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DBWG Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – Claiming A Dog’s Head!
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Right now, it was already noon and although it was autumn in August, the sun was still blazing hot.

In the southeastern side of Poplar Town, there was a group of people moving along a path under a forest and there were a few huge but simple horse carriages which contained some luggage. In this group of people, most of them were the old, weak, women and children, and their faces were very pale.

“Mother, why must we leave Poplar Town?”

“I don’t want to go to grandmother’s place, boo-hoo……”

A few of the children made a scene, but being pulled by their parents, they could only advance reluctantly.

At this point, the group stopped, and at the forefront, two middle aged man with bloodshot eyes turned around. It was Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian.

Behind them were the trio Yang Wu, Yang Lingyue and Yang Lingqing.

They had just left Poplar Town and because they were archenemies with the Bai Family, they did not create a huge scene before leaving.

Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian looked at the three youths, clenching his teeth Yang Qingxuan said: “The three of you better listen well, if you are unable to protect the bloodline of my Yang Family, even when I turn into a ghost I will not forgive you!”

Yang Wu was still doing fine, but by this time Yang Lingyue and Yang Lingqing were sobbing silently.

Both of the girls looked at their respective fathers who had bloodshot eyes and, thinking of what they had said, they knew that most likely their fathers were going to die.

Thinking of the Yang Family’s future and the responsibility on their shoulders, they were all filled with agony and sorrow.

They had lead worry free lives since young and never thought that they would meet with such a catastrophe where the three youths had to lead the defenseless members away.

As for the experts of the Yang Family, they all left to deal with the enemy and the ending was that they might never return. How could these two youths bear a grievous life and death parting like this?

Although Yang Qingxuan did not say it, the wives of the Yang Family men already somewhat heard of the news. After thinking of the unavoidable outcome, a few of them started to sob and very soon most of them were crying too.

“What are you crying for! If you cry anymore I’ll kill you!”

Seeing this gloomy atmosphere, Yang Yuntian used a steely face and scanned the group. Although Yang Yuntian’s strength was not excellent, his might was extremely strong so these women and kids all feared him. As he started to get furious it had scared them enough to stop crying, as though they knew deep down that this time the Yang Family would be completely finished.

Compared to Bai Family, who originally was the superpower in Poplar Town, they were still a little inferior.

Seeing that the group had turned quiet, Yang Qingxuan then blandly said: “Don’t think too much of it, moving all of you away from Poplar Town is only to keep you safe. By doing this, we can be more at ease in our battles and it’s not certain that our Yang Family has already lost! When we defeat those madmen and vile thieves, we will return to look for all of you!”

“The movement this time will be completely in the control of Yang Wu and the two of them, if any of you disobey orders and hinder the movement then do not blame me, Yang Qingxuan, for not giving you face! I won’t say much anymore, Second Brother let us go!”

After having entrusted the task, Yang Qingxuan looked towards Yang Wu and the two while nodding his head as he said gently: “Wu Er, Yue Er, Qing Er, the future of Yang Family will depend on you three. I believe that you all will do a great job because you are the younger generation of our Yang Family and there are no cowards amongst the Yang Family younger generation!”

Yang Wu held back his tears as he nodded and said: “Father, don’t worry. Even if I were to give up this life of mine, I will properly handle this matter. But, you must promise me that you will come back safely……”

“Yes, Father, I cannot do without you……”

Yang Lingyue’s face was drained of colour.

Yang Lingqing looked at Yang Yuntian, and then looked at Yang Qingxuan. Although she was grieving too, there was still a very strong faith in her gaze. There was a person she believed in, that would absolutely not let the Yang Family perish in this calamity.

Although it was just a baseless faith, still she held on to it. Long Chen had given her many surprises before, and completed many tasks that she thought were impossible to have done.

Before they left, Yang Qingxuan suddenly said to Yang Wu: “If Long Chen is able to come back, everything will be decided by him in the future. However, if he is being rash, even if you were to die, stop him!”

Saying this, without waiting for Yang Wu to react, Yang Qingxuan and Yang Yuntian rapidly vanished from their vision, leaving Yang Wu, Yang Lingyue and Yang Lingqing looking at each other with bitter expressions and feeling extremely terrified and helpless.

“Let us go. We still have to live on.”

Yang Wu’s eyes trembled; he clenched his teeth and directed the group to advance. As for Yang Lingyue and Yang Lingqing both, no matter how helpless or pained they were, they could only grit their teeth and persevere at this point.

“Heaven please bless my Yang Family, bless my grandfather, bless my father and first uncle, bless……him……”

Under the guidance of the 3 youths, the group of people moved along in an orderly manner. However, at this point, two figures in black leapt from a tree above them, smirking as they looked at each other in the eye.

“The Yang Family actually let these younger generation escape huh? The Bai Family left several dozens of my brothers guarding at Poplar Town but never thought that they would be here. Let us go, we have to tell the rest. When the Bai Family, Bai Zhanlong, and the rest are here, won’t these few fellows all be wiped out cleanly?!”

“I heard that the Bai Family’s Master had given the only two high grade medicine in his possession to Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji for consumption, and that the wounds that Bai Shichen suffered from before have fully healed. I’ve heard that he regained his manhood, and his strength is about to break through the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. As for Bai Shiji who had sustained such heavy injuries, he too has recovered from them……”

“Did you see whether Yang Lingqing is in that group there, or not? Young master Bai Shichen seemed to be interested in Yang Lingqing, and last time his balls were cracked. Now that his balls have fully healed, who knows whether once they get the news he would be immediately able to put his balls to good use……?”

“I don’t really know if it can still be used……”

Seeing Yang Xueqing, Long Chen had already forcibly contained his extreme fury. This was because it was only then that he would be able to exhibit his greatest fighting strength.

At this time, both groups drew nearer into this valley and he was squarely facing both the Bai Brothers together with Founder Yang..

“Chen Er, why do you think that they had captured Yang Xueqing but not hurt her, and even not use her to threaten us?”

Long Chen also thought of this point, but very soon he had some answers in his heart. So he said: “I’m guessing that they are overconfident in their abilities and will only use their trump card, which is my mother, to threaten us when they lose. However in such a close distance, how can I let them have this chance?”

“Chen Er, how confident are you against Bai Li?”

Seeing the bright and clear eyes of the Bai Family’s Master’s younger brother Bai Li, who was gradually approaching, Long Chen knew with one look that he had undergone plenty of fighting and killing. Long Chen’s fury and hatred had slowly found something to vent on and with Founder Yang’s sudden question, Long Chen did not say another word and rushed towards Bai Li!

Seeing that Long Chen acted first, the originally tense atmosphere had turned explosive and Bai Li was forced away by Long Chen. At this point Founder Yang and Bai Sheng, having transitioned from good brothers to archenemies, once again exchanged blows and fought wildly!

After the initial exchange of blows with Bai Li, Long Chen was quickly suppressed by his opponent’s immense Qi and his whole body was blown back. When he saw that Long Chen had actually been put in such a miserable state, Bai Li was shocked for a while and then wildly laughed and said: “With just this level you had actually thought of yourself to be in the same level as me? What wishful thinking! To prevent you from bragging and cheating others about how you are such a genius, today I can only claim your dog head!”

Seeing that Long Chen had actually been blown away so easily by Bai Li, Founder Yang confidence had lowered. Long Chen, who was pushed into a corner by Bai Li, surprisingly raised his head and smirked: “You only won the casual exchange of blows, what is there to be so smug about? It looks like the Bai Family is only of this plebeian level. As for the dog head, whoever’s head is cut off today, that will be the dog head!”

In the process of speaking, Long Chen had already used [Dragon Soul Transformation]. When Long Chen had previously used the [Dragon Soul Transformation] at the Yang residence it had shocked both Bai Sheng and Bai Li, not to mention that the distance now was even closer. Seeing the blood red scales and spikes emerging from Long Chen’s body, it reminded the Bai Family Master of his son who had died miserably and he felt his rage rising!

“Second Brother, remember to avenge for my son this time!”

Seeing Long Chen, who was cladded in an armour of blood red scales, shock first came to Bai Li and after that he excitedly licked his lips as he said: “So you are actually a real Beast Warrior! However, even the strongest Beast Warrior is only able to overcome 1 level of strength. I have broken through the Heaven Dragon Vein, how someone like you can understand that realm……”

“Don’t worry Big Brother; this kid to me is just a piece of cake. Although he has the same shape shifting technique as a Beast Warrior, with one look I can tell that this kid’s transformation is not extremely pure. Plus, the demonic beast that it was refined from is also unclear. If he cannot even compare to a true Beast Warrior how can I, Bai Li, allow him to escape?”

He had some suspicions towards Long Chen’s appearance, but at this point Founder Yang was already engaged in an intense battle with Bai Sheng. Therefore, Bai Li only coldly sneered and moved his legs. A gust of wind then came heading towards Long Chen along with an enormous whirlpool that seemed to be made of liquid. It was as if a yellow river had instantly appeared in front of Long Chen’s eyes!

“The strength of a ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator is not something you can comprehend, you little doggy!”

“[Dark Heavenly Finger] – [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]! Spin spin spin!”

Long Chen was far too familiar with this [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]. He had seen Bai Shichen and Bai Zhanxiong use it before and now Bai Li used it too. Although the might compare to Bai Zhanxiong was stronger by several times, Long Chen was no longer the same Long Chen that dealt with Bai Zhanxiong. Seeing this vicious attack headed towards him, Long Chen was not flustered in the slightest.

The boundless energy and the blood red Qi that had a tenfold quality compared to his opponent, gave Long Chen endless assurance and confidence!

After entering the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, this was the first time Long Chen met an expert such as Bai Li. This match would be able to stimulate all of the fighting ability in his body and equipped him for a death match with the opponent!

“Previously, I used [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] to shatter Bai Zhanxiong’s [Dark Heavenly Finger – Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]. This time, let me use the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon] and break your [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring], otherwise how can it show the progress that I, Long Chen, have made……”

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