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DBWG Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – The Ten Great Citadels
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With the Ebony Scaled Horse’s speed, it would take Long Chen approximately ten days or so to get from Poplar Town to Yuanling City.

He had been travelling half the time while carrying along a sufficient amount of goods with him so he basically never entered the cities that he passed along the way.

Eight days later, there stood a gigantic city with towering walls that seemed quite formidable. Originally, Long Chen thought he had arrived at Yuanling City. When he took a closer look, however, he realize that it was merely one of the Ten Great Citadels by the side of Yuanling City, Yuanyang Citadel.

There were many people with impressive auras and profound eyes walking along the street of Yuanyang Citadel, glancing at the eye-catching merchandise. There were obviously many experts in this area.

“No matter in terms of goods or cultivation this Yuanyang Citadel is superior to Poplar Town by at least a hundred times! To think that it is only a small citadel by the side of Yuanling City!”

Long Chen loudly exclaimed in his thoughts.

Seeing this disappointing act by Long Chen, Lingxi berated: “You country bumpkin who has not seen the world! Wait till you see an Emperor’s Domain, then you know what huge really is!”

What is an Emperor’s Domain?”

“I am not going to tell you!”


A bustling inn stood right in front of them that was much taller, several times so, compared to the famous “Rising Sun Inn” in Poplar Town. Seeing the beautiful architecture of this building, he couldn’t help but gasp as he walked into the inn.

“It is rather shameful to be seen with him.” Lingxi noted in her heart.

What she did not realise was that to an outsider it was only Long Chen who had stepped into the inn. As for Lingxi, she was only a soul in an earring.

A waiter came up to welcome him quickly. His eyes were extremely sharp and, looking at Long Chen’s apparel, he gathered that he was some kind of wealthy child from a small town.

Although he was regarded as a wealthy child, in Yuanyang Citadel he was not well accepted and because he had no servants with him, he was disregarded even more. Thus, the waiter spoke with more confidence and a little more brazenly.

“Guest, are you here for a short break or to stay?”

In Poplar Town, Long Chen would normally be welcomed warmly at the inns and greeted with smiling expressions. This waiter’s performance was an unexpected first for him.

However, Long Chen was aware that his current identity was not of any valued status and that keeping a low profile was the best option. Therefore, he did not bother with these lowly people and simply said: “Take my horse to feed while only using the best grains! After that bring me some good dishes, it is late so I want to stay for the night.”

Upon seeing Long Chen’s Ebony Scaled Horse the waiter was instantly alarmed. He thought to himself: “This country bumpkin can even tame this kind of strong horse. It seems he is rather capable. I have to be cautious at the inn and avoid being disrespectful to him. It is wiser to serve him better!”

Thinking about this, he hurriedly portrayed a flattering smile and ordered the stable lad to bring Long Chen’s horse to feed. He then brought Long Chen up to the second floor, to a position where he could lean against a window.

Long Chen glanced out of the window and saw the stable lad of this inn tying up the Ebony Scaled Horse properly and preparing to feed it.

This was his Sister Yang Lingqing’s gift to him.

Every time he looked at this beast, there was a sweet feeling in his heart. At this time, he instructed the waiter saying some things which advised them to treat the Ebony Scaled Horse with the utmost care.

“You can be rest assured; our stable lads are all cultivators. Their cultivation levels are not ordinary and they have many years of experience in rearing horses. When you see your horse tomorrow, your Ebony Scaled Horse will definitely be much stronger!”

After the manservant withdrew he asked:

“Guest, is there any matter?”

As Long Chen was eating, he asked plainly: “Do you know Yuanyang Citadel well? Do you know if there is any medicine with spirit healing properties nearby?”

The manservant was at a loss, stating: “I have been living in the Yuanyang Citadel since young but I don’t really know about medicine with spirit healing properties. You have asked the wrong person for this, my guest.”

Long Chen frowned.

As Lingxi looked at that fellow from within the Lingxi’s sword, only to find him worrying about her matters, her heart felt warm.

“Where do you think I would be able to find these medicines?”

After thinking for a while, the waiter said: “Yuanyang Citadel does not have any spirit medicine market but I know that the Daybreak Merchant Union has everything a cultivator needs. From martial techniques to spirit medicines, weapons and other various interesting items, if you have money, you can buy anything. As for those spirit medicines, I would imagine that there are as many as you need, only that……”

The manservant sized up Long Chen before emphasizing, “The most important thing to have before heading there is money. If you want to buy something from the Daybreak Merchant Union, if you don’t have a few tens of deity jades you won’t be able to buy anything….”

From his actions, he apparently thought that Long Chen was from a low class place that wouldn’t have much money.

“Daybreak Merchant Union?”

Long Chen didn’t care about this petty person who looked down on people, so he allowed him to withdraw himself.

“Anyways, we are heading to Yuanling City. We will make our goal the Daybreak Merchant Union in the future. However, I currently only have a single deity jade. In terms of spirit jades, grandfather has also given me some but it wasn’t much…..”

Lingxi used a rare gentle tone: “Hey! Why are you in such a rush? We still have approximately two months’ time. I have always survived under these conditions and what’s more, I have you now.”

Long Chen chuckled. “Xiao Xi, you are saying such dubious words. Do you by any chance have designs towards me? Tell me honestly: have you been captivated by my handsome look and are prepared to find the opportunity to marry me?”

“Bullshit! I wouldn’t fall for such an ugly person like you! You’re so disgusting!”

While Long Chen and Lingxi were chatting happily, there was a group of people on horses that stopped on the main street in front of the restaurant.

Their leader was a person wearing luxurious bright-yellow clothes and tall black battle shoes. He was an awe-inspiring young man.

He was roughly twenty years old but his expression was very cold and his gaze sharp, like lightning. HIs gestures had the dominance of a mighty noble.

The waiter that served Long Chen earlier went forward and welcomed him eagerly, wearing a flattering expression as he greeted the guest. Although the noble youth’s face was extremely condescending, the waiter still continued to smile.

“Servant, take our horses and feed them. It must be the most experienced stable lad, using the best grains. You also have to prepare the best dishes. If your service is good, you will have benefits.”

Beside the noble and extravagantly dressed young master, there was a bony housekeeper that was busy with the preparations for settling in. Only after that was taken care of did he then bring the young master into the inn. At this moment, however, the youth showed an expression of glee and blandly said: “Waiter, bring me to your stable.”

The group of people quickly reached the horse stable which was not far from Long Chen’s window.

With one look, that young master immediately noticed the spirited black horse in the stables with scales. This was Long Chen’s Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse.

Seeing this Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse, the young master’s eyes flashed as he said: “You wear out iron shoes in the hunting ground, when all the time it’s easy to be found! The heavens are really good to me, Huang Xiang. Old Liu, isn’t this the rare fifth Huang Grade demonic beast, the Ebony Scaled Horse?”

Housekeeper Liu too sized up the horse and then exclaimed: “Sure enough! This horse is extremely spirited and the colour of the fur is pure, the scales are also lined properly. It is the most excellent amongst the Ebony Scaled Horse. Congratulations, Young Master, for actually acquiring such a great horse in Yuanyang capital!

The other servants all praised him.

Huang Xiang was extremely elated. He walked up to prepare taming this fierce horse.

At this moment, the Ebony Scaled Dragon Horse was being looked at by everyone and was extremely unhappy. The horse coldly looked at the crowd and its eyes gradually began turning blood shot.

“Be good little horsey, meeting me is your destiny. If you listen to me, Master Huang, obediently, I will definitely treat you well!”

With his face full of excitement, Huang Xiang slowly got closer to the Ebony Scaled horse.

However, the waiter beside seemed to be at a loss.

He knew that the owner of this horse was Long Chen. However, this young master Huang Xiang’s background seemed to be much higher than his. Since he deduced that Huang Xiang is the one that shouldn’t be messed with, the waiter knew what he had to do.

He eagerly ran in front of Huang Xiang and flattered: “Young Master, it seems like you really like this horse. However, it belongs to one of the other guest. Why don’t I persuade him to give it to you now?”

Huang Xiang was startled and was seemingly annoyed as he said: “Did such a good horse already have an owner? Ordinary folks will only sully this good horse. However, my father warned me to exercise restraint in public. Old Liu, take two deity jades and hand it to the owner.”

Hearing “two deity jades” the waiter’s eyes flashed and he silently exclaimed that this was indeed a young master with background since he was able to take out two deity jades this easily……”

Housekeeper Liu hurriedly agreed and was about to follow the waiter but by now Long Chen had already jumped down from the window. He was able to clearly see the whole scene made by Huang Xiang, who favoured his horse, from the windows vantage point.

“Even though this Huang Xiang is only slightly older than me, his abilities are actually stronger than Grandfather’s..….”

Even though he was startled, Long Chen wasn’t fearful of him.

He had always been living in the small place like the Poplar town and hadn’t seen the world. As he looked at Huang Xiang, he was even more aware that there would always be someone stronger than him.

Seeing Long Chen arriving, the waiter hurriedly received him while using a flattery-filled voice as he hinted towards Long Chen and said: “This guest here, our Young Master Huang, wants to use two deity jades and buy your horse. One must know, this Ebony Scaled Horse is merely of the fifth Huang grade and not even worth half a deity jade, but our Young Master Huang……”

From the words from the servant, it was as though Long Chen had actually made a profit.

As for that Young Master Huang, he continued to gaze at the horse in admiration without bothering to look at Long Chen at all. However, Housekeeper Liu glanced at Long Chen and then indifferently took out two deity jades from a cosmos pouch and threw it at him.

In the end, he added another sentence: “Quickly take the deity jades and go away. If our young master were to think that you were riding such a good horse, he might even break your legs.”

After he said that, he no longer looked at Long Chen.

‘Ting! Ting!’ Two pure white deity jades fell on the ground. However, Long Chen didn’t extend his hand to obtain them.

The servant was instantly startled and snapped out of his shock. He thought of rebuking him as he muttered: “He is really useless. He can’t even hold on to the two deity jades.”

Only after hearing that the deity jades had actually clattered on the floor did Housekeeper Liu turned around and sized up Long Chen carefully. When he saw the ridicule in Long Chen’s eyes, he was first startled then he laughed.

“Don’t you know that the circumstances of not being tactful will lead to a bad ending?…… Brat, you don’t even understand this logic?”

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