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DBWG Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – [Heaven Piercing Finger]
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Feeling the aura of [Seal of the Ashened Dragon], Bai Li sneered loudly.

“It seems like you’re using [Seal of the High Profound Dragon]. I heard that Xiong Er’s [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] was defeated by it. This time, let me reverse the situation and show you what a true [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] looks like!

“Oh really?”

Very soon, under the rapid hand seals made by Long Chen, there was a whistling red aura formed in his hands and a blood red dragon image coiled on his arms that were faintly similar to the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon. This dragon image, as if alive, had a pair of frosty eyes which stared at the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring], holding a look of contempt!

Upon seeing that Long Chen was actually using the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] against a [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring], Founder Yang who was fighting with Bai Sheng widened his eyes instantly. He wanted to prostrate himself in front of Long Chen for being so gutsy. But, guts alone were not enough. Founder Yang, having spent several dozens of years immersing himself in the techniques of the [Seal of the Dragons], knew that the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] would never be able to block the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]! Anxiety clearly showed on his face at this moment!

But everything happened in just a blink of an eye.

With a ferocious roar, Long Chen’s whole body tightened and under the immense pressure of the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring], the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] momentarily released all of its might.

With his body emitting an enormous amount of strength, as if Long Chen had turned into a humanoid demonic beast, he charged towards the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]!

That red flash of a figure had momentarily turned into an image of a blood red Dragon God, and it seemed like Long Chen had crashed into the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] with his body.

The [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] contained a huge whirling energy, while the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] was an attack that pressed forward without hesitation. Instantly, as these two forces collided violently, the sand and rocks flew around and the branches of trees were broken, as leaves danced in the air!


Both of them violently shook and retreated hastily. By using the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] against the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring], Long Chen was still at a disadvantage therefore the distance he had retreated was further. Blood was boiling within his body and, compared to Bai Li, he was in a worse state. However, under the support of his reinforced and tempered body, he could easily suppress all of these small injuries!

As for Bai Li, although he had not suffered much from injuries, because Long Chen had only used the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] against his [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] and then received it well, he was extremely shocked. At this point he was extremely humiliated as well!

This just added another layer of rage on top of his fury.

“Brat! You are indeed seeking death……”

In the beginning he thought that he could finish off Long Chen easily and then join up with Bai Sheng to kill Yang Cangqiong. This plan worked only up to the first exchange of blows because now, he was extremely shocked.

Although Founder Yang who saw this scene was now less surprised by Long Chen’s heaven-defying talents, he still had a shock. Seeing the indifferent face on this boy, who seemed not in the slightest bit afraid of Bai Li, he suddenly felt that there might be some hope for the Yang Family today!

Looking at Bai Li, Long Chen’s mind was extremely clear. He did not know how to compete further with Bai Li in strength. He knew that the [Dark Heavenly Finger] had a total of three techniques which was why it was so overpowering. If Long Chen wanted to defeat Bai Li, then he must definitely face the third and final technique.

If he used the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] to fight against the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring], it would definitely create a huge gap as there would still be the third finger technique. By that time Long Chen would be affected psychologically. Right now, though, he had taken a risk and gave that psychological pressure to Bai Li instead!

At this moment, Bai Li was extremely furious and the aura on his body continuously rose. Long Chen could faintly detect that he was most likely preparing for the final attack!

“Your broken [Seal of the Dragons] has only two moves while there are three for my Bai Family’s [Dark Heavenly Finger]. As such, no matter what, your Yang Family is no match for my Bai Family……”

At this moment, Bai Li smirked and a sharp concentrated energy like a sword revolved around his fingers. That black razor sharp aura formed perfectly straight on his fingers and as the aura grew larger Founder Yang could even feel it from afar.

“This is the aura of the final technique of the Bai Family, this fellow Bai Li, he is actually using it on a younger generation……”

Although he was fearful in his heart, but at this moment Bai Sheng was holding him back so he had no methods to save Long Chen at all. He could only pray that Long Chen would be able to endure this final technique!

Only after he saw Bai Li’s third and final technique, did Long Chen start forming his strongest [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] yet. Last time his strength was not even in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, so he was unable to fully demonstrate the might of such an advance martial technique. However it was different now because not only was his Qi fully sufficient, even the quality was tenfold higher than regular Qi!

This concentration of dense Qi’s might of which was more than 10 times stronger than before, coupled with his reinforced [Dragon Soul Transformation], let off an aura that amazed the other three. Long Chen’s [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] appeared to be not in the slightest bit inferior to Bai Li’s final technique!

At this moment, within the granite cave, Yang Xueqing looked anxiously at Long Chen. Her eyes were originally indifferent but ever since Long Chen arrived, they slowly regained their vigour. When Long Chen stood in front of her and blocked the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] with [Seal of the Ashened Dragon], her face revealed a faint smile.

This youth who was in the beginning a brat with no good points, had now grown up to become like this. It made her extremely surprised. Now, when all of the shock was gone, only immense and boundless pride remained in her heart.

“This…… is my, Yang Xueqing’s, son. Before, I had cast him aside to Long Qinglan but he is indeed my son. He is already this powerful now, surpassing me and becoming a focus in the whole of Poplar Town.”

When she saw that Long Chen had used [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] to go against the final technique of [Dark Heavenly Finger], she knew that it was the strongest technique of both sides and the winner was still undecided!

Yang Xueqing’s anxiety reached new heights at this moment and her arm, bound by the metal chains, had tightly clenched its fist!

Bai Li charged towards Long Chen!

A huge whistling sound made by the wind came rushing over, and Long Chen even felt the earth trembled. The images of nine blood red coloured Dragon Gods appeared like nine individual [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] techniques, and rapidly spiraled around Long Chen’s body, while an immense aura spread out to all directions!

With Bai Li’s movement, Long Chen shouted as well, circulated the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] while lowering his head and charging wildly towards his opponent!

Right then, the whole area under this valley was riddled with impressions made by Long Chen as mud flew in the air. Bai Li coldly looked at Long Chen, however, because the attack in his hands had already been completed!

Everything happened in a flash!

“In front of our Bai Family’s [Dark Heavenly Finger], the [Seal of the Dragons] is just a dog’s fart!”

Howling, a blinding light was projected from Bai Li’s arms. It was as if a razor sharp blade had come piercing towards Long Chen!

“[Dark Heavenly Finger – Heaven Piercing Finger]!”

Seeing such a powerful attack, Long Chen did not panic. He wildly circulated his Qi and, under the blood red Qi’s circulation, the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] made a faint and mysterious change. It was as if Long Chen’s blood was infused with this [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] and the nine Dragon God images turned scarlet! They roared, one after the other, as if having an intelligence of their own!

What Long Chen felt right now was basically an energy he could barely control, as his blood started to boil. That whistling final attack of the [Dark Heavenly Finger] no longer seemed so terrifying to him!

“[Dark Heavenly Finger – Heaven Piercing Finger] huh? Under the [Seal of the Dragons], you are destined to be devoid of light!”

With a loud bang, the images of the nine Dragon Gods came whizzing and condensed into a destructive energy that was thrusted out by Long Chen!

“[Seal of the High Profound Dragon]!”


This time, both sides was using their strongest technique. This was the biggest showdown the both of them ever made, so the current battle scene was much more horrifying compared to before!

With such a terrifying showdown, it naturally filled the whole air with dust and smoke. Both Founder Yang and Yang Xueqing furrowed their brows deeply since Long Chen’s life and death right now was unclear……

“Yang Cangqiong, in front of my Bai Family’s [Dark Heavenly Finger – Heaven Piercing Finger], your Yang Family’s [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] is only bullshit! That little bastard is already dead and you are next!”

Bai Sheng’s wild laughter sounded in Yang Cangqiong’s ears and at this moment he did not even look at Bai Li’s battle, launching an all out aggressive attack towards Yang Cangqiong!

He knew the extraordinary abilities of his younger brother and even he was unsure of being Bai Li’s match. What was there to fear from a little runt like Long Chen?

This final exchange of blows of Bai Li and Long Chen had made part of the valley collapse. Under the nervous gaze of Founder Yang and Yang Xueqing, the dust slowly dissipated. Looking at the scene, the shocked expressions of Founder Yang and Yang Xueqing quickly turned into ones of joy!

“Chen Er, well done! You are really the pride of my Yang Family……”

As Founder Yang spoke these words, Bai Sheng mocked and asked: “Did you think you could divert my attention just by saying this?”

He continued his barrage of attacks on Founder Yang. Actually, Bai Sheng admitted to himself that he and Founder Yang were of equal strength so this time he was simply waiting for Bai Li to finish Long Chen off before joining him to deal with this old geezer!

After Founder Yang finished speaking, Bai Sheng immediately guessed the intentions behind his words and concluded that Founder Yang was attempting to trick him!

With a wave of his arm to fend off Founder Yang’s attack, he turned and looked behind, excitedly saying: “Second Brother, after you have dealt with Long Chen, hurry and join me to dispose of this……”

As Bai Sheng spoke, he saw the situation on the other side at this moment the smoke and dust cleared. Between the two, only one was left standing, while the other had actually spurted out blood and flew to somewhere near the granite cave. This latter’s face was extremely pale and his whole body was convulsing on the floor. It was obvious that he suffered from heavy injuries. And for Bai Sheng, how could he not recognise his own brother, Bai Li?

After Long Chen defeated Bai Li, he did not say another word and directly rushed to where Yang Xueqing was!

After such an unbelievable thing happened, Bai Sheng did not have time to process his thoughts. As he saw Long Chen’s actions, he hurriedly exclaimed and said: “Brother Xue Yuanzi hurry, help!”

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