he begun to question him. The waiter sniveled: “Ma…Master, it has nothing to do with me, your horse was killed by Young Master Huang, it has nothing to do with me!”


Long Chen’s expression turned steely!

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