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DBWG Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Violet Mirage Spirit Beast
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“Younger Brother Long Chen, although we know the rough location of the Dream Spirit Grass, the Desolate Beast Domain has a vast area, and Burning Heavens Mountain Plains isn’t small either. Even if we’re in that area, we might not be able to find the Dream Spirit Grass.”

As he walked to the front, Feng Mingyang suddenly turned his head and spoke to Long Chen.

At this moment, the large Chen Xiongzhou also turned back and said: “However, both of us want to inspect the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains, so we can help you look for it along the way. This Burning Heavens Mountain Plains has countless dangers, so going along is too dangerous for you. It’s better to follow us.”

Long Chen hurriedly nodded his head, saying: “Both Big Brothers have extraordinary talents; it is really my honor to be able to enter the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains with you.”

Actually, Long Chen knew what they were planning to do. They did not wish to kill Long Chen, but if he were to search alone and some treasures appeared in the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains, who knew if Long Chen would luck out and find one. Thus, they wanted to keep Long Chen by their side and send him away after finding the Dream Spirit Grass.

“Long Chen, these two fellows seemed to treat you pretty well.”

Lingxi could not see the underlying meaning behind their actions and spoke excitedly. After all, it was Long Chen who was seeking for spiritual medicine for her.”

“Silly woman, what would you know?”

Long Chen scolded her in his heart and then followed behind the two, stepping on the scorching grounds of what seemed like the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains.

The rocks and mud in the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains were completely black, and as sturdy as metal. Long Chen was extremely surprised that the Dream Spirit Grass would grow in a place like this.

As they approached the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains from afar, Long Chen felt that the temperature was indeed very high. As he stepped onto the plains for the first time he discovered that it was several times hotter than the hottest summer day in Poplar Town and realized that if an ordinary person were to come here, they would definitely be unable to endure for such a long time and would die.

“According to our memories, the Dream Spirit Grass should be in that direction. Let us go there first.”

The three carefully tread on the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains together and although Chen Xiongzhou and Feng Mingyang were keeping a lookout for any Dream Spirit Grass, their main purpose was to inspect the phenomenon in the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains. At this point, Feng Mingyang raised some black mud and sniffed it, and then he furrowed his brows and said: “There is indeed some charred smell in this mud. Although the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains is known as ‘Burning Heavens’, there is no actual fire so how can this charred smell come about?”

Hearing him speak, Chen Xiongzhou was also extremely perplexed.

However, the both of them were still unable to solve the mystery, so they could only continue walking. To them, they wanted to finish Long Chen’s cumbersome task first.

Long Chen also wished that they would hurry and help him with finding the Dream Spirit Grass since he had to rush back to Poplar Town after it was found.

After several hours, they even met a seventh level Huang grade demonic beast, but it was easily dealt with by Chen Xiongzhou. When Long Chen saw the method, he felt that the people of the outside world were not so simple, as what Chen Xiongzhou used was an extremely strong, advanced Huang grade martial technique!

“In the past, many people have found Dream Spirit Grass in this area so we should look for it here too. Each of us should try to stay within sight of the others as well, so we can assist each other if there is any danger. Long Chen, you are still young and inexperienced in battle, and do not know the dangers in Desolate Beast Domain. If there is any danger, just shouting loudly will do.”

Feng Mingyang instructed Long Chen once again and they finally started searching the area, but it was obvious that these two guys were inspecting the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains.

The Dream Spirit Grass was only needed by Long Chen, so he didn’t plan to count on them.

“Hurry hurry, I want to eat a lot of Dream Spirit Grass!” Lingxi kept urging.

But it was a rare treasure after all, and normally people chanced upon it, unlike Long Chen who was actively seeking it. Although there was indeed Dream Spirit Grass here, one can imagine the chances of stumbling upon it.

Although they were rather diligent and kept walking deeper, a total of four days passed and they still ended up empty handed. At this point, Long Chen frowned, and began feeling anxious.

As it was an extremely important matter, if they could not find it within another half a day, he needed to rush back for the battle of the Soul Diffusion Fruit since he was one of the main fighters and without him, the Yang Family would definitely lose badly.

At this point, he should have already been back at the Yang residence. Coming out to look for the Dream Spirit Grass for Lingxi’s sake was already rather risky. Now, five days had already passed, and because travelling back to Poplar Town requires a day, it would nearly be time for the ripening of the Soul Diffusion Fruit.

Seeing that Long Chen was still unable to find any, Lingxi could only comfort him and say: “Hey, I am really not afraid of death. Anyway, it’s enough now. Since I was able to survive for so much longer, I am very happy.”

Long Chen did not reply to her, and continued looking for it on the charred plains.

Lingxi’s sensory perception was great and if there were any Dream Spirit Grass, she would be the first to discover it.

As for the other side, seeing the youth who was at a distance away to the left of them, both Chen Xiongzhou and Feng Mingyang glanced at each other, and Feng Mingyang said: “It has already been some time. I originally thought we could just find a Dream Spirit Grass and dismiss him, but I never thought things would turn out this way..….”

Chen Xiongzhou looked at the charred earth and said: “These past few days the temperature of the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains has been rising, and I seem to have this feeling that something may be approaching. It could be the appearance of a treasure. And with Long Chen still here, I’m worried something unexpected might happen.”

Seeing that his friend’s eyes had let off a vicious light, Feng Mingyang probed and asked: “Why don’t we wipe him out immediately? That way we can have peace of mind. I have always felt that there is an unknown factor of Long Chen’s that makes people feel fearful.”

Chen Xiongzhou looked at Long Chen’s silhouette, and his eyes gradually turned vicious. At last, he finally nodded his head and asked: “Are you going to strike or should I?”

As Feng Mingyang was about to say that he’ll do it himself, he saw some flickering of a faint purple light from some distance away and licked his lips, saying: “Forget it, I see the Dream Spirit Grass. Let us dismiss him.”

Both of them rapidly headed towards its direction and, as expected, under a crevice in a huge rock was a stalk of Dream Spirit Grass.

“Long Chen, Oh Long Chen, I never thought that this stalk of Dream Spirit Grass would save your life.”

While Long Chen was in the midst of searching, Lingxi suddenly caught the scent of the Dream Spirit Grass and excitedly rushed towards the direction she had pointed. She never thought that she would be greeted by the two guys holding onto a stalk of Dream Spirit Grass, smiling as they walked over. Feng Mingyang said: “Younger Brother Long Chen, at last we have found a stalk of Dream Spirit Grass! Since you need it so badly, I, your Big Brother, will give it to you. In the future, do come to Yuanling City and look for me!”

Long Chen took the Dream Spirit Grass and although he did not really fancy them, he still but he still thanked them and said: “Thank you Big Brothers Feng and Chen. Long Chen will definitely repay this favour someday!”

Chen Xiongzhou waved his palm and said: “That isn’t necessary. However, Long Chen, do you know the way out of this Burning Heavens Mountain Plains?”

This sentence was obviously meant to dismiss Long Chen. Long Chen also understood, and although he still had a little more time to search for the Dream Spirit Grass, both Chen Xiongzhou and Feng Mingyang did not seem as if they would allow it, so he said gratefully: “I naturally know. I still have some pressing matters to take care of at home, so I must rush back after obtaining the Dream Spirit Grass. Big Brothers, see you again if fate decrees!”

Saying this, he packed the Dream Spirit Grass and said his farewells to Feng Mingyang and Chen Xiongzhou.

“On behalf of this Dream Spirit Grass that you two have given me, I will not bother with you, however, this Burning Heavens Mountain Plains is so huge, I can look for some on my own too.”

It was only just a stalk of Dream Spirit Grass and was definitely not enough for Lingxi to live much longer. So for this girl Lingxi to live on longer, what Long Chen needs is Dream Spirit Grass, and naturally, the more the better.

Along the way, Long Chen handed the Dream Spirit Grass over to Lingxi to refine and very soon, a stalk of Dream Spirit Grass entered her stomach. Lingxi emerged from the sword, appearing unsatisfied, and pitifully looked at Long Chen, quietly saying: “I……I still want more.”

Suddenly hearing such words would make one think of indecent things, and seeing that exceptional beauty Lingxi, wicked thoughts surfaced on Long Chen’s mind. But just as he thought these things, he remembered that Lingxi was only two centimetres……

“Let’s look for another half a day and if there isn’t any more, we’ll have to return home.”

“En, okay.”

To refrain from meeting both Chen Xiongzhou and Feng Mingyang again, Long Chen headed in another direction. It was at this moment, however, that he noticed something beneath his feet.

“The further I head in this direction, the higher the temperature of the mud…….”

Long Chen had known that the two were exploring and inspecting the phenomenon of the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains these past few days but his mind had mostly been focused on recovering the Dream Spirit Grass. Now, as he discovered he was moving in the right direction, he continued walking on.

“Hey hey, wait a minute……”

Lingxi was originally flying along with him, but she now stood in front of his face blocking him and said in a low voice: “There is something there. Listen to my instructions and let us look at it carefully.”

Normally, what Lingxi sensed were generally good items, for instance, the Enchanted Hill Ginseng that had given Long Chen tremendous help the other time.

Long Chen held his breath and quietly went in the direction that Lingxi had pointed to. At this point, Lingxi had already returned back to the sword, and a light yet excited tone sounded.

“It seems to be a Violet Mirage Spirit Beast! This is a little first level Huang grade demonic beast, but it specialises in illusions and has the strongest spiritual force of all the Huang grade demonic beasts. With such a huge spiritual force, it would usually be the result of spiritual medicine.”

“So, this Violet Mirage Spirit Beast can lead us to a place with more spiritual medicine?”

Following Lingxi’s directions, Long Chen soon saw the full body of the Violet Mirage Spirit Beast. It was a purple rat species that was roughly the size of a kitten and emitted a misty light, as if a layer of mist covered its whole body. This light made people unable to see its appearance properly, apart from the pair of faint purple eyes that kept swiveling, which appeared to be extremely cute.

“Scare it and let it run home, and then follow it from afar.”

One may just be able to find the location of quite a few spiritual medicines with this method. Although Lingxi was normally a little scatterbrained, her idea was genius.

Long Chen walked a little closer once again and the Violet Mirage Spirit Beast finally discovered him. Seeing Long Chen’s appearance, it gave a shrill scream and then the mist surrounding it exploded, and it actually turned into a fiendish looking Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf!

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