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DBWG Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Crimson Blood Sacred Sect!
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Almost every important figure of the Yang Family was present in Hongwu Hall and at this moment they all were seated.

The people, who had just experienced a hair-raising battle, had returned to Poplar Town. They finally put an end to the fight and all of the Yang Family members got the feeling that they had just been released of a heavy burden.

This time, the Yang Family had undergone a hell raising experience. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Everyone knew that this was all due to the efforts of one person so, at this moment, while sitting at the Hongwu Hall, all of them occasionally glanced at the youth that was sitting there quietly.

The strife with the Bai Family had finally ended and the Yang Family obtained a total victory, crushing the main forces of the Bai Family. As for the other members of the Bai Family, they had all escaped. These children and women posed no threat at all to the Yang Family anymore, so they all knew that the Bai Family could be considered to have perished completely this time.

After Poplar Town experienced this enormous storm, the other factions faintly heard bits and pieces regarding the battle. After knowing the outcome, all of them recalled someone in their heart: Long Chen.

The Bai Family plotted against them twice but it was due to Long Chen that they could overturn the crisis and obtain victory. One could put it this way: without Long Chen the Yang Family members were, most likely, ghosts and spirits in the Yellow Springs.

The Yang Family was clearly aware of this point. At present, when they looked upon Long Chen’s face, they found that it had changed drastically from a month ago.

Those respectful, yet fearful, gazes caused Long Chen to be deeply moved.

Founder Yang, who was sitting at the head position, recovered from his deep thoughts at this point. His eyes scanned everyone and finally landed on Long Chen, saying: “My Yang Family has met with two calamities. In the end, no one died from them. We can even say that no one was even hurt. All this can be credited to a single person.”

From Founder Yang’s speech, it was a little choked on his emotions. Everyone knew his heartfelt gratitude and excitement.

“It is him who defeated the Bai Family younger generation in the demonic beast hunting competition and rescued you. It is also him who then used those youths as hostages to save us who were poisoned. As for today, it is him who defeated Bai Sheng and Bai Li and even the expert of the Human Dan Realm, once again saving everyone……”

Being very emotional, every eye in the crowd had moistened with tears. This was especially true for Yang Xueqing. After experiencing so many things, her heart was already very fragile and, looking at that calm and collected youth, her emotions stirred more than anyone else.

He was, after all, her flesh and blood and she had looked down on him previously.

However, it was undeniable that her underestimating him was the strong driving force in Long Chen doing his best to become strong.

Founder Yang nodded towards Long Chen and said: “Chen Er, your performance has rendered me at a loss. I don’t know how to repay you. I am aware that none of us ever treated you or your father well. However, you are able to not bear grudges and even risked your life for us. Honestly speaking, this old man has never been moved before but just saying ‘thanks’ now will not be enough to convey my feelings. I can only say that the Yang Family is your real family in the present and in the future. We will try to rectify and make it up to you for all of the wrongdoings that we did to you in the past.”

Every word that Founder Yang said was from his heart and all of the Yang Family members were in favor of them.

Suddenly being so appreciated, Long Chen was at a loss. He hurriedly laughed and said: “Everyone, please don’t look at me like that! Although I am very handsome, I don’t think I deserve such revered gazes from everyone……”

Long Chen’s cheeky speech made the girls of the Yang Family break into laughter. Yang Qingxuan and the rest shook their heads but the corner of their mouths expressed their amusement.

“Why are you so complacent? If it wasn’t me that gave you a hand to kill that guy, would you be here today?!”

Lingxi, who was in the Lingxi sword, had already woken up and mocked him as she pouted. One could tell though, by looking at her happy face, that she was actually very elated that Long Chen had this day.

Founder Yang shook his head and smiled, saying: “Chen Er, you are not a calculative person. By saying those words, it seems that I have been unreasonable. Alright, let me talk about something more realistic. Right now, Poplar Town no longer has the Bai Family so in the future this Yang Family will be the ruler in this town. When we eliminated them, we reaped huge benefits and one of them was to get these 3 Soul Diffusion Fruits. Chen Er, these 3 Soul Diffusion Fruits are all based on your efforts so how you want to distribute them is solely up to you!”

Founder Yang’s gaze looked sincere and Long Chen knew that he was serious. However, he hastily waved his hands and said: “Grandfather, you’re the leader of this family. You should be the one to do this…”

“Stop speaking like this. Where will I be able to place my old face at? If you still treat me as your grandfather, you must take these Soul Diffusion Fruits.”

Saying this, he took out the Soul Diffusion Fruits from the cosmos pouch. Long Chen helplessly said: “Alright then let me distribute them. There are three of them. I am sufficed with only one. The other will be given to you, Grandfather. We need a Deity Dan Realm expert to hold the fort so this Soul Diffusion Fruit is for you. As the head of the family, you cannot reject it no matter what.”

Hearing the resolution in his speech, Founder Young understood what he meant and nodded his head.

The Yang Family only had him at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm at the moment. He was the only one who could enter the Deity Dan Realm within the shortest period of time and support the family.

“As for the last fruit….”

Long Chen shifted his gaze to Yang Qingxuan and Yang Xueqing. When he looked at Yang Xueqing, his eyes stopped for a while. He wanted to give it directly to her so that Yang Xueqing could become stronger and be in less danger.

However, he understood that the stronger one was the stronger adversaries they would face. So he said: “Now, the two in the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm is First Uncle and my mother so let’s decide it like this: The Soul Diffusion Fruit will belong to whoever has their breakthrough first.”

The Yang Family definitely wouldn’t have any objections to Long Chen’s decision.

To them, family safety is the most important. Regarding who was the one becoming stronger, it did not matter to them at all. After these two calamities all of the Yang Family members had finally united and stuck together as one.

Founder Yang’s gaze moved to the entrance. As he looked out, the sky had gradually turned scarlet in colour. The glow of the sunset covered the sky, making it looked exceptionally beautiful.

“When the sun rises tomorrow, my Yang Family will really be reborn…”

Founder Yang envisioned a brand new Family appearing in Poplar Town. This Family would not only have experts of the Deity Dan Realm, but also a super genius.

With Founder Young’s support and Long Chen’s enormous potential, all of the Yang Family felt extremely at ease.

However, as everyone was immersed in their joy and happiness, Long Chen frowned. After distributing the Soul Diffusion Fruits, he knocked on the table, blandly saying: “Everyone, the deceased Xue Yuanzi in the Big Barren Mountain was one of the eight Proctors of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect in Yuanling City……”

Thinking of this matter, Yang Qingxuan’s expression changed as well. He probed and asked: “Xue Yuanzi wanted the Soul Diffusion Fruits by sneaking in here. If that’s the case, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect shouldn’t know that it was us who did it right?”

Founder Yang also furrowed his brows while shaking his head and said: “They will definitely investigate someone of the Proctor level dying. Xue Yuanzi and the Bai Family were close and at this moment it will be very easy for them to trace everything to Poplar Town. Furthermore, many people already know about what happened in this place.……”

With Founder Yang’s words, the rest of the Yang Family’s members turned pale again. The previously relaxed atmosphere turned anxious once more.

Yang Qingxuan bitterly smiled as he shook his head: “It looks like our Yang Family has so many setbacks. Father, do you know what the current situation with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is?”

Founder Yang’s face darkened as he said: “The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect may not have such a huge reputation in the vast Yuanling City, but is definitely of status for us in this area. It is known that the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect has a total of eight Proctors and four Grand Elders whose strengths are at least in the Human Dan Realm. As for the four Grand Elders, they are all at least in the late phases of the Human Dan Realm. Moreover, according to some rumours the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect Patriarch has already entered the super horrifying Earth Dan Realm!”

Founder Yang’s words caused the Yang Family members to inhale a breath of cold air and Long Chen’s expression had become extremely unsightly.

“To go against a Bai Family and a Xue Yuanzi was already a strenuous effort for us Yang Family. If we are to go against this Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, even if a small family like ours is to die ten thousand times, it will still not be enough. Today I may be able to protect the Yang Family, but who knows for the future?”

“After just entering the Deity Dan Realm, I will still not be able to match up to any of them. Moreover, there are people who are at the later phases of the Human Dan Realm. Those who are more advanced than the Dan Realm… I don’t even want to think about it. Is the Yang Family going tos meet its end already?”

He raised his head to glance at Yang Lingqing and Yang Xueqing. They were the ones that Long Chen had sworn to protect.

Long Chen would begin to feel confident in himself after looking at them. It could be said that the immense task had resolved him to forcefully carry on.

“I can’t watch them die under my watch. It will be better if I just die before that happens…”

The pressure he felt instantly became much heavier. Hearing “Earth Dan Realm”, these three words, Long Chen initially felt hopeless but soon became filled with fighting spirit.

“Anyways, I will do my best. If they want to annihilate the Yang Family, they must walk over my dead body!”

Long Chen understood that he was currently the strongest in the Yang Family so he definitely couldn’t hide from this fight!

Everyone in the Yang Family, including Yang Qingxuan, was gloomy and worried when thinking about the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. To console themselves, they could only hope that the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect would not discover that Xue Yuanzi had died under the Yang Family’s hands.

Founder Yang was not that naive. He knew the notoriety of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. If that bunch of ruthless people knew that it was the work of the Yang Family, the suffering that the Yang Family would experience wouldn’t be as simple as family extermination.

“I must hurry and enter the Deity Dan Realm. If the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect discovers it then, even if I were to fight to death, I must send Chen Er and these children away. With Chen Er’s strength, I believe that the Yang Family will flourish in the future and seek revenge for us. It shouldn’t be a difficult thing!”

Thinking to here, Founder Yang’s appearance showed his determination.

Long Chen, who had remained quiet until then, suddenly spoke. Everyone lifted their heads wondering what he wanted to say.

Long Chen also thought about the information he got from two people, Chen Xiongzhou and Feng Mingyang, while he was in the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains.

“The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is in Yuanling City. If they discover what we have done and take action, it will at least take a period of time. Furthermore, the first expert that they send over should not be that powerful. If Grandfather manages to enter the Deity Dan Realm, I think we might be able to handle it.”

“The most important thing is that the Lingwu Family in the Yuanling City will often recruit new Outer Family disciples. My potential isn’t considered too bad so I should be able to enter the Lingwu Family as one. When I do, I will be considered part of the Lingwu Family and they may give us greater protection. To me, only by going to that place, I can improve faster. Therefore, I have decided to go to Yuanling City!”

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