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DBWG Chapter 67

Chapter 67 – Profound Grade Martial Technique
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Looking at Long Chen’s threatening aura rising, Huang Xiang’s previous calm demeanour turned solemn.

He suddenly halted his footsteps and looked at Long Chen before he plainly said, “I initially thought that I can easily defeat you but now, you have the qualification for me to try out my newly acquired martial techniques on you.”

After Huang Xiang said those words, the people in the restaurant didn’t know what he was referring to but they knew that Young Master Huang Xiang had clearly grasped Long Chen’s abilities. So by testing his newly acquired martial techniques, it indicated that defeating Long Chen could also be done easily.

When Housekeeper Liu and the few guards heard that, their mood momentarily lit up and said in amazement. “Young Master actually wants to use that skill? That’s also right. That skill is incomparably powerful. After the Young Master had completely mastered that skill, it seems like he hasn’t had a real combat. This brat came at the right time and it’s also a good opportunity for the Young Master to practice his skills. This way it will be much easier for him to enter the Lingwu Family.”

The other guards hurriedly nodded their heads.

Although Housekeeper Liu spoke softly, Long Chen still heard it.

Before this. he had already faintly heard that Huang Xiang was entering the Lingwu Family. However, this time, he had heard it clearly.

“You want to enter the Lingwu Family too? Who knows if we’ll be rivals next time, so I will take this opportunity to get rid of you!”

However, when he thought about what Huang Xiang just said, Long Chen felt uncertain.

“With the new martial techniques he learnt, if it was an advanced Huang grade’s martial technique, there was not much point in saying out, but……”

This hostile situation could not be stopped at all.

Looking at Long Chen’s expression, Huang Xiang smiled sinisterly. “You have guessed it correctly. This is a Profound grade martial technique. You, who is a beggar from a small place, shouldn’t know what a Profound grade martial technique is, and have never even seen one before, right?”

His words were like a hammer that pounded heavily on Long Chen’s head. Long Chen suddenly realised that this was a very serious matter.

“The heirs from the big families will naturally have many secret scrolls and techniques. As for me, my strongest is only [Seal of the Dragons], how would I have a Profound grade martial technique?”

Long Chen knew his initial thought of advantage in using the [Dragon Soul Transformation] seemed to have no advantages against his opponent’s advanced Huang grade’s body refinement skills.

The amount of tenfold quality Qi was almost the same as his opponent’s. Furthermore from what he had said, Long Chen was also lacking a Profound grade martial technique!

Thinking about this, Long Chen’s brows deeply furrowed.

At this moment, he awakened from his thoughts. However, Huang Xiang didn’t give him a chance to remedy the situation. After speaking, Long Chen felt a pressure on his body that made him feel suffocated!

Qi on Huang Xiang’s body violently circulated. Very soon Long Chen saw that under Huang Xiang’s sinister preparations, an illusionary light appeared in both of his hands and rapidly whirled, and a wave of light rays was sent towards Long Chen!

Long Chen could not regain his balance immediately!

However, he didn’t show any sign of weakness. Although his opponent had an advantage over him, battles weren’t just a simple comparison between numbers!

At this moment, facing the powerful threat of the disk of light, Long Chen didn’t retreat but advanced instead. His body’s power violently erupted. Long Chen momentarily turned into a blood light and shot towards Huang Xiang!

Long Chen’s speed was almost the same as Huang Xiang’s maximum speed, so when he saw Long Chen moving towards him, Huang Xiang was greatly alarmed.

“This brat can actually keep up a similar speed with me. It seems like in the Qi aspect, he is not far from me. A Beast Warrior indeed has some unusual abilities. If not for this Profound grade martial technique, most likely he will be able to contend against me!”

His impressions of Long Chen greatly changed. Thinking of it now, although Long Chen’s appearance and disposition did not seem like much, but he had some abilities. After all, not just anyone can become a Beast Warrior.

“Even if you have some abilities, and you end up dying, it may stir some troubles. However you actually angered me, if I don’t teach you a little lesson, how can it match the style of me, Huang Xiang? With the next skill, you better pray for the best!”

Thinking which, Huang Xiang seemingly did not show mercy, and that radiant disk of light appeared in his hands once again. Momentarily, Huang Xiang also charged towards Long Chen, and the light in his hands emitted an immense aura, and the expressions of the crowd quickly changed!

That inn’s waiter was astonished by this scene. He became afraid as he said: “This Huang Xiang is so terrifying, if this skill was to hit the inn, the inn may very well collapse! This time, the brat will die for sure!”

He instantaneously looked at Long Chen, not expecting to see Long Chen’s body radiating a blood red light.

Long Chen hurriedly formed seals with his hands. Blood red Qi with the appearance of dragons formed and then suddenly turned into an image of a blood-red Dragon God. Suddenly, the nine Dragon Gods in the image intertwined and roared as they charged towards Huang Xiang!

Looking at Long Chen, Huang Xiang threw a strike with all his might!

“[Wheel Of Radiance]!”

The disk of light left his hands and headed towards Long Chen. At this moment, the image of the Dragon Gods let out a terrifying roar, and clashed with the disk of light!

“[Seal of the High Profound Dragon]!”

The super powerful energy from both sides dispersed in all directions. Moreover, the horses in the stable all whinnied from fear, and even the Housekeeper and the guards of the Huang Family had pale faces as they were rapidly pushed back!

For a few people on the other side, they were blown back and convulsed due to their proximity. As for the waiter, his robes were shredded into pieces and his hairy skin was revealed. However, he seemed not realise it and stared at the scene.

“What’s the matter? What happened earlier on? How did that kid manage to do such a powerful attack?”

Originally he thought that the brat would be finished this time. After all, an attack of that magnitude could almost destroy the inn. But he never thought that Long Chen’s move earlier could completely fend off Master Huang Xiang’s attack?

It seemed like the heavens were playing a prank on him.

“Even if he can withstand it, he will probably soon be on his deathbed. I just can’t believe that this bumpkin is able to make any accomplishment!”

He watched with a fixated stare at the fight. Long Chen and Huang Xiang had currently carried out a real confrontation. The two of them were forced backwards. There were a couple of footprints on the green stone floor.

Long Chen retreated ten metres. He managed to suppress his boiling blood with difficulty. However, his arm was still a little numb.

What made the crowd feel unbelievable was that Huang Xiang also retreated five meters. He also suppressed the boiling blood and looked in astonishment at Long Chen, who was not injured like he thought. He was speechless for a moment.

“I unexpectedly can’t get rid of him after using a Profound grade technique? How is this possible? Can it be that I still can’t fully use the power of the [Wheel Of Radiance]?”

Thinking about this, Huang Xiang was in a slight disbelief.

“Father told me that I have 80% mastery of this [Wheel Of Radiance]. As for the remaining 20%, it can be fully mastered after I enter the Deity Dan Realm. But why did this 80% [Wheel Of Radiance] did not finish off Long Chen. Can it be that his background does not differ much from mine?”

Watching Long Chen’s gradual recovery, Huang Xiang started to struggle with his thoughts.

“Father had instructed me not to create trouble. Moreover, this [Wheel Of Radiance] is unable to kill him. If I were to forcefully use that move, I’m afraid it might hinder my process into the Lingwu Family……Oh well, forget it. I will spare him, and even if he got lucky today, he will definitely die if he sees me again in the future!”

“If it wasn’t for the fear of consuming a lot of Qi by doing that move, this kid’s blood would definitely be splashed on the spot!”

Originally, the waiter from the inn thought that even if Long Chen was not to die, he would at least be severely injured after that attack. However, he was looking at Long Chen who seemed unscathed and gaped widely, with a shocked expression. The gap was enough to fit a fist in.

At that point, his clothes were torn and tattered, which looked very awful, but he was the only one who was unaware of it.

“I can’t believe there is actually a day where I am this ignorant. This kid had actually come prepared?”

Not only the inn’s waiter but even for the crowd, when they saw Long Chen still standing looking fine after the Profound grade martial technique, they were all shocked silly.

It was especially the case for housekeeper Liu. At this moment, his jaw almost touched the ground. He rubbed his eyes multiple times to confirm that he hadn’t seen wrongly. He looked astonishingly at Long Chen with his face filled with disbelief.

“This is impossible! The Young Master is a ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator. Even the old master had said that he was unbeatable among the Dragon Pulse Realm. Why is it that he hasn’t been able to kill a person who is at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm?”

Long Chen’s performance had brought a big change to the audience’s perspective.

At this moment, Long Chen forcibly fended off the most powerful attack of Huang Xiang and remained unscathed, which made the people around him be in shock. They all placed Long Chen in a position not far away from Huang Xiang in their hearts, so they did not dare to speak any more.

As for Huang Xiang, he gave Long Chen a cold stare. His previous attack did not kill Long Chen, so he deemed it pointless to continue. He no longer had any interest towards the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse after Long Chen spoilt his mood.

This horse that he fancied was merely out of interest.

Once again giving Long Chen another look, Huang Xiang shrugged his shoulders, leaving the crowd as he headed back into the inn.

The Housekeeper’s guards naturally followed behind, however as they looked into the eyes of Long Chen, it was as though looking at a dead person.

“Young Master is not speaking and this means he is really furious. However why is Young Master not attacking?”

“I’m not sure either, but this kid is definitely not going to make it!”

Looking at Huang Xiang who just headed upstairs without any indication after his attack had been blocked; Long Chen was clueless to what he was thinking.

“I presume he was too embarrassed to stay here any longer after his strongest move was defeated by you.” Ling Xi said plainly.

However, Long Chen thought otherwise.

“He should be participating in the upcoming Lingwu Family’s outer family selection and was afraid of impairing his chances of entering. This fellow seems to be good at planning and is even able to swallow this down. However how can I, Long Chen, let him bully me like that?”

“You don’t have a choice. You’re not inferior to him in any way. The only difference that you lose out to him was the lack of an offensive martial technique. If you also have a Profound grade martial skill, he may possibly be not your match.”

“Profound grade martial technique huh……”

Long Chen’s eyes narrowed.

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