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DBWG Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – I am Hot-blooded!
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In the contest for the mayoral position between the Bai and Yang family, the Yang Family had only gotten the one energy core from the Scarlet Tailed Fox and it had granted them victory. To the whole of Poplar Town, this was a piece of hot news that was fervently discussed during meals.

Everyone felt as if they were in a dream.

“If my family’s youths had been granted the opportunity to enter this demonic beast hunting competition and successfully dodged the youths from the Bai and Yang Family, then our family might even be holding the mayoral rights now.”

Many people thought that way.

Although they had already known the results, the Bai Family members’ faces still turned ashen when Lord Lang announced the results for the right to the mayoral position.

Bai Sheng did not say another word and left the stage to join his group of Bai Family members, coldly looking at Founder Yang who was standing in front of Lord Lang.

At this point Lord Lang’s crisp voice sounded: “The Yang Family has now obtained the mayoral rights, and hence hold the governmental role in Poplar Town. Yang Cangqiong will be the first mayor of Poplar Town. Poplar Town is a town governed by my Lingwu Family, and the mayoral position represents the authority of the Lingwu Family. If any of you were to challenge the authority of the mayor, it would be akin to challenging the honour of my Lingwu Family!”

With the protection of the Lingwu Family, Founder Yang could be considered the overlord in Poplar Town right now.

Although he wore a cloak, the frosty look in Lord Lang’s eyes still sent shivers down Bai Sheng and the others’ spines. They knew that Lord Lang’s words were more or less directed at them.

“Giving me a warning, huh, but if my Bai Family was to have 3 members in the Deity Dan Realm, wouldn’t these mayoral rights just become meaningless? Also, if I were to kill Yang Cangqiong, would the Lingwu Family even remember this small place called Poplar Town?”

“Oh well, you guys already know about the Soul Diffusion Fruit, so let’s just have a battle for it. If you were to die in Big Barren Mountain, how would the Lingwu Family know that we were the ones who committed the deed?”

Thinking this, Bai Sheng eyes revealed a vicious expression and Bai Li, who was standing beside him, also revealed a smiling face which harboured evil intentions towards Founder Yang.

At this point, Lord Lang took a dark yellow coloured cloth pouch, which actually had a blood red coloured seal engraved on it and a mysterious spirit energy emitting from it.

Seeing this strange pouch, both Bai Li and Bai Sheng’s pupils contracted, and the others too let a coveting expression.

“It’s actually a cosmos pouch!”

Yang Qingxuan, who was beside Long Chen, also let out an excited gaze and seeing Long Chen’s skeptical look, he then said: “The cosmos pouch has a magical effect and can contain things, don’t belittle this small pouch. The space inside is probably as big as a pavilion, it is a cultivator’s necessity when they travel! This cosmos pouch, can more or less fit in all the valuables of our Yang Family inside.”

After hearing Yang Qingxuan words, Long Chen had then finally remembered that there was such an object like this.

Indeed, if one were to travel outside while carrying so many valuables, it would definitely be more convenient with the cosmos pouch. Long Chen recalled how much of a hassle it was when he had to carry the 500 spirit jades on him that time.

At this point, all of the gazes were coveting the cosmos pouch. Lord Lang continued announcing: “The Yang Family has become the government in this town, and this is all conferred by my Lingwu Family. If the Yang Family are able to bring forth some achievements and manage the mayoral position well, the Lingwu Family may have more to confer!”

The Lingwu Family’s rewards will naturally not be petty, and although many people have already acknowledged that the Yang Family should hold the mayoral rights in Poplar Town, they were still rather envious of the Lingwu Family’s conferment, especially the Bai Family members. After seeing that what originally should have been theirs land into Founder Yang hands, the armrest of the chair Bai Sheng was sitting on was crushed into pieces.

Right now, the title has been conferred and rewards have been given. Lord Lang then said to Founder Yang: “If you work to your utmost, there will definitely be reciprocation! I will return to this Poplar Town at a later date.”

Seeing that Lord Lang was about to leave, Founder Yang hurriedly said: “I bid you farewell, Lord Lang!”

However, he never thought Lord Lang would turn his vision towards Long Chen and then say: “You follow me.”

Long Chen was stumped. He then followed Lord Lang behind the plaza and into a small alley. Over ten thousand people looked blankly at Long Chen as he followed Lord Lang, not knowing what Lord Lang had in mind.

“Could it be that Lord Lang wants to bring him back to Yuanling City to nurture him after seeing his innate talent?”

This possibility was what everyone had on their minds.

Even Founder Yang had this thought right now. But deep in his heart, he would be extremely happy if Long Chen was able to receive better nurture.

As for Bai Sheng and Bai Li, they both looked at each other and furrowed their brows.

“Second Brother, do you think Lord Lang wants to bring him along?”

Bai Li smirked and then said sarcastically: “You are thinking too much, he is merely at the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. In Yuanling City, that is only considered trash, At his age, there are already a ton of cultivators at the late phase of the Dragon Pulse Realm, and Lord Lang is a super genius in the Lingwu Family. That runt only has the role of a clown in his eyes.

Only after hearing Bai Li’s words, did Bai Sheng heave a sigh of relief. However, when he recalled that the rewards were conferred to Founder Yang and that Yang Cangqiong became the mayor of Poplar Town, he was extremely unwilling to accept it.

Because Lord Lang did not say he was leaving yet, these ten thousand people did not dare to leave, and so they waited anxiously.

Lord Lang only took off his cloak after walking into the alley, revealing a face with beautiful features. And after removing his cloak, the stern and cold demeanour had instantly vanished, and what replaced it was a childish aura.

This change was a little too abrupt, and Long Chen could barely react. His thoughts were rather obscene, and since he considered himself to be slightly familiar with Lord Lang, he did not make do with any formalities, smiling and asking: “Why did Lord Lang look for me? Could it be that you have fallen for me?”

Lord Lang’s expression suddenly turned to stone. After a while, he then smiled bitterly: “Do you always speak so disrespectfully all the time? Don’t call me Lord Lang, after listening to you guys calling me this the past few days, I feel extremely uncomfortable. I am called Mo Xiaolang. You can just call me Xiaolang.”

Mo Xiaolang?

Long Chen muttered and repeated this name a few times, and he suddenly felt several hundred times closer to Lord Lang. Thus, he sized up this youth, and seeing that Lord Lang was staring at him blankly, he said: “Why are you looking at me?”

Mo Xiaolang looked a little embarrassed and said: “Seeing that you have actually turned into a Beast Warrior and that you could actually obtain a method to cultivate in the ways of a Beast Warrior in this small Poplar Town, I am rather surprised. However, this is your secret, so it is not appropriate for me to ask. Being able to go from the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm to the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm in a month or so of time, your talent is not ordinary, so I wanted to ask you if you are willing to go back with me to the Lingwu Family. I think you will be able to obtain better fostering.

Mo Xiaolang seemed to hold his talent in high regard. Long Chen knew it, and had expected these words just now.

Long Chen did indeed want to go to a greater haven and cultivate himself, however, there were still things for him to do in Poplar Town right now so he could only say apologetically: “Honestly speaking, I am extremely appreciative and touched that you recognise my worth, but I still have things to do in Poplar Town, so……”

Mo Xiaolang pursed his lips and said: “Is it because of the Soul Diffusion Fruits? Indeed, it is rather untimely right now, I have to rush back to Yuanling City to settle some matters, otherwise I could have gotten those Soul Diffusion Fruits for you.”

Long Chen was stumped at this point; he always felt that this youth in front of him was rather nice. Could it just be because he had seen Long Chen saving a little kid’s life before, or did this fellow actually have……a weird orientation?

Long Chen’s hair stood on ends, and his gaze towards Mo Xiaolang changed a little.

Seeing Long Chen’s expression change, Mo Xiaolang scratched his head in bewilderment and asked: “Are you afraid of me snatching away the Soul Diffusion Fruit? The Soul Diffusion Fruit is already of no value to me, so you don’t have to worry. However, if you want to fight for this Soul Diffusion Fruit, then come to Yuanling City in the future. Obtaining the Soul Diffusion Fruit is indeed greatly beneficial for you.”

Seeing that this fellow’s apprehension was heightened, Long Chen finally knew that he had been too viscious.

However, this Mo Xiaolang had good intentions, so Long Chen hurriedly said: “If the matter in Poplar Town is resolved, I will probably go to Yuanling City.”

Mo Xiaolang nodded his head and said: “That is fine too.” Then he frowned and said: “Those two old geezers from the Bai Family are not weak in strength and it is not appropriate for me to strike, so you had better take more caution. Entering the Human Dan Realm before you come to Yuanling City would be your best bet.”

Then, he actually took out another cosmos pouch and said: “Take this as a gift for meeting you; it will be more convenient for you when you travel next time.”

Seeing that this youth was so serious and meticulous, and that his every tone of speaking had contained care and concern for Long Chen, Long Chen was extremely touched.

He took the cosmos pouch and then looked at Mo Xiaolang with eyes filled with sincerity, and he said seriously: “This is not considered a gift for meeting me, if not for the [Celestial Core Technique] that you gave me before, I would not have such accomplishments today. Xiaolang, I really have to thank you for that.

Mo Xiaolang was a little embarrassed, but then he smiled and said: “To me, the [Celestial Core Technique] no longer had any use. You being able to use it to the full potential can be considered doing it justice. Since that’s the case, I will first return to Yuanling City. This cosmos pouch has my insignia, if you bring it to Lingwu Family, naturally there will be people who will bring you to see me.

Long Chen nodded his head.

Mo Xiaolang looked at him for another moment and then said: “I still don’t know your name.”

Long Chen was startled and said: “I am Long Chen.”

“Why is your surname Long if you are a member of the Yang Family?”

“……My mother is from the Yang Family and my Father’s surname is Long.”

Mo Xiaolang nodded his head and said: “No wonder.”

Long Chen was still rather confused. Why would this Mo Xiaolang treat him this well? At this point, seeing that Mo Xiaolang was about to leave, he then asked uncontrollably: “Giving me the [Celestial Core Technique] and this cosmos pouch, why do you treat me so well?”

As if anticipating Long Chen’s question, Mo Xiaolang gave a faint smile and then said blandly: “To be honest, I am not sure of it myself either, but sometimes the feeling that you give me is rather similar to my elder brother’s. He was rather rowdy in his mannerisms, and often instigated me to do bad things when I was very young, peeping at the maids of my residence when they were showering, or lying to my father about having been kidnapped by someone……”

Mo Xiaolang’s face had revealed an expression of happiness when he said this; however, speaking of these scandalous things in front of Long Chen seemed rather inappropriate, so he smiled awkwardly.

So this was the case……

Long Chen smiled and said: “You are already so powerful. I’m sure your elder brother must be stronger than you, right?”

Very soon Mo Xiaolang face darkened, and then hatred was replaced in his eyes. He clenched his fist, and then shook his head, saying: “Originally he was more powerful than me, but he is dead, they are all dead……”

Long Chen was startled, seeing this agonised expression on Mo Xiaolang, he thought of his own feelings back when Long Qinglan died. He bit his lips, sighed and then said: “Sorry, I brought up your tragic past.”

“No worries. It is only that I was useless, and am not able to take revenge for them even now. Right now I still have some matters to settle in Yuanling City, so I have got to go. Remember to look for me when you come to Yuanling City!”


Seeing the Mo Xiaolang’s leaving figure, Long Chen suddenly thought of the words said by Founder Yang.

“Kid, let me give you a warning. When you are out creating a name for yourself in the future and have someone you can call your brother, you definitely must be clear of his intentions by checking if his heart is made of poison or blood……”

Suddenly, Long Chen lips curled at the corners of his mouth.

“I am hot-blooded. Xiaolang, what about you?”

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