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DBWG Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – Setting Off
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“I previously heard from someone that if you join the Lingwu Family, they will specially arrange to exterminate the enemies of the newly joined members. Although the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is much stronger than us, against such a colossal monster like the Lingwu Family it is not enough to even fill the gaps between its teeth.”

Every member of the Yang Family listened attentively to Long Chen’s words.

At this moment, Founder Yang raised his head and asked: “Chen Er, are you sure about this?”

Long Chen nodded his head solemnly and said: “There is no longer anyone here in Poplar Town that is our match. One reason for my decision is the expansion of my growth. As for the other, it is to deal with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. Therefore, I have already made up my mind.”

Founder Yang knew exactly how great Long Chen’s strength was right now. At least below the Human Dan Realm, there were no opponents for him anymore.

It was well known that a genius can only grow in a stressful environment. If Long Chen stayed in a small town like Poplar Town he might only have this small level of achievement throughout his entire life.

Looking at the other Yang Family members once again, Long Chen could see their touched and unwilling expressions.

At this moment, Long Chen’s proposal to go to the Lingwu Family was mainly for the Yang Family. He had been thinking of how to save everyone and this time he even decided to travel on a long journey to find the solution. They all felt extremely moved and appreciative of his actions.

To tell the truth, in the past the Yang Family members treated Long Chen horribly but he was able to let bygones be bygones, which made all of them respect him.

“Since this is the case, Chen Er when do you plan to leave?”

“The threat of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is still imminent, so it cannot be delayed. I wish to leave tomorrow. Grandfather, do try your best to use the Soul Diffusion Fruit and enter the Deity Dan Realm. With that, when the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect sends some of its people to come and investigate, our Yang Family will have some form of resistance. I will make haste and quickly enter the Lingwu Family.”

“So you’re leaving tomorrow?”

Both Yang Xueqing and Yang Lingqing felt extreme reluctance.

After the battle of the Soul Diffusion Fruits Yang Xueqing’s and Long Chen’s relationship had mended.

“The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is located in Yuanling City. I think that after I enter Yuanling City it will be easier for me to understand them better. Therefore, I have decided to leave at dawn tomorrow.”

The Yang Family members nodded their heads and, since Long Chen had already decided, they, naturally, did not object.

Now, with Long Chen taking the vanguard against the threat of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, they were a little more relieved.

Although they knew that Long Chen was not yet a match for the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, they still found solace in their hearts.

The night descended quickly.

Long Chen was in his room packing his belongings and suddenly there was a knock on the door. As he opened it, he noticed Yang Xueqing standing outside and she asked: “Can I come in?”

Long Chen smiled and said: “Of course you can. What mother is not allowed in her son’s room?”

With Long Chen’s smiling expression the atmosphere around the two turned lively. Yang Xueqing sat on the wooden chair and, as she was about to speak, Long Chen said: “Don’t even think about apologising. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. Currently, I also no longer blame you for that. I am leaving tomorrow but you don’t have to miss me too much. Isn’t it just only Yuanling City? I can return home anytime.”

Yang Xueqing looked at this imp and rolled her eyes saying: “What nonsense are you saying? The Lingwu Family is governing the whole of the Yuanling City and the security is extremely tight over there. How could you enter and leave as you please? Chen Er, I come here only to tell you that when you get there you must do your best to restrain yourself. If you make a huge mess while your strength is not enough, sooner or later you will suffer.”

“The Lingwu Family is such a colossal existence after all. Rumours have it that there are experts who are over the Deity Dan Realm. These experts are existences that can destroy the heaven and earth. Although, right now, you are number one in Poplar Town, when you get to Lingwu Family you will be at the bottom of the ladder. I do not wish you dead, so you must be extremely cautious……”

Seeing the worried expression on Yang Xueqing’s face, Long Chen was extremely moved and noted her words in his mind.

“Experts who are over the Deity Dan Realm? Existences that can destroy the heaven and earth? How terrifying would that be? I admit it; I have been a little arrogant after my quick progress in cultivation. It seems like I have to tone down a little. No matter where I go, there will always be people stronger than me.”

Hence, Long Chen nodded his head while saying: “En, I have already remembered all of your words. Please be at ease. As long as I am around there will be nothing happening to the Yang Family.”

When Long Chen said those words, Yang Xueqing suddenly felt that he was a man with an indomitable spirit.

Such a feeling caused her to be a little flustered. She thought back to the days when she was pregnant with Long Chen, feeling as if it was just yesterday. In this short span of time, Long Chen had grown up. Though everything else remained the same, her son had changed completely.

“Alright, I will say no more. Please sleep early, I am heading back….”

Saying which, Yang Xueqing stood up to leave. She was afraid that if she stayed any longer her heart would be unwilling to leave.

“Mother……” Long Chen subconsciously called out to her.

Yang Xueqing was startled. She smiled sweetly as she promptly replied: “My purpose for coming here was because I longed to hear you call me. It has been so long since you last called me that way……”

“There will be many more chances in the future. Who knows when you will begin to find it vexing to hear after hearing it so frequently?”

Yang Xueqing lovingly looked at him and laughed: “The way you call me, even if I grow old till death, I will never find it bothersome.”

When she finished speaking, she did not linger and headed outside. Suddenly, she turned her body and said: “I saw that girl, Lingqing, sneaking out of the residence a while ago. I don’t know where she went but she said that it is to prepare a gift for you.”

Yang Lingqing?

This silly girl. She unexpectedly mastered one of the moves of the [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash] and also killed Bai Shichen today. Long Chen was extremely impressed.

His relationship with Yang Lingqing was extremely great and, seeing that he was about to go to Yuanling City, this girl should have been very reluctant.

“What gift is she getting me?”

Holding on to this thought after Yang Xueqing left, Long Chen started packing the things inside his cosmos pouch.

With regards to his financial situation, he barely had a deity jade. Although he was still considered wealthy in Poplar Town, when he goes to Yuanling City he will be as poor as a pauper.

There were also a few energy cores but they belonged to a few Demonic Earth Hounds and the Phantom Star Wolf and could not be sold for a lot. The only item that was of value was that single Soul Diffusion Fruit that he had.

“Right now, I’m still in the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. I am unable to use this Soul Diffusion Fruit and am completely unable to deal with the vicious people of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. However, if I were to enter the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm I could immediately consume this Soul Diffusion Fruit and enter the Deity Dan Realm. With my Dragon Soul Qi of tenfold quality and [Dragon Soul Transformation], at that moment my battle strength will definitely increase by a substantial level!”

“Crimson Blood Sacred Sect……”

Founder Yang was thinking of giving a number of deity jades to Long Chen. However he had rejected them as he rationalized that these few pieces of deity jades at Yang family was much more useful than giving them to Long Chen.

“Hey, how much longer can your Dream Spirit Grass last?”

Lingxi calculated, and said worriedly: “Previously, there were six stalks of Dream Spirit Grasses but three were used up in the last battle. If there is no further mishap we can still manage for another two months or so…..”

Long Chen knew about Lingxi’s concern for him. Should there be any attacks that were irresistible, she would definitely come to his rescue. However, these three stalks of Dream Spirit Grass were barely sufficient for Lingxi and perhaps they were only sufficient for one more attack.

Deep down in his heart, Long Chen was unwilling to allow Lingxi to help.

“In the next two months, I will try not to get into any dangerous situations and at the same time find more medicine with spirit healing properties.”

Long Chen became distressed thinking about all these things.

Protecting the Yang Family and the survival of Lingxi’s life had become two of his mission that must be accomplished.

“Lingxi’s current situation is still extremely dangerous. It seems that I will need to invest more time and effort in this matter. This silly girl, how can i bear to let her leave me……”

“Speaking of which, I, Long Chen, am still very poor……”

After understanding this fact, the allotted time gradually passed. Long Chen once again packed some clothes and luggage. He opened his room’s door and saw that the Yang Family members were already outside waiting.

He quickly scanned through the crowd. Realising Yang Lingqing was not there, Long Chen hurriedly asked: “Where is Lingqing?”

Yang Yuntian forced out a smile, shaking his head, and said: “This silly girl said she was preparing a gift, but has yet to return. If you need to leave now, I’m afraid she will not be able to send you off.”

“Let’s go outside first to continue our talk.”

Long Chen was clueless as to what Yang Lingqing was up to. Under the various questions of worry and concern showered on to him, Long Chen and the rest very quickly left the Yang residence. It was at that moment that the sun began to rise and mild golden sunlight shone down on the earth, extending to Long Chen’s feet.

The crowd waited for a while, however Yang Lingqing was nowhere in sight. With a heart filled with anxiety, as soon as Founder Yang moved to ask Long Chen to stop waiting, the cry of a horse came sounding from the distant horizon.

Long Chen looked afar and spotted this silly girl, Yang Lingqing, who was rushing over to the crowd on a two metre tall majestic horse. Very quickly, she arrived in front of everyone.

The crowd was eagerly looking towards the tall and majestic horse. It was completely black from head to tail, had firm muscles, strong and powerful legs, and every breath it made was tough and steady from practice. On the neck there grew a long and black horse mane, and had a pair of eyes that displayed haughtiness and endurance, along with a tinge of red color.

On both its head and legs there were a few black scales. This was seemingly akin to the scales of Long Chen’s [Dragon Soul Transformation].

“This……Isn’t this a demonic beast in the fifth level of the Huang grade: the Ebony Scaled Horse?”

Long Chen never thought that the gift Yang Lingqing would give him was actually this Ebony Scaled Horse.

This majestic and awe-inspiring presence of the beast was favoured greatly by Long Chen. What especially interested him was the faint murderous and blood-filled aura that it carried. The horse was definitely to Long Chen’s liking.

Yang Lingqing understood his tastes very well. She even went into Big Barren Mountain during the night to tame this beast for him! When the masses saw Yang Lingqing covered in dirt as she hopped down the horse’s back, it was clear that she definitely suffered a lot in the process.

The Yang Family had originally prepared a fine horse as Long Chen’s mode of transportation but, compared to the Ebony Scaled Horse, it definitely paled in comparison.

Very soon, Yang Lingqing walked in front of Long Chen. While she excitedly looked towards him she chirped: “Elder Brother Chen, this is a gift that I prepared for you. Do you like it?”

Seeing the pretty face of this girl, which still had some mud that was not yet removed, Long Chen felt extremely moved. He laughed heartily as he embraced Yang Lingqing and furiously pinched her cheeks, saying: “Girl, if only you weren’t my cousin, how great would that be? I would definitely drag you to bed!”

Saying these words in front of the Yang Family members, Long Chen was not embarrassed in the slightest. As for Yang Lingqing, she was extremely shy and angry at the same time. She pushed Long Chen away and hurriedly ran towards her father’s side. When she saw that everyone was looking at her, her whole face flushed red like a ripe apple.

“Alright now, Chen Er, don’t bully my daughter anymore. If not, I’ll fight with you to the death again.” Yang Yuntian laughed heartily.

Looking at the Ebony Scaled Horse Long Chen saw the reluctance in the eyes of everyone. This was including the shy, yet furious, Yang Lingqing, and the gentle gaze radiating from Yang Xueqing. Long Chen did not say another word and mounted the horse.

That Ebony Scaled Horse was so frightened by his powerful aura that it did not dare move.

After taking in a deep breath, Long Chen waved towards the Yang Family members before turning around and headed towards Yuanling City.

At this moment, the sun was scorching in the sky and Long Chen gradually disappeared under the blazing sunlight.

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