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DBWG Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – Wrestling Possession!
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If he had other choices, Long Chen wouldn’t have offended Huang Xiang.

However, Yang Lingqing used an entire night entering the Big Barren Mountain alone to prepare him this gift. Allowing someone else to forcefully buy it away was impossible.

Yang Xueqing reminded him that if he was not strong enough, he must keep a low profile while travelling.

Long Chen did not want to get into a conflict with Young Master Huang Xiang but he was not one to be easily bullied. The Housekeeper Liu was already giving him vicious gazes at that moment. Long Chen plainly smiled and sincerely said, “To tell you the truth, this Horse is extremely important to me so I can’t sell it. If the Young Master really want one, he can catch another. I doubt that it will be difficult.”

If he was at Poplar town, if someone were to look at his things and just took it, Long Chen would definitely charge at him without any hesitance.

However, he was on his own in another town, and shouldered a heavy responsibility. Therefore, his actions reflected his maturity.

But if he just continued to give in, people would naturally think that he was easy to bully so after they gained an inch, they would want a foot.

[TL Note: Idiom(得寸进尺) – “Gain an inch and want a foot” means to be insatiable]

Housekeeper Liu initially thought that he could easily send Long Chen away to prevent disturbing his Young Master’s good mood. He never would have thought that Long Chen would go against him.

He had already developed murderous intents for Long Chen. At that moment, he indicated to the few guards. Housekeeper Liu said icily, “From what you are wearing, you must be of a low class status yet you don’t have foresight and knowledge. My Young Master is the direct heir of the Huang Family in one of the Ten Great Citadels of Yuanling City, Huangyun Citadel. I will give you another chance to get lost. If not, not only you, but all of the people related to you will die a terrible death.”

Long Chen was not one to be intimidated by others, so after sizing up Housekeeper Liu, he formulated a plan in his mind.

‘The housekeeper and the few guards’ ability were only at the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm so they aren’t my match. However, it looks like the fact that they are of the Huang Family in Huangyun City is true. I can’t afford to offend such factions. Furthermore, this Huang Xiang should be at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. But this is a gift from Lingqing so no matter whom it is, they can’t take it away…….’

As a result Long Chen’s mood darkened, he looked coldly at the housekeeper and said: “Everybody, I already said that this Horse matters a lot to me, does anyone still insist in seizing my possession here at Yuanyang City?”

At that moment, many people saw Long Chen and a group of people in a dispute, thus surrounded them to watch.

The waiter from the inn noticed that this silly donkey Long Chen unexpectedly broke into a fight with the other party, and hurriedly pulled back, smartly distancing himself from Long Chen. He was immediately questioned by people about what was happening.

The waiter scoffed and pointed at Long Chen: “This little boy is a country bumpkin, that well-dressed Young Master clearly comes from a well-to-do family and wants to buy his Horse but he rejects him. The two pieces of Deity Jade, if it is some other fifth level Huang grade demonic beasts; they will be enough to buy a hundred of them! Tell me, is he not stupid?”

A few bystanders saw Long Chen’s annoyed look, and instantly nodded their heads.

The innkeeper was a middle-aged man with a long beard, and he was stroking his beard at that moment. He looked at Long Chen and said: “It must be this young man’s first time outside, and does not know his limits, let him suffer this time around so he can understand the ways of the world. However, if the other party were to punish him severely, he may be done for, for the rest of his life.”

Other guest from the inn nodded. “From his dressing, he must be a child from a small town. He doesn’t know how to restrain himself after coming to a big city. If he dies, it can only be blamed on his parents for not telling him how large the outside world is.”

Long Chen looked very young and seemed to have some talents. The remorseful thing was that he was too ill tempered. The people looking at the situation anticipated what was going to happen as they shook their head.

However, Young Master Huang was a noble so they also didn’t dare to stop the fight.

After hearing Long Chen’s words, Housekeeper Liu was already in a towering rage.

When he wanted to make his move, Young Master Huang Xiang had already shifted his gaze from the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse to Long Chen. His originally elated face had instantly turned incomparably gloomy. He moved away from his guards and was soon standing in front of Long Chen.

Housekeeper Liu hastily said, “Young Master, you can just continue looking at the Horse. You will not need to deal with a small brat like him. This stupid donkey is a small matter, but to make your mood turn bad is a big matter…..”

Huang Xiang stared at Long Chen for a while before he indifferently said, “All of you move out of my way. This small fellow should be a talent from some small town. For him to be arrogant, it is normal. Haven’t I also walked on that path that year? However, he is indeed not your match or your subordinates. Since I am going to enter the Lingwu family, I can use him as a way to train my skills.”

“But….Young Master, this small character needs you to deal with him personally. I….”

“It does not matter. Old Liu, you can just go to the side. I also won’t blame you.”

Seeing the master and subordinate chatting among themselves, completely ignoring him, Long Chen was already in a rage.

This Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse was his after all. His opponent wanting to seize it was already pushing the limit and now they were also showing a condescending attitude.

Ever since Long Chen had his Dragon Jade, his power had gradually become stronger. He had never been angered to this state.

Thus, he coldly laughed.

After Huang Xiang heard his laughter, he turned to face him. At that moment, a strong power had already gradually surged out of his body!

Long Chen had originally thought that Huang Xiang was a spoilt brat. He never would have thought that he was pretending to be weak!

Currently, his power surged out; a pair of cold eyes like a leopard’s was looking at Long Chen. Instantly, a strong pressure was on Long Chen’s body.

“A plebeian at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm dares to spoil my mood. Your guts aren’t small…..”

Long Chen was not afraid at all even after he saw Huang Xiang’s move. He even rebuked him, “My guts are indeed not small. It is at least ten fold of your oval eggs.”

Long Chen’s mocking meaning was understood by everyone at the scene.

Everyone chuckled at first but then again they were afraid of Huang Xiang’s rage falling on them, so they did not dare to laugh.

After calming down and thinking back to Long Chen’s guts, everyone shook their heads.

“That child, with such a personality, he won’t be able to live long.”

Huang Xiang originally wanted to kill Long Chen as Long Chen had excessively dampened his mood. However, Long Chen unexpectedly rebuked him and even dared to mock him indirectly. This made him extremely angry!

“Brat! You’re seeking death!”

Initially, he didn’t want to kill someone in broad daylight, but after Long Chen’s statement, Huang Xiang’s killing intent for Long Chen was extremely obvious. A power from the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm exploded out. This immediately made the crowd retreat!

“Young Master Huang’s age shouldn’t be over twenty and actually has such cultivation. He is really a genius!”

“With his family background, how can that brat compare to him?”

The waiter of the restaurant, who saw Long Chen swaying under Huang Xiang’s power, revealed a knowing expression.

When he had received Long Chen, he had already looked down on him. He had been working at this restaurant for almost ten years. His ability to look at a person’s ability had already been brought to the point of perfection and had never been wrong about it.

As he looked at Huang Xiang, Long Chen was inwardly astonished. He had already killed two experts of the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, Bai Sheng and Bai Li. He had also effortlessly defeated them. However, Huang Xiang, who was at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, was much stronger than them!

“This fellow’s family background is better than yours. In comparison with the Bai and Yang families, they are like beggars to his. With such a family, he surely will have limitless skills in his family. He seems to have trained in an advanced Huang grade body reinforcement martial technique. His body is much stronger than your [Celestial Core Technique]. You must also be careful when fighting later. If Bai Sheng and Bai Li were in his hands, they won’t be able to fight back at all!”

Hearing Lingxi’s serious remarks, Long Chen become cautious.

When everyone moved out of the way and stared unblinkingly at the situation, housekeeper Liu and the other guards can also finally see the Young Master’s moves and were extremely excited about that!

“How can you, a beggar that came from a small place, know the extent of a large family’s powers?”

After he said that, Huang Xiang’s figure flashed and was heading flying towards Long Chen.

Long Chen eyes squinted instantly as he felt that he had a little difficulty locking onto Huang Xiang’s figure!

“This is a body martial technique! Your Poplar Town doesn’t seem to have techniques like these. However, his motion fighting technique is not exceptional. It is only at the intermediate Huang grade!”

After hearing Lingxi’s explanation, Long Chen got a little nervous.

He initially thought that Huang Xiang could be easily defeated like Bai Sheng and Bai Li. But when he thought about it now, he had really previously made an extremely wrong judgment!

“My [Dragon Soul Transformation] with a tenfold quality of Qi made me not place anybody in my eyes. Even if there are experts two levels above me, I thought that I will be able to defeat them. However, now when I think about it, I am really viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. There are numerous powers much stronger than the Bai Family’s. The resources they hold are much more. If can fight with experts above my grade, they can also do the same!”

Thinking of it now, Long Chen already understood that when he defeated Bai Li, who was at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and he was at the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, it was not due to him being extremely powerful but rather Bai Li’s actual strength hadn’t reached the real standard of an expert at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

As for Huang Xiang, he was considered to have reached the actual strength of a ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, which was higher by a grade than Long Chen!

As for Huang Xiang, not only did he know body martial technique, he also trained in advanced Huang grade body reinforcement martial technique. Long Chen stood before him without any advantages!

Thinking about that, Long Chen’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

However, this didn’t mean that he was scared of his opponent’s strength. This only meant that his prey had risen up to a level that he could completely use his entire strength against.

As long as his opponent wasn’t a person that was an overpowering existence, Long Chen should be able to deal with him!

Huang Xiang used movement to head towards him. His footsteps were unpredictable. This also made it hard for Long Chen to lock on his position. The only solution he could think of was to rapidly retreat. As he retreated, Long Chen had unexpectedly used his [Dragon Soul Transformation] that he initially didn’t think of using.

When the blood red scales appeared and Long Chen’s aura rose by several times, the crowd that was watching the fight, became a little dazed. The waiter of the restaurant looked left and right before awkwardly saying, “It is just a shape shifting ability. It isn’t worthy to be astonished by that. Haha, it isn’t something to be astonished by…….”

Housekeeper Liu was shocked but quickly heaved a sigh of relief as he thought: ‘Experts who were at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had always been defeated by the Young Master. Moreover, this is a person at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. It will be alright. It will definitely be alright…….’

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