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DBWG Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – Mysterious Metal Slate
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At this point, the strange phenomenon in Burning Heavens Mountain Plains gradually vanished and Long Chen was able to feel that the temperature of the earth beneath his feet had decreased too.

As for the two in battle it should have been after seeing the metal slate, which was the source of this heaven-defying flame, that made them kill each other for greed.

“Chen Xiongzhou! You don’t want your life anymore! I have told you earlier, let me have it this time, and if I were able to reap its benefits, naturally I will share them with you!”

“You think I am a fool? After obtaining it I’m afraid the first person you’d kill is me huh? This metal slate can invoke such a huge fire, so how can it be a simple item?”

“Good! Good! If you are so stubborn in wanting to die then don’t blame me, Feng Mingyang, for being vicious!”

“[Forward Fiendish Rising Punch]!”

The two of the eighth level Dragon Pulse Realm experts had, at this point, brought forth all of their skills, and started a death match with each other!

Seeing their constantly changing expressions, Long Chen thought of what Founder Yang had said before: “The world is governed by martial techniques, and if one places too much faith in a brother, there will come a day when he will pay the price. However, if it is someone who is hot-blooded, then it is a different story!”

This match was extremely intense and both of the eighth level cultivator, had battle strength that was a little higher than Bai Zhanxiong. Thankfully, it was happening inside the Desolate Beast Domain so there was nothing much to be destroyed. Otherwise, their battle would have caused a huge mess!

Both of them had similar strength and it all boiled down to who had the better reflexes. Feng Mingyang’s body was much more agile than Chen Xiongzhou so in the end Chen Xiongzhou had an extremely unwilling expression as he was killed by a punch. Feng Mingyang was drenched in blood which suggested that he was in a critical state!

But thinking that he had finally defeated Chen Xiongzhou and managed to obtain the strange metal slate, his eyes blazed with desire.

“Chen Xiongzhou, I gave you the option to not fight with me for it, but you don’t know your place and it serves you right that you’re dead! However don’t worry; after I obtain this mysterious metal slate my cultivation will progress rapidly and I will take good care of your wife and son! After all, your wife is much prettier than mine!”

As he spat several times on Chen Xiongzhou’s corpse he never imagined that there would have been some blood mixed in with it. Feng Mingyang was startled by the sight and, after giving another vicious look at Chen Xiongzhou, only then did he slowly limp towards the mysterious metal slate.

Thinking of the metal slate which had caused such a huge phenomenon, he became extremely excited!

“This scum, earlier he had called him brother but then killed him for the treasure, and now he still wants to hit on the dead person’s wife! Long Chen!”

Seeing that Feng Mingyang had this kind of character, Lingxi was extremely furious and the big pair of eyes on her miniature body showing an extremely disgusted expression.

Seeing that Lingxi had commanded him to attack, Long Chen did not hesitate. At this point, he was already under [Dragon Soul Transformation] and his strength was much stronger than Feng Mingyang. Suddenly, a red gust of whirlwind appeared in front of Feng Mingyang and the metal slate was positioned behind Long Chen. Feng Mingyang had to get past him to get it!

“Beast Warrior?!”

Feng Mingyang eyes revealed a shocked expression but after seeing Long Chen standing in his path for the metal slate, which he had fought and killed for, his expression instantly revealed signs of madness and even though he was critically injured he still wildly charged towards Long Chen.

“You wish to defeat me in your current state?”

Long Chen smirked and with his formidable [Dragon Soul Transformation] his speed had a huge boost, letting him becoming even more agile. At this point, Feng Mingyang who was only several metres in front of him, wanted to drag his heavily injured body and wildly use a martial technique on Long Chen. Instead, his whole body was sent flying by a punch from Long Chen!

After being hit by Long Chen along with his already severely injured body, he spurted a mouthful of blood and neared his last breath, never being able to get up ever again.

Long Chen knew that if he did not save Feng Mingyang, Feng Mingyang would definitely die in this Desolate Beast Domain. Also, since he already punched him why would he save him?

Feng Mingyang struggled to keep his eyes opened and as he saw Long Chen who was approaching closer he unwillingly asked: “You……Who are you?”

Seeing the extreme unwillingness in his eyes, Long Chen thought of when he had pretended to be a ‘grandson’ for so long and he sneered in his heart as he removed the [Dragon Soul Transformation].

As he saw Long Chen’s true identity, Feng Mingyang face was first filled with utter shock and disbelief, then swiftly turning into extreme unwillingness. Under this shocking revelation he, who had been on the verge of death, finally stopped breathing and went to the Yellow Springs.

[TL Note: (Chinese): Yellow Springs – The Underworld]

Seeing his corpse, Long Chen sneered and said: “Earlier both of you wished to kill me and now you can’t blame me since Chen Xiongzhou contributed to your death.”

“Hey, he gave us the Dream Spirit Grass before and yet we killed him like this, isn’t this too bad?” Lingxi hesitated.

“Not all good things have to be repaid. For people like them who had only wanted to get rid of me for the benefits for fear of me taking what they had wanted, this is almost like a deal and there is nothing to feel bad about.”

Lingxi’s face darkened and said: “Then, I had saved you twice earlier, and now you are searching the Dream Spirit Grass for me, is this considered a deal too?”

Long Chen was stunned and said in an annoyed manner: “Do you have the brains of a donkey?”

“You then!”

“Alright……I won’t argue with you, however, Xiao Xi……”

Seeing this glowing miniature figure that was wrapped in mist on his shoulder, Long Chen said indifferently: “If this was a deal, I wish that it would continue forever and never stop.”

Hearing the meaning behind Long Chen’s words Lingxi’s face turned red, either from anger or embarrassment.

At this point, Long Chen was standing close to the metal slate and it had already lost all signs of life, turning into an ordinary metal slate. Long Chen picked up a rock from the ground and threw it at the metal slate.

Seeing that there were no signs of activity, he then carefully made contact with the metal slate and was surprised to discover that this mysterious metal slate was actually rather cold.

Long Chen knew that the boundless sea of fire earlier had been started by it and, according to his deduction; this metal slate should have been extremely hot.

At this point he scrutinised the metal slate and saw that there was a carving of a sun’s image on it and other than that there was nothing else.

“Lingxi, are you able to tell what this is? Are there any strange things around it?

Lingxi frowned as she flew a circle around the metal slate and then shook her head and said: “I am not sure, but there is an immense strength locked inside it and I think it seems to be an item from the primordial past. It seems to be some kind of key to an expert’s inheritance……”

“The primordial past? Which is to say, the period after immemorial past when various sects were established? The times when there were super experts from various families? I heard that the experts from that time had all left behind many legacies, is this true?”

[TL Note: Currently 3 kinds of past, 太古– immemorial, 中古 – primordial, 远古 – ancient. Will differentiate with explanation when more information is gotten]

“Indeed. However, this is only my guess. What you have is only a key, not the treasure trove; therefore it is of no use temporarily. Therefore, you better stash it first and then return quickly to the Yang Family.”

Long Chen was thinking along the same lines and he nodded his head, while placing the metal slate into his cosmos pouch. As he was about to leave, he saw the corpses of Chen Xiongzhou and Feng Mingyang who had died not long ago. The atmosphere still reeked of blood and Long Chen was still under [Dragon Soul Transformation]. At this point, his blood was boiling as if getting hold of a delicacy and his originally bloodshot eyes now had a red aura leaking from them.

“What’s wrong?”

Seeing Long Chen’s dazed state, Lingxi anxiously asked.

“They are already dead and the blood here is wasted. If I were to use [Blood Transmuted Qi] I might be able to bring my strength up a notch……”

Long Chen’s mannerism of speaking now was as if he was holding himself back but he still could not resist and eventually spoke of his desires.

At this point the blood red Dragon God images on his body were wildly howling and each of them opened their mouths wide, forming an enormous spirit force, encouraging Long Chen to move forward and use [Blood Transmuted Qi] on the corpses……

Sensing that something was amiss, Lingxi violently activated the Lingxi Sword, hurting Long Chen and bringing him back to his senses. She then said sternly: “Hey, I’ll tell you something and you had better listen carefully……”

Long Chen did not know what had happened earlier and only knew that after he saw the two corpses his whole body had entered a very famished state, as if a delicacy was right in front of him. If not for Lingxi who was with him, most likely he would have used [Blood Transmuted Qi] on both Chen Xiongzhou and Feng Mingyang’s corpses!

Actually, ever since he had gotten this [Blood Transmuted Qi] divine ability Long Chen had always felt that using this technique on a human was rather inappropriate because this is a technique which forcibly seizes their life force to gain strength. It was much too savage and brutal!

As for why Long Chen had used it on Bai Zhanxiong before, it was because he had loathed the man to the extreme.

According to his moral code, seizing someone else’s blood to replenish oneself was not a desired method. It was alright with demonic beasts but if used on humans, it might invoke the wrath of the masses.

“I don’t know what kind of dragon breed your Inherited Blood Essence belonged to but most likely it belonged to an evil dragon. This [Blood Transmuted Qi] method is tainted with too much blood. With a single look, one can infer that it is an ability of an evil dragon. Being in Poplar Town there won’t be many experts around you. However, if you were to go elsewhere to a larger place, you had better not use this technique in front of the public or else those experts would use these reasons of exterminating evil to dispose of you……”

“And if you use it too often it might cause some side effects on your body. This kind of bloody natured Dragon God is normally filled with brutality and intentions of killing and I am afraid that one day you might lose yourself, so you had better take notice of this fact……”

Lingxi’s words were like a cudgel (hammer/mallet) that had hit Long Chen’s head repeatedly.

Back when he had first learned the [Blood Transmuted Qi] he was extremely elated and went on a murderous rampage through the Underground Blood Lizard hoard. However, he had never once thought that this technique would result in any side effects. Now that he reflected on it, he would definitely lose himself if his sole purpose was to be stronger no matter the cost.

On the path of cultivation, a steady improvement was extremely important. The kind of techniques that can increase the Qi very quickly would cause the foundation in cultivation to be weak. Thinking of these points, Long Chen also thought that he had better use less of [Blood Transmuted Qi]. After all, there were many methods to become stronger, and using [Blood Transmuted Qi] wasn’t the only method.

“Even if I use less of [Blood Transmuted Qi], my pace of getting stronger will not be lessened!”

Seeing that Long Chen had already changed his mind, the worry that had clouded Lingxi for a while now had finally dispersed. She smiled and said: “This is for the best, let us return to Poplar Town right now. Although I had estimated that it would take eight days for the Soul Diffusion Fruit to ripen there still might be some discrepancy in the time……”


Long Chen’s curses reverberated in the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains……

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